Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NAPOLCOM dares cops eligible 
for promotion to apply for slots

TAGBILARAN CITY, June 9 (PIA)--The National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) is challenging police officers eligible for promotion to take on the task in leading the region's Police Commissioned Officers.

This is also in the same context when the police commission has noted in its latest inspections that several police stations are manned by under-ranked police officers who lack the necessary training which comes mandatory with police ranks. 

Atty. Olive Grace Hebron, while reporting to the Provincial Peace and Order Council recently said there are many police officer vacancies, but the prospect of getting assignments far from the convenience of home has dampened resolves of most. 

Citing the quota which was opened for Region 7, Atty. Hebron said as of May 22, 2015, impending promotions for Police Inspector from Senior Police Officer 4 has 161 slots opened. 

Unluckily, only 10 have shown interest in the possible promotion and consequently applied. 

For present holders of the rank of Police Inspector, the regional office said about 42 slots are available for the Central Visayas, but only 11 officers have applied for the position of Police Senior Inspector of the 46 who are qualified for the position. 

For those occupying the seats with the police commissioned officer rank of Police Senior Inspector who would also be having movements due to the promotional voids, available in the Central Visayas quota are 10 positions, NAPOLCOM said.

Of the 10 positions available, 12 have signified interest to apply, but about 42 officers in the entire region are qualified. 

For those entering the police force, Central Visayas has an overall quota of 140 new officers, Hebron said. 

Of the 140 available slots, the NAPOLCOM have noted about 1700 applicants. 

"Last year, Region 7 was under quota, so we opened doors to those who may not qualify due to height but owns special skills, to help man the police organization," Atty. Hebron said. 

Apart from its regular qualifications for those they are admitting for police work, the police commission however did not specify this year if they would still be accepting applicants who could not make it to the height requirement, but who have special skills. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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