Monday, January 19, 2015

Perks, valued to get worker
his mandatory P310 wage

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, January 14, (PIA) –A daily wage earner may not get all the P310 minimum daily wage, if he is getting employment perks which employers may put a corresponding value, according to the labor agency. 

This as some employers may have struck a bargain with employees for the provision of non-cash benefits, which can be valued to cope up with the mandatory minimum wage, Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Officer in Charge Gerry Guidaben said. 

Non-cash benefits, or sometimes understood as company perks resemble free board and lodging expenses, transportation, and commodity provisions, which may be incorporated in the agreement which employers and workers agree on before the start of work. 

An employer may have to offer board and lodging and other perks as non-cash incentives to workers as may be provided by law. 

For giving non-cash fringe benefits, an employer may consider its as aprt of the wage package and could be computed in favor of him, but it has to be in consultation with a DOLE assessment team who will have to see the claimed benefit themselves. 

Non cash benefits include food and refreshments, transportation privileges, and other benefits not included in the collective bargaining agreement which an employer-employee may have to agree to. 

This too as the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) implements the P310 minimum daily wage for workers in the private sector effective December 14.

Exempted from compliance, according to DOLE are businesses which avail of the Barangay Micro Business Enterprises package and those employers who ask the DOLE for exemption, according to Guidaben. (RAC/PIABohol)

Rollback may wait for
New tariff rate matrix

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, January 13, (PIA) – As the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) issues a P.50 rollback, making the minimum fare for the first 5 kilometers from P7.50 to P7.00, but Boholanos may not enjoy it just as yet. 

Demand for fares would have to be based on approved LTFRB tariff rates, which it makes available for all franchise holders, immediately accompanying any rollbacks or fare increases, according to the usual processes.

It may be recalled that the LTFRB issued the rollback following recommendations from the LTFRB Regional Offices which cited the continued rollbacks in fuel prices as a reason for the fare cuts. 

As can be recalled, the P7.50 minimum for the first five kilometers was deemed appropriate when diesel prices were then priced at P44.00 per liter. Now, pump stations are showing prices in the vicinity of P37.00. 

With the development, Bohol Land Transportation Office Officer-In-Charge Patalinghug said they would start deploying men on the streets to monitor compliance and apprehend erring drivers and operators. 

But prior to this, LTO hinted that the rollback may have to put commuters in an uncomfortable position. 

He said, commuters may have to wait until the LTFRB and the LTO can make available for drivers the approved new fare matrix, which the LTFRB will issue to officially supplement the rollback. 

On one hand, a driver from a transport group in Lila, Bohol told radio listeners that if commuters insist, they may have to give in and implement the P7.00 minimum, even without the LTFRB fare matrix. 

He also said in an interview that getting the matrix could mean P500.00 from them. 

As to tricycles operating in Tagbilaran City, City Councilor Jeremias Pabe said they would be working for a provisional rollback of P7.00 too. 

Tricycle operations and regulations in the city has been devolved to local government units, and in their case, the city, Pabe explained. 

Pabe, who used to drive tricycles, has seen the need for the provisional rollback as the prices of fuel and oil continues to go down. (RAC/PIABohol)

BOHFA to host soccer 
Coaching course here

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, January 12, (PIA) –FIRST things first.

The goal to send a Boholano soccer player to the big leagues may have to start with properly trained grassroots players, and that can’t happen unless somebody credible and capable trains these kids. 

And having seen the deterioration of grassroots soccer in Bohol due to faulty training program, division, and refusal of acknowledged coaches to be trained, Bohol Football Association (BOHFA) invites the Philippine Football Federation’s National Coaching Course (NCC) here to finally get the goals for a kick-off. 

BOHFA, the only football association in Bohol accredited by the Philippine Football League and affiliate of the Asian Football Confederation, said they had to do what needs to be done to finally pat to shape Bohol soccer. 

With the request, the PFF, on January 6 told Edmar Thaddeus Simpao, BOHFA President, that the request for an NCC has been approved for February 24-28, this year. 

The NCC, which will be granting national accreditation to a coaching pool when one completes the course would be done in four days, and would be handled by Don Bosco coach Bro. Jose Maria Aberasturi, SDB.

With the coaching training course, Simpao believes Bohol would be putting its power foot forward in an effort to finally land a no-nonsense Boholano football player into the national pool. 

Simpao, who just had finished the NCC with the Asian Football Federation, said the training would be very useful for school based coaches who usually are just appointed to handle teams. 

Aside from Simpao, another Boholano coach, Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School Coach Louie Supremo also hurdled the NCC. 

Simpao also cited school sports programs that start only weeks before the athletic meets and end immediately after the leagues.

“How do we expect good players with this kind of training?” he asks. 

On the other hand, some coaches rely on the no-pain no gain kind of training, which might be good, but, he added, science has been introduced into the games and more and more practical strategies are now employed for easier and more enjoyable training. (RAC/PIABohol)

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