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Probation Aides orientation
set July 27 in Tagbilaran

TAGBILARAN CITY July 21 (PIA) --The Parole and Probation Office (PPO) of Bohol Province calls for interested volunteers to join the orientation as Volunteer Probation Aide, July 29, 2015 at the San Vicente Ferrer Parish in Bohol to be conducted by the local parole office. 

PPO Raquelito Rollan said by volunteerism, PP Administration can generate maximum citizen participation and community involvement in the over-all process of reformation, thus attaining more for the people.

Citizens of good community standing may assist the PPO in the supervision of probationers, parolees and pardonees in the level of their respective communities. This affords them the perfect opportunity to facilitate the reformation and rehabilitation of offenders hands on, as they reside in the same community, he said at the Kapihan sa PIA. 

PPO, which would be commemorating the 39th anniversary of the signing of the Probation Law of 1976 broadcasted its services in the hope of giving that pivotal chance to a criminal who was pushed by circumstances to commit a felony. 

Recruitment and appointment of Volunteer Probation Aides (VPA) is provided under section 28 of the Presidential decree 968 or the Adult Probation Law as amended. 

Subject provision states that the Probation Administrator may appoint citizens of good repute and probity to act as VPAs.

So what does it take to do a bit of volunteer work as VPA?

If she or he is a Filipino, 35 years old at least, healthy and of good moral character, which also presupposes no criminal records of conviction, except those who have shown exemplary behavior and are considered role models to fellow offenders. 

Volunteer must have resided in the community where the client under his future supervision resides, can set aside time to supervise for a maximum of five clients and has passed the PPO background investigation, he may qualify, according to the PPO. 

It is also crucial that the volunteer has an adequate and stable income and is willing to serve for free, able and willing to prepare regular reports on his supervised activities 

According to the PPO, VPA supervision starts after the offender is granted the privilege of probation. as soon as the client offender and the Supervising Officer agree on the treatment program to restore the permanent attitude of the client towards law observance and right living, then the supervision starts. 

Here, clienst undergo basic behavior-shaping and rehabilitation through modalities including therapeutic community, using constructive methods in dealing with restoring offenders. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

10th Regional Trade expo opens, 
highlights 'fablab' opportunities

TAGBILARAN CITY, July 21 (PIA)--In support of the National Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Week, and in celebration of the multitude of creativity potentials, the 10th annual Sandugo Regional Trade Expo showcases the whole gamut of creations available to entrepreneurs with the country's first and only fabrication laboratory (fablab) now in Bohol. 

And at the same event, Bohol launches Ideas to Innovation (BHL i2i) Challenge which aims to spark and support innovation in the province of Bohol, Department of Trade and Industry Bohol (DTI Bohol) said. 

Opening tomorrow July 22 at 4:00 PM, the Sandugo Regional Trade Expo, which started as a provincial fair in 1988, also attempts to highlight a mini maker faire and a series of fab talks aimed to heighten awareness of possibilities of creation, the on-going projects at the Bohol fablab and unfolding opportunities for innovation, says the Department of Trade and Industry in Bohol.

Itself the main convenor of the provincial fair, the DTI this year, brings to the mainstream the recent excitement of Bohol artisans and product manufacturers which eye the fablab as a crucial link to the realization of their production dreams. 

Sourced out by the DTI, along with the Department of Science and Technology, Japan International Cooperation Agency and Bohol Island State University, the fablab in Bohol is basically a fabrication laboratory project aimed to spur local entrepreneurship, improve the competitiveness of the Bohol’s creative sector and help the province's post-earthquake recovery program.

A P9.15-million project, the fablab is a technology-based incubator laboratory which concept began in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to help grassroots communities translate their design ideas into physical forms with the help of technology. 

Technically a prototyping platform for innovation and invention, fab labs allow local manufacturers to make prototypes and products such as equipment, machinery and electronic gadgets; create scale models, illustrate graphic designs and mass-produce products, using the cutting edge technology and aided by precision fabrication tools guided by computers, explained lab manager Yutaka Tukoshima, during the fablab presentation to the media. 

The fablab creations in the past year of operations get its needed limelight as the Trade Expo also bring out a mini maker faire which highlights products and services of FabLab Bohol in a special setting located at the Upper Ground Level of the Island City Mall, DTI Bohol director Maria Elena Arbon said. 

"The Trade Expo will also feature new products that are the results of intensive product development using the facilities of FabLab Bohol," DTI Arbon announced. 

It may be recalled that in 2006, the Provincial Sandugo Trade Fair evolved into a regional marketing event, luring in buyers and MSMEs from all parts of the Visayas and from some parts of Luzon and Mindanao, even as the fair has established name recall among buyers and exporters in the country.

