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From Day of Valor to Freedom Day,
Boholanos have 2 months of
Responding to heroism dare

TAGBILARAN CITY, April 5, 2014 (PIA) – From Araw ng Kagitingan to Araw ng Kalayaan, Boholanos will have a little over two months to show substance to the highly publicized Bohol shaking off poverty while rising from the ruins of calamity. 

On April 9, when the entire country commemorates the valor and heroism of Filipinos in defending Bataan and Corregidor, the fall of Bataan and the gory of the Death March, Boholanos marched from three different venues to a single location: Bohol Island State University Gymnasium in Tagbilaran City to relive the valor and witness the grand launching of the promised most massively participated volunteer work in Bohol.

Bayanihan Challenge was conceptualized to work on reliving the omnipresent bayanihan spirit in the Filipino, making out the packets of heroism to rebuild hopes of the people to make them active participants in the country’s journey out of poverty, according to Christopher Rivera, Bohol Bayani Challenge coordinator.

With Bohol in the massive volunteer works are 11 other provinces in the country, most of them struggling to stand after devastating calamities hit them.

Volunteerism knows no age, but for bayani challenge, kid volunteers need to submit volunteer waivers, according to bayanichallenge website. 

National organizers envision the calamity year 2014 to engage as many as a million volunteers in the country’s largest public-private showcase of partnership and volunteerism. 

In exactly two months and three days, Boholanos will be presented with a chance to prove their valor and heroism with the Bayani Challenge, a two month-long call for volunteerism in beating poverty by bringing up the people from its death grip. 

In two months, residents from 47 towns and a city in Bohol would be taking turns in volunteering for rebuilding jobs like house building, school rehabilitation, public infrastructure repair and refurbishing, environment care, road beautification projects, medical and dental missions, children’s sports and arts therapies and a host of other tasks that would elevate Boholano lives a notch better. 

Bayani Challenge national organizers initially identified 9 towns in Bohol for the 2014 one million volunteers challenge.

Governor Edgar Chatto, who was reportedly excited about the news to include Bohol in the challenge proposed the participation of the 47 towns and a city here, in an event that runs smack on the fiesta months in May. 

This is perfectly timed, assents a Boholano volunteer who showed his proof of online registration in an emailed print out from

You have a big number of volunteers who may not have to bring in food provisions because in Bohol, there is a banquet everyday in May. 

In line with this, an individual or a group can be counted by registering at bayani challenge website. 

The volunteers however need to survive sleeping in public schools, on tents and on sites, as the nature of work would depend on the available basic provisions, according to organizers. 

You can also donate and make others feel happy by sustaining the volunteer work, or sometimes, be on 24 hours call for any eventual emergencies, the organizers added.


At the Bayani Challenge launch… 
Sec Coloma draws ways 
To be “modern heroes” 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, April 12, 2014 (PIA) – You don’t need to fight to become a hero. 

Malacanang key official reiterated this during the formal launching of Bayani Challenge in Bohol: a two month term for people to show packets of heroism by being volunteers in the strictest sense of the Bayanihan. 

No less than Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary Herminio Sonny Coloma came to Bohol to grace the formal launching ceremonies attended by an estimated crowd of three thousand government workers and members of the academe, huddled from the rain at the Bohol Island State University gymnasium. 

Coloma came here to grace the country’s biggest social mobilization by volunteerism, a move that aspires to rouse a million volunteers from April 9 or the Day of Valor to June 12, Independence Day. 

Bayani Challenge is also done in Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Cebu, Eastern Samar, Ilo-ilo, Leyte, Negros Occidental, Palawan, Samar and Zamboanga, but the biggest launch was in Bohol, according to Bayani Challenge sources. 

“Paano tayo magging bayani?” He asked. “Limang paraan ang ipapakita natin dito sa Bayani Challenge 2014,” Coloma bared. 

“First, we build houses, second, we fix and rehaibilitate our schools, third, we join and send out medical missions, fourth, we plant trees and fifth, we play and teach with the kids,” he enumerated. 

Coloma, who came amidst the flurry of rebuilding activities in Bohol, which was cited as fast-paced, has to credit Boholanos for that. 

Getting hit by the cruel October 15 earthquake is no joke, but you showed and proved to the whole country and the whole world your heroism. 

You rise up fast, quickly stood and hastened to rebuild better and stronger houses, churches, town halls, hospitals, markets, schools and playgrounds. 

Bayani Challenge 2014 in Bohol attempts to provide the venue for everyone in Bohol’s 47 towns and a city 

Now, Boholanos from the towns are united: nagkakaisa, kapit bisig, dikit balikat; lahat ay kasama, walang iwanan. 

Walang iwanan is one of the Bayani Challenge identified values, a theme of the new force that will define the Filipino in the world.

PIA Bohol among VDT-ALC 
trainors pool for writers
Rey Anthony Chiu

TAGBILARAN CITY, April 12, 2014 (PIA) –Victoriano D. Tirol Advanced Learning Center (VDT-ALC) includes the Philippine Information Agency in Bohol among its pool of speakers for this year’s three-day writing workshop held April 9-11, 2014. 

Considered among the best city’s schools investing on rigid training to equip their learners of the proper skills for the future, VDT-ALC used the skills of top creative and technical writers Sonieta Labasan and Chito Fuentes along with the PIA who had a module on photojournalism and news layout. 

Labasan, a respected feature and creative writer handled both feature and creative writing modules, while Fuentes, a famed news and editorial writer handled both modules for elementary and secondary students here. 

School principal Atty. Gertrude Biliran said the school conducted the three day writing training to prepare the elementary and secondary students with the skills necessary to handle the school paper as the school year opens. 

The writing seminar, timed for the vacation had both elementary and high school students into write-shops and hands on activities as they allowed themselves the difficult task of photo journalists and went down to make page make-ups in their first attempt at making dummies. 

Former school paper adviser Zen Lungay said she had to relinquish the task to younger minds as new teachers now handle the supervision of the school paper writers management, operation and production. 

Aside from VDT-ALC, PIA Bohol has been handling news writing and photojournalism workshops to schools during the out-of town HEAT Caravans. 

PIA Bohol also has a complete School Organ Operation and Production Seminar (SCOOPS) Workshop which it offers for elementary and secondary schools.

Interested schools only need to request the PIA for their scheduled trainings in as much as the course is offered for three days.

Other than SCOOPS, PIA Bohol has also its Leadership Enhancement Training Seminar (LETS) Workshops for young leaders, as well as information management and skills enhancement trainings for local information workers.

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