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Sandugo trade expo
Netted P40M sales

TAGBILARAN City, Bohol, August 9, 2014 (PIA) –Bohol Sandugo Regional Trade Expo 2014 closed with over P40 million representing cash, booked sales and under negotiation, as micro, small and medium entrepreneurs see signs of recovery following major disasters hitting the regions. 

According to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) consolidated sales reports from the annual regional trade expo, over-all cash sales from the five days of exhibits starting July 3—27, cash sales reached P3,229,782.00.

In the same sales report, DTI said trade show booked sales reached some P7,481,170.00 while those under negotiated sales representing Cebu, Bohol, Siquijor and Regions 11 and 13 reached P72,997, 100.00.

For Bohol, local entrepreneurs in handloom-wovens, furniture, processed food, household fixtures, home decorations, jewelries and fashion accessories assured themselves some P34 million in cash, booked and negotiated sales, leading the exhibitors comprising regions 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 13. 

It may be recalled that not many investors here believe they can rise up after the strong earthquake that rocked Bohol and seriously affected the local manufacturing and home industries. 

The sales reports from the trade organizer: the Department of Trade and Industry in Bohol however indicate otherwise. 

Moreover, Region 8, which again was hit by what has been touted as the strongest typhoon in centuries, showed signs of recovery with P1.8M sales representing P1.6 million in cash and some P203, 500 in booked sales.

Cebu, which suffered serious damages on its northern towns during the storms, also posted P1.4 million, with P506, 340.00 in booked sales and P959,200.00 in negotiated sales. 

Region 6 posted P409,300.00 with 299,300.00 in cash and P110,200.00 in booked sales.

Region 11 pegged some P357,139.00 in total sales represented by P135,139.00 in cash, P202,000 in booked and P20,000 in under negotiations. 

Other exhibitors like Negros Oriental safe-kept P84,743.00 in cash sales, Region 13: P75,745, and Region 10 with P44,745.00.

Tubigon loomweavers: sandugo
Regional Products showscase ‘14

TAGBILARAN City, Bohol, Aug 8, 2014 (PIA) –Tubigon Loom-weavers’ Multi-purpose Cooperative (TLMPCI) leads Bohol exhibitors as the one with the highest gross sales in home and fashion at the recently concluded five-day Sandugo Regional Trade Expo 2014, with a total cash, booked and negotiated sales of P32,950,200.00.

TL MPCI, which is based in Pinayagan Sur of Tubigon town sold mostly raw raffia, which have now become among the most promising raw materials for international designers seeking for opportunities to work on wider loom-wovens.

It has P61,360 in cash sales, P 6,228,640.oo in booked sales and another P26,832 under negotiations, according to DTI. 

It may be recalled that the women assisting loom-weaving organization received new hand-looms to weave wider raffia fabric, through a Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Shared Service Facility (SSF) program. 

On the other hand, Abatan River Development and Management Council, which sells the Abatan River Community Adventure Tour posted a far second best in sales with P281,160.00.

Abatan had P60,00 in cash, P113,8760.00 in booked sales and another P107,300 in under negotiations.

Co-Nature Handicraft, which sells furniture and home and fashion accessories capped P191,200 as Bohol’s third grosser during the recent five-day enterprise trade fair.

Fair Trade shop in Bohol, which sold souvenir and fashion accessories ranked next with P132,195.00 in total sales: P78,295 in cash sales while they gathered P58,900 in booked sales.

Another furniture manufacturer; Total Woodcraft sold through cash some of their products to earn P125,800. 

IHOs see PIA Bohol’s CwC
Post disaster best practice

TAGBILARAN City, Bohol, August 8, 2014 (PIA) –Disaster communications response groups of Region 8 invites the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) in Bohol to share its post disaster communications with communities.

This as international and local responders see PIA Bohol’s post quake communications response as a potential best practice just as they attempt to shape a formal Communications with Communities (CWC) services in future disaster response.

Disaster response groups have seen the critical role of Communications with Communities as a crucial service in recovery and rehabilitation, as well as in disaster preparedness, hinted PIA Deputy Director General Boy Galvez. 

International humanitarian organizations(IHO) led by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (UN-OCHA), International Organization for Migration (IOM) and other disaster response groups in Region 8, specifically in Tacloban City considered PIA Bohol’s post disaster communication response as a potential best practice worth sharing to the responders across disaster areas in the country. 

At a Disaster Preparedness and Right to Information Workshop August 6-9, which was co-organized by PIA Region 8, PIA Bohol manager shared some 20 slides of information about the Bohol post disaster communications response, highlighted by its on-air radio for a which went out of the studio to evacuation sites across the province.

“We had serious problems in communications, gaps which could not be responded easily as the earthquake cut power in Bohol and disabled radio and paper based communications,” the PIA Bohol told workshop participants composed of radio practitioners and print journalists including the PIA from the provinces of Samar, Leyte, Southern Leyte and the sub-Province of Biliran. 

In its response, using its Kapihan sa PIA, Bohol, along with IOM there brought issue themed Focused Group Discussions and devised systems of responding to the issues and concerns raised by disaster affected communities.

Lionel Dosdos, IOM CWC national executive program manager agreed that CWC has been a need gap which was not responded despite several disasters responded to by IHO and local responders. (PIABohol/RAC)

DTI urges Boholanos
To go produce ginger

TAGBILARAN City, Bohol, August, 6 (PIA) –Trade Regional Director, Aster Caberte urges Boholanos to reconsider the option for ginger production, as a new ginger processing facility starts to operate form Candabong Loboc Bohol. 

And to agriculture officials, she also suggested, “we need to do an aggressive campaign on ginger production considering the current demand and the rising cost of the product. 

From P160.00 per kilo of native ginger then, it’s now at P190.00, revealed Julieta Palen, chairman of the Candabong Rural Improvement Club Multi-purpose Cooperative (RIC MPC).

Candabong RIC MPC, among the local processors of ginger for salabat and candy in Bohol, has been buying some of its ginger requirements from Mindanao, according to Palen.

The present supply is clearly not enough, and with people now finding the therapeutic effects of ginger, the production of ginger here can help stir up local economy, Caberte assumed. 

Candabong processors, who used to manually process their product, have been insisting on native ginger for their food processing since 1995, when the coop ventured into instant salabat. 

But, despite the recent raw material price increase and the trend in local cooperatives going into ginger processing, Palen and 16 other member processors are hopeful the new ginger processing machine which Department of Trade and Industry handed to them can spice up their income. 

The DTI granted a Shared Service Facility (SSF) project in Candabong: a set of production equipment that promises to improve efficiency and productivity as well as respond to the production gaps. 

The SSF comprising of salabat cooker-mixer, Electric Form Fill Mill for packaging, Pillow Pack Machines for Salabat and for candy, digital weighing scales and stainless steel tables total to some P862,600.

The equipment can increase its salabat production from its usual 400-500 kilos per month to 800-900 kilos.

It can also increase its ginger candy production from 100 packs per week to 300 packs per week, which it started selling to cebu, Bohol and Cagayan de Oro.

The facility, which can be shared with other ginger processing groups in Bohol, is expected to put up an additional monthly income increase of P50,000 to 70,000, according to DTI projections. 

DTI, who has been supporting the development of the ginger based businesses in Bohol designed business consultancy, capability trainings specifically on food safety, good manufacturing practices, product development initiatives, which prompted the Candabong RIC to venture into improving the competitiveness of business products as well as upgrade its quality. (PIABohol/RAC)

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