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DAR says TTIFA owns 
no land in San Vicente

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol May 28 (PIA) --The current rift which Talibon Trinidad Integrated Farmers Association (TTIFA) and its former members resulted in revelations that spins out of control. 

Because of a move by TTIFA of showing force in repelling the establishment of a military detachment in San Vicente Trinidad and in fencing off a property of their former member, it now puts them in a position that may lead them to hold an empty bag. 

First, Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) revealed that the land the some TTIFA members are now trying to claim have not been granted to them. 

Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer Atty. Grace Fua said DAR has not awarded yet any lot for TTIFA. 

And, as if it was not explosive enough, Atty. Fua added, what was occupied by [TTIFA] was part of the barangay site under lot 27 to 44 of TCT 405 of the Bohol Cattle Corporation and it so happened that the existing organization at that time was TTIFA. 

Atty Grace Fua, in a recent meeting with 11 of the 29 Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs) in San Vicente, said TTIFA as an association is not qualified to be awarded with Certificate of Land Ownership Awards (CLOA) collectively. 

Land Acquisition Division Chief Atty. Prince Joses Lim cited Section 10 of RA 9700 as amended as necessary in the awarding of CAPR land titles.

From section 10, now Section 25 of Republic Act No. 6657, as amended, stipulates the conditions for the issuance of collective titles as: The current farm management system covered by CARP won't be given for individual farming of farm parcels.

The farm labor system should be specialized where farm-workers are organized by functions such as spraying, weeding, packing and other similar functions and not by specific parcels. 

The land entitlement is for potential beneficiaries who are currently not farming individual parcels but collectively work on large contiguous areas, according to the CARP Law. 

Finally, the farm must consists of multiple crops being farmed in an integrated manner; it includes non-crop production areas necessary for the viability of farm operations, such as packing plants, storage areas, dikes, and other similar facilities that cannot be subdivided or assigned to individual farmers. 

"For idle and abandoned lands or underdeveloped agricultural lands to be covered by CARP, collective ownership shall be allowed only if the beneficiaries opt for it and there is a clear development plan that would require collective farming or integrated farm operations exhibiting the conditions described above. Otherwise, the land awarded to a farmer beneficiary should be in the form of an individual title, covering one (1) contiguous tract or several parcels of land cumulated up to a maximum of three (3) hectares. 

Based on the above provisions, TTIFA as an association is not qualified to be awarded with Certificate of Land Ownership Awards (CLOA) collectively because the said association lacks the necessary requirements based on the four conditions as mentioned above, Atty Lim said. 

Then, on their allegations of a military headquarters being set up inside the compound of their rice mill which have threatened the tranquility of the farming community, the military have one big explosive for the farmers. 

The allegations of a military headquarters inside the rice mill complex turned out to be a detachment located some 720 meters away from the rice mill, Army Colonel Potenciano Camba showed during the recent provincial Peace and Order Council Meeting (PPOC) Tuesday. 

The rice mill of the Farmer's Development Corporation (FARDEC) and funded by CERNET, rose without a building permit, started milling without a National Food Authority (NFA) license to mill and possesses no business permit to operate, Colonel Camba updated PPOC members. 

Earlier weeks ago, the military forces here monitored what it called as the Communist Party of the Philippines- New People's Army-National Democratic Front (CNN) allied organization's province-wide mobilization which gathered about 100 CNN personalities and supporters in front of Trinidad town market in an effort to rally support to what they claimed as the establishment of a military camp in Purok 7, San Vicente Trinidad town. 

The said place is among what the TTIFA claims as a lot they owned by the operation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) Law. 

TTIFA also alleges that the establishment of the military detachment violates the CARP agreement where the lands govern should be used solely for agricultural purposes. 

In a meeting held last week at the DAR office, DAR Bohol Land Acquisition Division Chief Atty. Prince Joses Lim said an Agraraina Reform Beneficiary (ARB) in the place offered a portion of his awarded land to be used as military camp. 

On if the presence of the military detachment a violation on the CARP Agreement, DAR unanimously agreed that an express presence of leftist group in ARC San Vicente makes the presence of a military camp necessary.

PARPO Fua said that in the absence of peace and order in the place, the absence of military will defeat more of the purpose.

Citing Administrative Order No. 07, Series of 2011, Sections 110-111, DAR justifies the need for said continued support if DAR feels it so necessary. 

Moreover, DAR's Marcelito Concepcion also mentioned Joint Memorandum Circular No. 5, Series of 2002 establishing ties among DAR, DND, AFP and PNP in the peaceful implementation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP). 

In its letter in response to the quera from Sangguniang Bayan of Trinidad and to Mayor Judith Cajes, DAR asserted that TTIFA has no legal right authority to take away lots awarded to ARBs even if they are abandoned or uncultivated, as it is DAR which has the authority DAR to identify, re-allocate with due process of law. 

When TTIFA has not been awarded with a land title and CLOA, it has no ownership rights whatsoever in the awarded land in the place or to any place in Bohol. (rac/PIA-7Bohol)

At 4% crime increase in April 
Proactive police efforts bag 
more non-index criminals 

TAGBILARAN CITY, May 27 (PIA) -- Police are getting more and more proactive against crimes in Bohol, causing more stir among criminals especially in the field of crime enforcement on special laws. 

Gone are the times when police just wait at the stations until some individuals ask them to act on a crime and they come. 

Now, Bohol police, grossly outnumbered as they are 1:1000+, are out in the field, spreading visibility and swooping down on illegal drug trade and other forms of criminalities not included in the Revised Penal Code, explained Camp Dagohoy Operations Chief Police Superintendent Jovito Atanacio. 

Data from the Bohol Police Headquarters in Camp Dagohoy revealed that cops added 38 more non index operations from their March 2015 record of 331 to cap a 369 crime blotter accomplishment. 

Supt Atanacio pointed this out during the recent Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) Meeting at the Governor's Mansion earlier this week. 

This too as Bohol sees some 30 crime cases over last month when local blotter entries all over the province reached 790 index and non index crimes from 760 in March this year. 

This sums up a 4% increase in crimes over the month, Supt Atanacio showed on powerpoint presentation during the usually excellently attended of all muti-sectoral meetings. 

The police also scored 1% increase in solved cases for the month, and its crime some 3% increase in cleared cases. 

Camp Dagohoy earlier explained that as soon as cases are filed in courts, these are considered solved while cleared cases constitute those police have set up the proper papers and the alleged suspects are now being sought to answer for the crimes. 

And just like the previous month, physical injuries at 41%, theft (35%) and robbery (11%) topped the month's crime types although a noted decrease is recorded in all three cases types. 

Major Atanacio reported less 9 physical injuries in April against March and so with 5 cases decrease in both theft and robbery. 

Of Bohol's 17 cases of physical injuries in April, 103 of these injuries are caused by vehicular accidents, police reports said. (rac/PIA-7Bohol)

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