Friday, June 19, 2015

Traffic incidents cause
May crimes increase 

TAGBILARAN CITY. June 18 (PIA)--May had 27 more crimes compared to April, but Camp Dagohoy showed proof that the increase in fact is not what it implies. 

At the recent provincial Peace and order Council Meeting in time for the Health Education Agriculture Tourism and Information Technology Caravan in Inabanga town, authorities from the Bohol Police Provincial Headquarters in Camp Dagohoy showed that minus the traffic related incidents (TRI) in the crime blotters, crime incidents, in fact, would be lower. 

In a Powerpoint presentation, Police Senior Superintendent Dennis Agustin showed that overall, the crime of physical injuries in May topped April's 173 cases with 227, this month. 

Moreover, the Bohol police chief who used to be a key Metro Manila Station Chief, of the 227 physical injury cases in May, 144 of them are vehicular accidents. 

In the last two months (April and May), total crime volume in Bohol reached 1607, but without the traffic related incidents in it, police would be looking at 1249 cases. This, Colonel Agustin pointed out, is 22% decrease. 

To further highlight the disparity if traffic related incidents were not counted among cases, Col Agustin cited physical injuries and homicide cases in Bohol. 

Total physical injury cases in Bohol in April and may reached 400, but 245 cases of them involved vehicular accidents. This, Col Agustin noted is 61%.

For malicious mischief, Camp Dagohoy noted 145 cases, which should have been only 43 cases, if traffic related incidents were counted out of it. The TRI in this case is 70%. 

Moreover, on homicide, or the killing of one person by another can either be intentional, which is murder, or unintentional, which is manslaughter, Col Agustin points out: "there were 20 cases, 10 cases of these have been traffic related, that if this were curbed, Bohol would have 50% decrease in crimes listed in blotters.

This shows that if proper attention is focused on keeping traffic violations at the minimum, total crime volume could go down and lives could be spared, a PPOC member said. 

This data stunned members of the PPOC as this was the first time that the figures revealed dramatic impacts on the efforts to erase the misconception that Boholanos are troublesome owing to the high physical injury cases noted. (rac/PIA-7Bohol)

USAID bigwigs turn-over 
'learning tools' in Cogon 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, June 18 (PIA)--No less than Unites States Agency for International Development (USAid) Mission Director for the Philippines and the Pacific Islands as well Senior Adviser, program and project development officer for the largest donor agency to the Philippines hands in teaching and learning materials to Cogon teachers and students, June 18, 2015. 

USAID mission director Gloria Steele and senior adviser John Spears handed for the American People, its commitment of support to the Philippines and its basic education with the instructional and learning materials, at the Cogon Elementary School. 

The teaching materials and school aids are part of the Basa Pilipinas, a flagship basic education project of the USAID in support of the country's early grades reading program. 

Implemented in collaboration with the Department of Education (DepEd), Basa Pilipinas aims to improve the reading skills for at least one million early grade students in Filipino, English and selected mother tongues, DepED sources explained. 

It (Basa Pilipinas) hopes to achieve this by improving reading instruction, reading delivery systems, and access to quality reading materials and managing a teacher training program to maximize on the learning impacts, DepED said. 

Started in January 2013 and would soon be bowing out after four years (2013-2016), Basa Pilipinas has aimed to significantly improve education in the country even as it implements the K12 educational reform, according to USAID website. 

In its first year of implementation, Basa Pilipinas focused its activities in two DepEd divisions in the provinces of La Union and Cebu, and when it had pooled master trainers for grade school teachers, it spread to Bohol. 

In the last quarter of 2013, USAID country director Gloria Steele and then newly installed Ambassador Philip Goldberg handed the teaching and learning materials for Maribojoc, in coordination with another USAid project Synergeia. 

Basa Pilipinas also provides technical assistance to DepEd in the development of valid and reliable early grade reading standards. The project increases advocacy for early grade reading at the national level by coordinating efforts with private sector partners and developing a unified plan for a national reading campaign. 

In close coordination with DepEd, Basa Pilipinas provides teaching and learning resource materials and secures formal partnership commitments from Brothers Brother Foundation, Petron Foundation and National Bookstore Foundation in the acquisition and distribution of reading materials in project sites. 

This turnover highlights USAID’s commitment to assisting the Department of Education in their efforts to improve the reading skills of Filipino children, Capitol, in its invitation to media, said. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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