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88 city employers to 
face Pag-IBIG suits? 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, Sept 18 (PIA)—Around 88 employers here in Tagbilaran City alone could be facing lawsuits for apparent failure to enroll their workers as members in the Pag-IBIG fund.

And if proven guilty, they could be forced to pay for the arrears in employee contribution shares in the minimum of P100 per month per employee since 2010, a penalty and possible imprisonment upon determination of culpability by a court. 

As to the list, Pag-IBIG said the agency’s legal department has it, for preparation and building up of cases. 

Membership in the Pag-IBIG Fund has become mandatory to all employees workers, professionals and companies who are compulsorily covered by the Social Security System and the Government Service Insurance System, including men in the uniformed service: Armed Forces of the Philippines, Bureau of Fire Protection, Bureau of Jail Management and Penology and the Philippine National Police; overseas Filipino workers and even citizens hired by foreign employers, according to Leonardo Cirujales. 

Cirujales, Pag-IBIG information officer, also said the signing of the law, Republic Act 9679, opens up provisions for Pag-IBIG voluntary memberships to non-working spouses of Pag-IBIG members, leaders and members of religious groups, public officials and employees not covered by the GSIS, naturalized Filipinos or those who intend to be members. 

The law also makes it mandatory for workers earning P1500 and below to pay at least 1% of their monthly compensation as their employee share while the employer pays 2% of the compensation as its share, Cirujales said over at Kapihan sa PIA.

For employees earning over P1500, the mandatory contribution share is 2% while the employers also put in the same amount, he added. 

For the monthly savings which the employees and employer puts up, it also earns dividends, which accumulates earning the member an accumulated value, now termed Provident Savings Fund, can be withdrawn after 20 years of membership. 

This savings fund can be a basis for one to avail of short term loans in the form of multi-purpose loan to help finance members’ immediate medical, educational, livelihood, home repairs, appliances, furniture or any need, or calamity loan for members in disaster stricken areas as declared by any competent government body. 

This, when not put up by the employer, denies the worker the chances to earn a provident fund for his emergency use of for his future, the Pag-IBIG Fund officer bemoaned. 

More than that, a provident savings fund can also be used to avail of a housing program, a housing financing program that allows a member to choose from a menu of avail-ment for house and lot provisions, he noted. (PIABohol/RAC)

Capitol holds mini jobs Fair
For 116th CSC anniversary 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, September 19 (PIA) – Skilled Boholanos still seeking for work can try their luck this Sunday as Bohol Provincial Government, in solidarity with the 116th Civil Service Month, brings a mini-jobs Fair this Sunday, September 21. 

Organized by the Bohol Employment and Placement Office (BEPO), an office under the Office of the Governor, Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), skills opened for the fair are those relating to construction, engineering, hotel and restaurant operations, business process outsourcing, retailing, sales, merchandising, manufacturing and general administrative functions. 

The catch however, is that applicants intending to be at the fair need to pre-register at the Municipal Public Employment Service Officers (PESO), Bohol Employment Placement Office, or at the DOLE-PEU so one could earn registration cards, which will be primarily used during the mini-jobs fair. 

Set to happen at the lobby of the BEPO, at the second floor of the back of the old Capitol Building, the mini Jobs Fair, would be participated in by DOLE accredited manning agencies, according to Ma. Vilma Yorong, of BEPO. 

At the pre-registration, BEPO also stressed that applicants have to bring with them a comprehensive resume, Bio-data, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance, 2x2 identification pictures, certified true copies of diploma, Transcript of Records, Training and Employment Certificates as well as a passport for possible overseas contracts. 

The mini jobs fair is just one among the many efforts that BEPO has pushed to help generate more employed Boholanos, Yorong said.

This is also in line with the Bohol Provincial Government Jobs Generation Program so as to bring inclusive growth to Boholanos and spur local economic growth. (PIABohol/RAC)

Participatory budget team 
Spreads to monitor towns

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, September 19 (PIA) – Incessant in the goal to get poorer communities a say in picking out projects that would directly dent on their already challenged lives, a team of community workers in Bohol now descend to towns to monitor the implementation of the government implemented grass-roots participatory budgeting process (GPBP). 

