Monday, July 14, 2014

CDP-PPM Comm group 
Undergo info workshop

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, July 10, (PIA) – Amidst the dire need for massive government information dissemination to empower communities to make intelligent decisions, workers to do just these, are few. 

To fill in the gap while potentially establishing a pool of force multipliers, the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) joins hands with Bohol Provincial Government in an initiative that would soon allow community field workers to feed in live reports in government programs as information frontline-workers. 

Not only that, field workers and community organizers deployed in hinterland barangays, may only need to find a reliable internet connectivity to send in news to a central news bank.

A team of editors package the information on line as print or broadcast article within the day, as proposed during a workshop. 

At the CDP PPM Communication’s Group Workshop at the Casa Rey Francis July 8, organizers envisioned the end goal of training community organizers and field workers in timely and effective reporting of government’s good news.

PIA also hopes through this, government’s presence can be extremely enhanced with real-time live reports and timely news. 

As the chance presented itself, PIA Bohol, with Capitol, jointly conducted the CDP-PPM) Communications Group team Workshop to equip front-liners of basic media skills. 

This was guided by the need to double-time on spreading developmental news through its grassroots information team, according to Tiara Lourdes Bulilan, CDP-PPM secretariat head. 

In the training was basic newswriting for tabloid and broadcast, basic program handling, basic broadcasting and basic radio plug production. 

We see this need for information when we noted that there is so much that is happening in government, especially in the barangays but do not find spaces in the news, said 

CDP-PPM is Capitol’s frontline team dispatched to barangays to assess priority development initiatives and be government’s feedback-feed forward mechanism, explains CDP PPM officials during the workshop. 

Much of the work for information workers entails a decent knowledge of government functions in the barangays and then airing the bureaucracy’s messages fitting them in the proper context of the place, hints a military official who also joined the workshop. 

Aside from community organizers, also in the workshop were farm technicians, police and military officers as well as government line agencies which are most visible in rural communities. (PIABohol/RAC)

PIA-BOHFA spreads grassroots
Football training to Balilihan

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, July 11, (PIA) – The Philippine Information Agency (PIA) and Bohol Football Association (BOHFA) continues its missionary grassroots soccer development program with a two-day clinic for secondary kids in Balilihan, Bohol July 5-6. 

Students of Infant King Academy in Cortes joined Carmel Academy and Cabad High School in Balilihan for the basic rules, skills, endurance exercises and soccer dribbling skills through training obstacles set by the training team at the Balilihan Central Elementary School grounds Saturday and Sunday.

Going back to healthier lifestyle, reintroducing to the kids the joy of sweating it out and then imprinting in them the value of teamwork, camaraderie while developing control and discipline could maybe hand in a more meaningful future to our kids, the PIA shared.

The ultimate goal is to get the kids back out in the field and sweat it out while developing the team spirit, camaraderie and regain the simple and yet lost joys of childhood, Edmar Thaddeus Simpao reiterates. 

Simpao heads the BOHFA, a strong local association of football clubs (FC) and the only accredited member of the Philippine Football Federation, the country’s member organization sheltering under the umbrella of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA).

“There is something that the computer based games is robbing from our kids,” the PIA said. 

The PIA and BOHFA envisioned the bringing down of sports activities, specifically soccer to the communities in the hope of helping arrest the problem of giving the kids more chances to be unproductive. 

There is nothing wrong with computers, but playing in the virtual games has very little to contribute to the total development of children whom we hope to be useful members of the society, according to the PIA. (PIABohol/RAC)

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