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Kumbira sizzles as Cooking-fest 
celebrates mayor's performance

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol May 5 (PIA) --Except for the visibly absent bride and groom, the aroma of cooking permeates the air and the scent of good food filled the venue where the Kumbira sa Tagbilaran sizzled with the cooking contest April 28. 

And City Mayor John Geesnell Yap, brains behind the Saulog 2015 highlight, sat with his people and shared a banquet of the best cooked beef, pork and fish on the same day Bohol Poll hands to him a high net satisfaction rating from the people he served. 

A delicious highlight of the activity-packed Saulog Festivities in Tabilaran, Kumbira fares the best cooks from the city's 15 districts against each other in the preparation, the gustatory delight packaging and the aesthetic presentation of beef, pork and fish: the main dish sources for the mouth-watering fiestas in Bohol. 

Kumbira, while it has now been narrowed to mean the wedding banquet, is a derivation from the Spanish Portuguese word "invitation," is Tagbilaran City officials' invitation for its people to re-learn from the home-style Boholano cooking as well as imbibe on the tricky treats most recent cooks have obtained from countless chefs in the most recent years of studied cooking. 

Held at the Central Market where sourcing of ingredients is even made more accessible, Kumbira organizers also hope they can re-open in the minds of the Tagbilaranon the countless options for cooking which has now been as varied in taste as the world's vast cuisine options. 

We wish to show to the Tagbilaranons, who were preparing for the famed San Jose fiesta table fare, the countless ways they can do to make a varied and delectably presentable table with the right cooking, a press release from the city stated. 

Amidst the constant cheer of their friends and supporters, a pair of a chef and an assistant, all dressed to the occasion flitted here and about, tinkering with the stove, peeling spices and vegetables, mincing meat or carving a decoration from a fruit or vegetable, which will become an accent to the platter of cooked food.

When the banqueting table opened, and after the judges had their share of tasting the cooked delights, emerging best for beef cooking category was Poblacion 3. 

For the well loved pork category, Dampas romped away with the award. 

Dao, on the other hand proved they can cook fish better than the rest and pocketed the award and distinction. 

Mayor John Geesnell Yap and the city council apportioned P4,000.00 for each winner.

The young mayor, also congratulated the active participation of each barangays and thanked them for their commitment and support. 

The mayor shared at the gathering, his most recent victory, a very high net satisfaction rating of +85, from his residents. 

This, Kumbira organizers agreed, was more than enough reason to invite all the people gathered at the Kumbira venue to share the mayor's joy in the pre-fiesta banquet. (rac/PIA-7Bohol)

At 10% unemployment rate
DOLE sets up job search
kiosks in 3 Bohol towns

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol May 4 (PIA) --An annual survey by the Holy Name University (HNU) recently showed Bohol's unemployment rate at 10%, but about 25% of those unemployed told enumerators that they are currently looking for suitable work.

The term unemployment however, HNU Bohol Poll means these people desires to find work in the near future.

At the annual survey to gather social temperature in Bohol, it shows that the province has not considerably wrestled itself free from unemployment problem since it had the figures playing from 8% to 12% in the last five years.

Despite this, more Boholanos do not think leaving Bohol to seek work elsewhere is a good idea, the survey revealed. 

For those 25% who are seeking jobs, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) directs them to three jobs search kiosks (JSK) the government has installed in the towns of Maribojoc, Calape and Jagna, according to Bohol DOLE officer-in-charge German Guidaben.

A Job Search Kiosk is an information portal housed in an ATM-type, stand-alone equipment, which provides information on local and overseas job opportunities and other employment related information. It helps job seekers to fast-track access to relevant information on job openings, hiring requirements of employers or upgrade, their skills through the TESDA programs and BLE career guides, DOLE, in its website stated.

Housed in the mentioned town's Public Employment Service Offices, the JSKs can be accessed by anyone seeking for jobs which match his qualifications, Guidaben explained, speaking at the Kapihan sa PIA Thursday.

DOLE through Guidaben said these JSKs are installed as the towns enrolled for the DOLE facility while preparing for the technical support to have the kiosk operational. These towns keep employment databank, skills inventory and similar data which could be helpful in facilitating jobs matching.