The trade expo also exhibits at “The Block” timeless creations and interesting pieces made specially by local artisans out of local materials, in the spirit of green economic development. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

They came, saw, conquered 
Bohol on a bike

TAGBILARAN CITY, July 22 (PIA) --Veni. Vidi. Vici. Bohol su una bicicleta.

They came, they saw. Now they too have conquered it. On a bike. They. The Italians. Specifically Team Forza of Gianlucca Guidicelli, who have fallen off their bikes for the right reasons in Bohol. 

"Bohol is your perfect bike training ground, you have perfectly paved roads, gradual ascents, mountain passages and long steep climbs," Giudicelli, the multi-disciplined sports enthusiast who had his 530 kilometer ride in Bohol last June, eagerly admitted. 

And from him, geared up mountain and road bikers from across the globe who have pedaled across Bohol country sides profess they have had Tour d France, Giro d'Italia and La Vuelta d Espana in miniature, and it is all in Bohol. 

Pedaling to the Chocolate Hills, breathing in ocean fresh air and logging miles in bike computers and velo-meters, the wind against your face are just add-ons.

Over the years after Timex held Olympic distance races in Anda Bohol, and the venues have long moved, but the challenges are still the same. It is always mind over body and bikers just don't mind the pain, there is so much view for one to forget the race, organizers have notably said. 

After getting TV exposures hosting big ticket bike races and flicking on the limelight from international tri-athletes pumping up miles in their endurance packed lower leg muscles, Bohol is now pinned in bikers next-to-conquer destination.

We asked why, not only would Guidicelli, but without fear of contradiction, others would certainly sum it all. 

"It's perfect practice destination, and considering a reliable two hour ferry service from Cebu, Bohol is just perfect," Guidicelli said. 

Also selling itself as wholesome family destination, Bohol can be ideal for family bonding bike groups. 

Posh resorts like the Bellevue and Amorita have bike stands and standby mountain bikes for in-house guests. Panglao Bluewater and Bellevue also have cruiser bikes for recreational road cruises around Panglao. 

For those intending to have quick spin flat tracks of about 30 kilometers or less, ideal routes as suggested by bikers are:

1. Panglao Resorts (for newbies, 30 minutes to two hours, checking out Panglao Resorts along Alona Beach, to Dumalu-an and Bikini Beach. Or go dirt road across to Panglao Island Nature Resort, then take Bellevue, around town to Eskaya and refresh at the hydration bars in Alona. Ride add ons: visit posh resorts, scenic views, historic spots, friendly people in every stop and fresh buko hydration a plenty along roadsides.

2. Panglao-Circumferential Road (moderate riders of about 40 kilometer flat tracks) cruise around Panglao to Dauis and back, good paved roads, moderately rolling terrain)

Ride add ons: fresh buko hydration along the way, bottled water aplenty at stores alongside route. 

And if you think, that is all to Bohol, for serious bikers, the sierras of La Vuelta is here, take the Loboc-Bilar manmade forest route to the chocolate Hills and that is just basic sampler. Another equally challenging route is Jagna to Sampong Mayana where there is considerable ascent not for the unfit. 

Other good and equally challenging mountain climbs are Jandig-Candavid Maribojoc, Catagbacan-Canhangdon Antequera route and Loboc-Sikatuna Road. 

For roadies (road bike enthusiasts who want to go cross country, the most preferred scenic rides are:

Flat tracks over 70 kilometers

1. Baclayon to Duero. Over 70 kilometers of sea-side paved roads that occasionally wind up mild ascents but generally goes flat and does not stray off the tempting sea scapes.

2, Alicia to Getafe. Almost 70 kilometers of generally flat paved roads interspaced by rice fields, built up areas with lots of interesting stops and hydration joints in between. 

3. Bilar to Trinidad. Find your comfortable cruising speed through Chocolate hills, spectacular limestone hills, ricefields, open farms and warm-hearted well-wishers for bikers. 

Quick spin flat tracks of about 30 kilometers. 

1. Panglao About 30 kilometers of flat tracks along the belting road that goes around Panglao island and see scenic historic spots, posh resorts and friendly people in every stop. Fresh buko 

hydration stop plenty along the way.

2. Tagbilaran Sikatuna and back. About 40 kilometers of flat tracks and pristine mountain fresh air plus a chance to get to the tarsiers and the tree forests in Sikatuna.

3. Tagbilaran Maribojoc. Around 35 kilometers, plus ride across Abatan river and the river communities of Cortes. 

Whichever it is, if Bohol roads of trail is that destination you haven't had the chance to bike on, chances are you're missing the real outdoor fun. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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