Doris Obena, Boholana civil society organizer and convenor said the government has made it a policy that projects sent for national government funding shall be reflective of priority projects suggested by the communities whose members take part in the budgeting process.

The 1987 Constitution guarantees the right of citizens to participate in governance. 

Also, the Local Government Code provides formal spaces for civil society organizations participate in local development councils and other special bodies from the barangays to the regional levels, she cited these as basis for the innovation. 

During a courtesy call at the Philippine Information Agency, Obena, along with four other community organizers which the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) tapped to monitor compliance of the GPBP shared that by the fiscal year 2015, all towns in Bohol have been into the groove in crafting community participated budgets. 

These budgeted priorities however shall fall within the context of contributing to basic services provision, hunger mitigation, job generation and inclusive rural economic development as well as climate change adaptation and disaster preparedness and attaining the millennium development goals.

Obena said a P20.9 billion outlay allocated for the GPBP next year would spell the big difference in hastening economic development in towns where, which gets about P15 million budget for poverty reduction projects.

In 2014, a national government issued a National Budget Memorandum 121 for fiscal year 2013, 2014, also mandated the adoption of the GPBP to attain the Philippine Development Plan, Obena, former town councilor and community worker noted. 

The community identified projects are those set in a Local Poverty Reduction Action Plan (LPRAP), which was crafted by the LPRA Team comprised of an equal mix of government and civil society organization representatives in participatory budgeting process. 

In succeeding Joint Memorandum Circulars, the Department of Budget and Management as well as the 12 participating government agencies assured that the GPBP becomes most transparent and most accountable system ever introduced to stimulate economic growth in municipalities.

Some mayors here have also said the GPBP, new budget strategy promotes transparency and outputs and could be a very effective way in solving graft and corruption by cutting red tape to prevent wastage of public funds.

The GPBP, previously known as Bottom-Up-Budgeting (BUB) originates from the actual needs of the people, thereby insuring that funds are spent wisely for priority projects, stressed Obena. (PIABohol/RAC)

Coast Guard recruitment 
in Visayas on-going now

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, September 19 (PIA) –For sheer love of country and patriotism, some people work back-breaking jobs. 

Others simply put their lives on the line, in high seas, to keep the Philippines free from criminals and other foreign invaders intent on trampling on the Philippine sovereignty claims. 

If you have any of those intentions or life goals, then join the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) as a serviceman.

Now recruiting applicants nationwide, the PCG would need your help in primarily enforcing laws within Philippine waters, conducting maritime security operations, safeguarding lives and property at sea, and protecting marine environment and resources. 

And now that the country’s porous boundaries have become an easy access for criminals taking advantage of the wide seas, the coast guard’s task becomes doubly critical, that the more it can field, the better for the country. 

And in the service, one can get a decent pay. 

Now on their Visayas recruitment for the nationwide recruitment program for calendar year 2015, the PCG seeks out applicants who are natural born Filipino citizens, with good moral character, single, between 16-18 years old with at least 72 units in college for non-officer applicants and 21-26 years for officer applicants, physically and mentally fit for training. 

Also, those holders of baccalaureate degree for officers and with skills relevant to the functions of the coast guard are enjoined to apply for commissioning, announced Lt. Jg. Robinson Madriaga, Tagbilaran Coast Guard Station Commander. 

Central Visayas applicants are set for examination on November 15, 2014, he added.

Upon examination, applicants are also required to present an certified true copies of NSO certified birth certificate, transcript of records and diploma.

Applications forms are available at the Tagbilaran Coast Guard Station, LMP Building, K of C Drive, Tagbilaran City, PCG Tagbilaran City deputy commander ________________ said 

He most also bring with him a 2x2 identification picture taken with subject in white background, a long white folder, pencil and blue ballpen, according to communications sent by Vice Admiral Rodolfo Isorena, PCG, Philippine Coast Guard Commandant. 

For additional inquiries, call PCG Tagbilaran at 0917-726-9789 (globe) or Smart 0949-838-1531.

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