The survey, which run from March 26 to April 17, used 400 respondents: about 100 for each district in Bohol and another 100 from Tagbilaran City, according to Maria Paz Espiritu, Bohol Poll Project Director,

The same survey revealed that the biggest unemployment rate, which is practically employable and capable, belongs to the male group of 18 to 24 years old age bracket from class C.

And Bohol Poll in fact validates the data on the urge to find work: about 25% of those unemployed said they are looking for suitable work. Of those looking for work, 41% of the respondents are male, while 45% of them are from the age brackets 18-24.

These are the people who need the constant access to job fairs, a thing which the JSKs can ably serve, observers at the recent DOLE Labor Day event at the Galeria Luisa said.

As this developed, the same survey showed the provincial government sliding lowest in its five year support to the promotion of agriculture, Bohol's biggest employment niche.

Bohol Polls this year showed the Provincial Government scoring +11 in supporting for the promotion of agriculture, from a high +43 in 2013 and +36 in 2011.

In providing for livelihood opportunities and employment, Capitol scored +15, but this is also the lowest in the last five years, Bohol Poll showed.

The provincial government also obtains the same sagging score in tourism promotions, another job seeker's refuge: at +44% from a high +68 in 2014, reads Poll director Espiritu. (rac/PIA-7Bohol)

Mitsubishi recalls '11-'12 Strada 
Montero for safety inspection 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol May 4 (PIA) --Owners of brand new Mitsubishi sports models especially on two-wheel and four-wheel drive models of Montero and Strada should now bring their units to the nearest dealership. 

This as Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) recently announced to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) its safety inspection campaign on Montero Sport and Strada, for possible manufacturing flaw. 

Coverage of this safety inspection is 11,403 Montero Sport (2WD and 4WD) and 4,050 Strada (2WD and 4WD) units sold from 2011 to 2012, according to MMPC.

The safety inspection intends to check on the following: the weld condition of the front suspension lower arm which may have insufficient welding bead dimension of the front lower arm is suspected to break while vehicle is in use. 

The inspection procedure is estimated to take 1.7 hours at the most and when there is a need for replacement of both front lower arms, it may use up 6.3 hours. 

For four wheel drive models, MMPC said the weld condition of the front propeller shaft where the welding bead between the tube and stub shaft is suspected to be insufficient, may cause untoward breakage while in use. 

The inspection procedure is estimated to take 12 minutes at the most and when needed, replacement is estimated at 36 minutes.

Coverage are 66 Montero Sport 4WD and 13 Strada 4WD units sold in 2012.

Moreover, power assisted reclining switch for the driver’s seat on Montero GLS SE and GT-V models have experienced getting stuck during usage which may result to power seat motor overheating. 

Replacement of the reclining switch is estimated at 18 minutes and when needed power seat motor replacement, should require a total of 2.5 hours. Coverage of this safety inspection are 8,059 Montero Sport four wheel drive models (GLS SE and GT-V) units sold from 2009 up to present, MMPC said.

MMPC also mentioned that there has been no reported failures and/or incidents nationwide related to the above, yet the mandatory inspection is necessary and conform to its principal, Mitsubishi Motor Corporation’s directive to voluntarily conduct these safety inspection as a proactive commitment to quality and consumer safety.

Mr. Hikosaburo Shibata, President and CEO of MMPC sincerely apologized to all affected customers for the inconvenience caused by this safety inspection. 

He also said that it has already mobilized its Customer Service Operation to communicate to all the affected customers. 

He said that all the Mitsubishi Motors Philippines service centers nationwide have been prepared to do the necessary inspection.

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines’ website www.mitsubishi-motors.com.ph is also ready to administer “quick check and verification” using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to find out if the customer’s vehicle is included in the safety inspection campaign, the Japanese car company added. 

In addition, affected customers will be notified via email. Our Service Centers nationwide are also capable to attend to customer’s inquiry and concerns, MMPC said.

For additional concerns and inquiries, customers can get in touch with MMPC Customer Care Center at telephone numbers (+632) 658-0673 Monday to Friday from 7 am to 4 pm. (rac/PIA-7Bohol/PR)

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