Wednesday, August 27, 2014

School writers’ congress starts
Bohol climate change advocacy 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, August 23, (PIA) – This Friday, the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) launches in Bohol its Climate Change mitigation activities with five –in one day activity in Ubay town. 

The day would be top-billed by a Student Writers’ Congress for the Environment where school journalists specializing in feature, photojournalism and junior broadcasting would be in for a day of workshops, contests and series of environment briefings and hands on activities. 

The activities are all in response to the recent disasters that hit the Philippines, which indicate that the adverse effects of climate change can’t just be belittled. 

While campaigns for communities to be insulated from the effects of natural disasters have been ongoing in the past months, the campaign to get into the young leaders who may have to sustain the program for disaster resiliency has not been as formally instilled into the youth, according to the PIA and the DENR who had signed a joint memorandum to implement the programs to strengthen community participation in climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

The response is an effort to create awareness as well as engage communities in the task of nature nurture, PIA, co-organizer of the five in one activity said. 

Five activities in the day include a media and information officers environment themed guided Tour Bohol from Tagbilaran to Ubay, billed as Lakbay Kalikasan handled by government guides who will be discussion inputs and would be interacting with media on environmental laws and controversies in the hope of compiling these issues for possible action.

In Ubay, the group arrives to the Student Writers for the Environment Congress and co-organized by the Department of Education and the DENR, where some 300 student writers are gathered with chaperon teachers, local government officials and employees.

During the opening program, a province-wide launching for the Lakas-Likasan (Best Environment Practices for Climate Change Adaptation) happens with local officials and the DENR officiating. Environment briefings on how Bohol could be affected by climate changes also happen.

After the launching, the entire group proceeds to a tree planting activity, where the goal is to plant 1000 trees in 30 minutes, an ambitious activity that would allow student writers the first-hand experience of environment care and climate change mitigation. 

A unity and solidarity lunch while watching environment movies would be done inside the Ubay Gymnasium, which would be billed: Isang Hapag, isang bayan-anihan.

The afternoon activity opens with break-out sessions on Likas Kakayahan-Arugaan, the student writers writing skills enhancement sessions in feature writing, photo journalism and basic broadcasting themes for the advocacy on the environment. 

The breakout sessions usher in hands on writing contests which outputs are automatically judged and awarded in the afternoon, according to organizers.

For this, student writers from all over Bohol, but most specifically from towns near Ubay are encouraged to attend. A registration of P40 per student participant would be collected to pay for the students refreshments. (RAC/PIABOHOL)

Ist ELBFA 11 a-side Governor’s 
Cup kicks off at CPG sComplex 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, August 23, (PIA)- This Saturday and Sunday, August 30-31, Carlos P. Gacoa Sports Complex in Tagbilaran would become the hub of activities as Bohol’s amateur soccer players put in their spike-studded shoes for the First Elmer Lacknet Bedia Football Academy 11 A-side Governor’s Cup. 

The two day soccer competitive event is organized by the Bohol Football Association (BOHFA) and is open to 17 years old and under (U17), 14 years old and under (U14) and 12 years old and under (U12) Bohol based soccer teams and town football clubs, according to BOHFA president Edmar Thaddeus Simpao. 

It may be recalled that, in June of this year, former Philippine striker and Mr Philippines Football, now Asutralia based Elmer Lacknet Bedia brought his Football Academy to help Bohol children cope from the trauma of the disasters hitting the province. 

A two-day rigorous soccer clinic happened then, participated by kiddies and amateurs from various town football clubs here. 

Elated at what he saw during the clinic, Bedia promised to raise funds to offer the first ELBFA 11 a-side soccer tournament, which would be tied up with the Provincial Government, this the Governor’s Cup. 

Moreover, Bedia and the BOHFA partnered to bring in soccer sports and training equipment from Australia and distributed it to participating soccer clubs then. 

Soccer, Bedia said, is one of the most promising group sports for Filipinos, who are innately fast runners, with nimble bodies with the quickness and agility to proposition for the attack and get into the much larger players. 

Bedia himself said he can attest to that, as he now coaches a Brisbane based football team. 

At least three World Cup players this year have Filipino blood traces, according to sources. 

We are making soccer among the mainstream sports of Boholanos, Simpao, who has been personally handling soccer clinics in the towns bared, even as he said that sports can further motivate kids to the positive things in life. 

He urges football clubs in Bohol to join the activity and compete for handsome prizes as well as be recognized among the athletes with the longest endurance. 

Soccer games are played for 90 minutes, and the stop at halftime is not even enough for the players to get fully rested.

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