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Red’s fight to regain Bohol 
Goes to the youth sector

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, May 31 (PIA) –The fight to recover lost members of the Communist Party of the Philippines, New People’s Army, National Democratic Front (CNN) permeates into the youth sector, military intelligence reports said.

At the recent Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) Meeting Tuesday, army officials bared the recent development as the remnants of the fleeing rebels are now trickling back in, following tough times and bloody encounters in the neighboring islands. 

Recent clashes by government and rebel forces in nearby island of Negros had the movement into retreat, the rebels now sailing back to Bohol to allow things to cool down. 

In its internal security situationer, Army Lt. Colonel Julius Tomines reported to council members about “possible mobilization” of the youth sector: sons and daughters of former active CNN members who were immersed in lectures on government corruption recently. 

“The CNN is taking advantage of the youth sector especially in their organizing works,” Col Tomines said in his report. 

He added that, “most of the youths that participated in the training are sons/daughters of the members of CNN-affected people’s organizations in Bohol.”

As this went on, army sources said they noted series of meetings by provincial and local leaders of the movement also tackled on the reorganization of mass support in their former strongholds using unresolved land issues. 

“They are also strengthening their organizing works by continuing to exploit existing land issues in their targeted localities,” according to the special forces chief who has been in Bohol since the island was declared insurgency free. 

The CNN will continue their organizing effort to re-establish their mass bases and continue preparing the ground for the re-entry of armed elements in Bohol, Tomines said. 

Likewise, the CNN will continue to focus/intensify their efforts in manipulating people’s organizations in far-flung areas especially those areas that have existing land- related issues, he concluded.

But, army leaders also said, the top legal CNN organizers in the province are feeling the pressure with the recent deployment of the iProTeam in target barangays.

They are also suffering with leadership and morale issues in connection with the capture of Roy Erecre, their top leader in Central Visayas, army sources said. (PIABohol/RAC)

Two Pilar schools merit 2013
Best Brigada implementation 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, May 31 (PIA)—Two elementary schools in Pilar town topped last year’s implementation of the Department of Education’s (DEPED) Oplan Balik Eskwelas school preparation program, highlighting the town community’s concern for their kids’ educational needs. 

DepED Bohol Division through superintendent Dr. Wilfreda Bongalos cited Bagumbayan Elementary School and Estaca Elementary High School, all of Pilar town as having the best Brigada Eskwela program implementation in Bohol’s, small and big elementary schools categories. 

Moreover, through Desiderio Deligero, DepED OIC for governance and operations division said that in the secondary schools category, cited for last year’s implementation of the Brigada Eskwela are Bantolinao High School in Antequera for small shigh schools and Lila National High School in Lila, for big high schools category. 

Launched in 2003, Brigada Eskwela has been one of the education department’s largest community mobilization program which allows communities the chance to show their concern for education while engaging their community members into helping shape the child, according to Deligero.

In Bohol, the launching activity happened in Lila, Bohol with the DepED going through a caravan to Lila to kick off the program as well as acknowledge last year’s winners.

The DepED also saw why Lila NHS became winners in 2013, seeing the massive community response at the launching activities.

This year however, in a six day volunteer program starting May 19-25, Brigada Eskwela mobilized close to 500,000 Boholanos, which was also a figure the department pledged in response to the country’s call for volunteerism, DepEd officials said.

As the schools were readied despite a massive earthquake that rendered around 980 classroom buildings needing repairs, the Brigada teams have, upon engineering approval, converted these to temporary learning spaces, ready for the class opening on Monday. (PIABohol/RAC)

Danajon conservation finalds ally 
In VMCI mobile theater music

TAGBILARAN CITY, May 31, (PIA)—Danajon Double Barrier Reef conservationists found a new ally, and it is in a mobile children’s theater capable of bringing out key conservation issues on stage. 

One of the world’s only six double barrier reefs, the Danajon has been the common fishing grounds of people from Cebu, Bohol, Leyte and Southern Leyte and is now suffering from severe fishing pressure to feed majority of the Visayas.

Dwindling fish catch and destructive fishing methods in trawl, blast fishing and encroachment of commercial fishers in the municipal waters have contributed to the rapid degradation of the area and threatening communities already wallowing in poverty.

Mayor Restituto Auxtero has aired his concern over keeping Talibon waters free from these opportunistic fisher but the campaign has largely been cat-mouse, the numerous islands and islets in the Danajon reefs affording unlimited cover for illegal fishers, most of them living within the numerous islands comprising the string of islands in the Danajon.

Seeing that the problem can only be solved with the communities involvement, a group of missionaries in the diocese of Talibon took up the dare to help in the campaign.

Visayas Missionaries Confraternity Incorporated (VMCI), a group of religious missionaries led by Rev. Fr. Bienvenido Disu, CM has always been looking for ways in protecting Danajon, and in mission areas, they realized putting up community theaters can do a whole lot to campaign for community involvement.

