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Cambansag pools counterpart
funds to complete MPB fund

SAN ISIDRO, Bohol June 16 (PIA)--What can a little over half a million do with a community envisioned multi-purpose building (MPB) where they can hold meetings and gatherings to further cement their community belongingness? 

Seeing the amount, which forms the National Community Driven Development Program (NCDDP) grant implemented through the Kapit Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan (KALAHI) Comprehensive Integrated Delivery of Social Services (CIDSS) of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is barely enough to put up the entire dreamt structure, residents of Cambansag, in San Isidro town gathered to pool more funds to realise that dream building. 

We had to agree what to do for the barangay, confesses Emma Naraga, Barangay Sub-Project Management Committee (BSPMC) chairman, during the sidelines when the Cambansag Multi-purpose Building sub-project broke ground June 16. 

Some wanted a road concreting project, others suggested putting up of a barangay market, some even wanting a real day care center, Naraga, along with another woman shared. 

The barangay day care center takes over Cambansag's old multi-purpose building, which has barely survived the 2013 earthquake, if only to get their kinds in one decent hall for their preschool classes. 

Three barangay assemblies later, we all agreed on the MPB, but where to get the additional funding had us looking deep. 

Then, with the project practically a community driven development program, it was not hard to find what we were looking, Naraga said. 

From the barangay funds, we were able to get P211,285.53, which forms a sizable 30% of the NCDDP grant. But it still was not enough, so the barangay pledged some P10,093.38 worth of sawn lumber which would be used for building trusses and web members, purlins and kingposts.

Mayor Jacinto Naraga, who was keenly appreciative of the voluntary services of the residents as well as the crucial lead which the town got from their leaders, also put up municipal counterparts in kind, amounting to nearly P5,000. 

The community, also pooled from their workers and the women organization nearly P20,000 in kind aid to complete the project, Engr Jed Bautista, project monitor added. 

It is certainly a community identified, community part-funded and would be community implemented project, barangay chairman Clemente Baguinang also volunteered the information. 

Carpenters from his barangays would all be helping to put up the building with government monitors. 

During the ground breaking ceremony led by Mayor Jacinto Naraga, Vice Mayor Teodoxio Asoy, Chairman Baguinang, DSWD regional officers, local also insisted that the traditional blood shedding from a live chicken be done to appease the spirits of the area. 

The ground breaking ceremony happened a day after the barangay received the delivery of materials which would be used in the construction. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

PIA Bohol sets up 4 in one
workshops for AndaKIDS

TAGBILARAN CITY, June 16 (PIA)--In its continuing effort to ignite voluntarism as a means to spark changes in poor communities, the Philippine Information Agency in Bohol organized volunteers to bring in four workshops in a day to deprived community in Talisay, Anda, Bohol June 13. 

Talisay, a barangay about five kilometers from the town famous for its white powdery sand, is populated by fishermen, who risk their lives venturing out at sea in the dead of night, through a narrow passage in a forest of mangroves, just to get fish into the family table. 

When the government advised them against forcing into fishing, but seeking alternative livelihood instead, some obliged and the Talisay Fishermen's Association (TAFIAS) was born, recalled Ana Mainit, a public school librarian by the weekdays and a housewife-cum chairman of the organization. 

Pushed to find backyard fisheries as alternative, Mainit and her group converted taro fields into fishponds and produced tilapia which they process into by products to add value to the freshwater fish. 

With the help of volunteers and kind-hearted Estonians, TAFIAS set up AndaKIDZ, a benefit group which has been the center of focus in the international and local assistance considering that making children's lives better gets them better chances at working it out of poverty, narrates Robin Gurney, Briton who married an Estonian volunteer who dedicated her life to helping AndaKIDZ. 

Now with a community center that from as the main hub of activities in the community, the environment friendly center has drawn local and international attention, as well as mainstreamed voluntarism. 

Now becoming a social tourist attraction and destination, the AndaKIDZ community Center has become a common venue for child learning when they can't find any outside school. 

The aim is to get these kids learning, maybe playing so they can better explore the world and work solutions out of the problems besetting the community, Gurney explained. 

On this, the PIA gathered volunteers for a day to help AndaKIDZ with the following: tableya-based chocolate muffins baking demo and workshop for women, basic watercolor painting workshop, basic xylophone and band music workshop as well as boardgames; all at the green community center. 

It was a simultaneous workshop: the baking at the center entrance, the xylophone workshop at the building's left wing, the watercolor at the right wing and the boardgames at the main hall. 

Community residents gathered to learn about basic baking, and tried cooking a recipe on their own, Maiinit said. 

All the children and adults who responded to the activities also tasted the cooked muffins, which went well with free lemon juice from the community. 

It was the first time that i did volunteer and i never realized i could teach kids how to play the xylophone, said Cecil Josef Ligan, an aeronautics engineering student volunteer said. Along with Ligan were three other youth volunteers. 

A regional winner for an on the spot painting, along with PIA Bohol handled the watercolor workshop, which was the second module in the Arts workshops PIA offers to communities. 

Specialty food and traditional culinary experts also handled the Tableya Choco-muffins, which generated the biggest approval from the children joining the workshops. 

The PIA in Bohol continues to offer free workshops upon communities request, workshops depending on their needs assessment. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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