Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hingotanan pupils receive 
200 dreams in shoeboxes 

HINGOTANAN ISLAND, Bien Unido, Bohol, March 24, (PIA) – Few days into the school breaks for vacation, pupils of Hingotanan in Bien Unido, get their “dreams in a box,” one that could help them spell a colorful summer. 

The box are shoe boxes filled with pad paper, notebooks, crayons, pencils, pencil cases, ballpens, erasers, rulers and glue, 200 all of them for indigent kids of Hingotanan Elementary School.

Apart from that, a feeding program gathered the 200 kids in two classrooms for a packed lunch feeding program managed by the teachers, said Hingotanan principal Breeza Padillo.

“It comes to very good use especially when summer approaches and the island offers very limited options for play,” said a school teacher who asked not be named. 

“Salamat sa gipanghatag,” 11 years old Marjorie Gudez said, a wide smile pasted on her face. She meekly hid her face however when asked if a photograph could be taken. 

Meanwhile, another 11 year old Remie Robin, who did not get any box said he was happy for those who got their shoeboxes. He said more kids need the boxed school items more direly than he does. 

A group called Information technology Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), Congressman Aristotle Aumentado , Bohol Information Communication Technology Council (BICTC) and Philippine Call Center Institute (PCCI) crossed the seas from Ubay to deliver the kids dream boxes.

The concept started in Manila, when kids decided to gather school supplies and share them to kids needing assistance, explained IBPAP’s Raymond Lacdao, who also brought the boxes from Manila for Hingotanan’s kids from financially challenged families. 

The event, billed as My dream in a box is solely intended for the 200 kids of Hingotanan, Lacdao said amidst rousing applause. 

He shared that when they asked during the coordination, Congressman Aumentado picked Hingotanan, it being severly affected by the storms which ruined the island’s seaweed industry. 

The volunteering group composed of Manila, Cebu and Tagbilaran City based information technology advocates handed to the kids the shoeboxes in holiday wrappers shortly after lunch. 

Congressman Aris Aumentado, who could not attend the event for a speaking engagement in the city was represented by his chief of staff Dongly Camacho. 

Barangay chairmen Junie Sereno and Alex Mabalata also organized barangay tanods to haul the shoeboxes from the port to the school where the events happened. (rac/PIABohol)

DTI warns consumers:
Watch out for substandard
Construction materials sold

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, March 23, (PIA) – Consumers should be aware that despite strict monitoring by government agencies tasked to implement product standards, some enterprising businessmen still sell products that could not pass the test of strength needed to construct disaster resilient structures. 

This as the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) recently confiscated some P258,326 worth of substandard construction materials already displayed in 6 establishments from Tagbilaran City and in Tubigon town. 

The DTI along with a group from the Fair Trade and Enforcement Bureau issued notices of violations to the same stores for selling construction materials that could not pass the Philippine National Standards (PNS), according to the DTI in Bohol. 

According to the DTI, so as not to be fooled into buying substandard construction materials especially in plywood, deformed bars and galvanized iron sheets for roofing, consumers must do the following:

Check the basic markings on the plywood and galvanized iron (GI) sheets prior to purchase. 

These basic markings include company name, trade name and the address of the manufacturer. 

Also, the DTI said consumers must check the thickness in millimeter (mm); width in mm and the date of manufacture (month and year). 

G.I. sheet markings must contain the phrase “For Roofing Use” on its face, DTI reminds.

DTI 7 Director Aster Caberte has said the agency is closely monitoring standards compliance for consumer products and construction materials, especially during this time that Bohol LGUs are currently undergoing reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts after the October 2013 earthquake. 

She said the DTI dies this according to the mandates of Republic Act 7394 or the Consumer Act of the Philippines

The consumer Act mandates DTI to conduct monitoring and enforcement activities on the proper marking and labelling of consumer products. 

“We have notified our field offices in the provinces to increase the frequency of their market visits to check on more products, including electrical supplies,” Caberte concluded. (rac/dti/PIABohol)

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