VMCI, a missionary NGO was established in response to the spiritual, human development needs of several under-served rural areas, and its mobile theater has been onne of its implementing arms to effect the desired socio-cultural transformation, states VMCI briefer. 

With the help of key Bohol community theater workers, artists and arts consultants, VMCI, went into staging a creative production of the folk tales of the people of Danajon with playwright Jerrey Aguilar and a host of artistic talents integrating a musical play called Sirena sa Jao.

With funds from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Local Governments of Bohol and Talibon, Kasing Sining and Teatro Bol-anon, Sirena sa Jao recalls the story of the famed mermaid guardians of Danajon and its counterparts in the islands; the monitor lizards or hawo (Jao).

The musical tells of the tragedy of Dana, princess of the mermaids to Jao, prince of the reptiles, who had to die to keep their love. 

This fatal result of greed has also reconciled the warring magical kingdoms, but when humans came and started illegal fishing, the kingdoms have to sulk and hide from the face of the earth and under the waters of Danajon.

The play also aggressively moves the community to pledge for the preservation of Danajon, Jao and its islets and its spectacular underwater environs.(PIABohol/RAC)

Bohol crimes up in April

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, May 29, (PIA) – Crimes in April 2014 increased by 40, compared to the previous month of March, which only had a total crime volume of 599, according to police crime statistics in Camp Dagohoy.

At the most recent Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) Meeting held at the Mansion Tuesday, Camp Dagohoy Chief PSSupt. Dennis Agustin also pointed out that for the comparative in index crimes in the last two months, a 3 case increase was noted in April over March’s 373 cases.

Police statisticians however note more significant increase in crimes in the non-index category, where special laws and other applicable law enforcement methods are most recently applied.

March non index crimes totaled 226, as compared to the following month of April this year which had 263 or a difference of 37 crimes over the previous month.

Still topping the last two month’s crime volumes is physical injury which had 268 cases in the last two months. March had 132 while April had 136. Physical injuries owned 36% of the pie graph.

Following physical injuries is theft, which accounted to 261 cases in the last two months. Physical injuries owned 36% of the total crimes committed in March-April.

Next crime up is robbery with 124 cases in March and April, according to Col. Agustin.

According to the police report too, if you were walking on a Tuesday evening between 5:00-7:00, you were unknowingly probably meeting criminals up close. 

Police crime clock and crime day noted that Tuesdays between 5:00-7:00 PM, you would be very exposed to criminal elements lurking in the dark corners, awaiting for the gullible. 

Crimes in April were relatively higher, prompting police investigators to look into the issue, rather more thoroughly.

They also noted that January to April, shooting incidents in mar the relative peace in Boh

Police noted 32 fatal shootings in the last two months, and 18 seriously wounded victims. (PIABohol/RAC)

Cops net over P8M 
in drug operations

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, May 29, (PIA)—From the time this feared Manila south anti organized crime czar took the leadership truncheon in Bohol’s Camp Dagohoy August 15 of last year, anti drug operations here have netted over P8 million worth of dangerous drugs and paraphernalia.

Under Police Senior Superintendent Dennis Agustin, Camp Dagohoy has conducted 141 anti-drug operations and 139.75 grams of hash weed and 673.37 grams of methampithamine hydrochloride or commonly called shabu, according to police reports at the Provincial Peace and Order Council in a meeting Tuesday, May 27. 

It may be recalled too that drug problem in Bohol never came to the surface and was not pronounced in the past years, or until the most recent successes in anti-drug operations forced local leaders to rethink how alarming the social menace has become.

Governor Edgar Chatto, in his previous speeches admitted that the drug problem has in fact affected Boholano families. 

In previous PPOC meetings, police have reported that drug affectation in Bohol has reached 363 of its 1109 barangays, 23 of these barangays seriously affected.

Over this, the governor has pressed for the need for Bohol communities to act as one against an enemy as organized as the drug distribution ring operating in the towns. 

And despite the calls, drug remains to be a major problem, police records would later prove. 

In his report to the PPOC gathered at the Mansion, as if to drive a point, PSSupt Dennis Agustin bared that in the past two months, police have confiscated a total of 28.64 grams of shabu, which Dangerous Drugs Board has valued at P337, 952.00. 

All of these were gathered in 34 police and joint allied forces operations from April to May, 2014, he said. 

And as the police intensified its anti-drugs operations, PSST Agustin has also reported that several of the killings that happened in Bohol have been ascribed to drug turf wars. 

In his PPOC report, Col. Agustin also pointed out that 10 of the shooting incidents happening in Bohol in the last five months may have been drug related. 

He cited that drug related cases came as high as 2 in January, 3 in February, I in March, 3 in April.

Counting all of these, the total drug related shooting can sum up to 13. (PIABohol/RAC)

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