Tuesday, June 9, 2015

DENR continues with its
green school campaigns

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, June 8 (PIA) -- For the Environment Month of June, the environment department is on to school visibility and engagements as their green school campaign runs from June 1-30. 

At the recent Kapihan sa PIA, Department of Environment and Natural Resources Information Officers Cora Colarines and Jerome Pahang bared the month-long campaign gets the DENR to schools to press on more aggressive solid waste management practices and greening activities.

The Green School Campaign is on its second year this year, added information officer Jerome Pahang. 

By June and July, the DENR is set to go to schools and dish out talks and activities in line with climate change and the importance of forests, Pahang said. 

This is again a move to engage students into the habit of planting trees and taking care of the finite environment for the future generations.

In Bohol, while some schools have attempted to institutionalize solid waste management programs, the accomplishments have been far from the desired. 

To note, in Jagna town, students collect trash from school and convert them to school supplies, according to local authorities. 

We need to arrest the trash before it gets to the sea, Amiela Balaba, information officer said. 

Jagna has a thriving fishing industry and being situated in a stretch with currents so strong, garbage in the sea can easily get to be spread far and wide, ruining crucial marine environments. 

Even then, as the Deaprtment of Education campaigns for school in a garden and other greening activities, most of the programs struggle against sustainability due to lack of conviction. 

For this, the DENR would be touring schools, doing information, education and communication activities and focusing on the Environment Month theme, Colarines said. 

As to the theme, this year, the DENR Adopts Seven billion dreams, one planet, consume with care. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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