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DOH earmarks P289M for Bohol’s
Quake-damaged hospitals, RHUs 
Rey Anthony Chiu

TAGBILARAN CITY, December 05, 2013 (PIA) –The Department of Health (DOH) earmarks P289 million for the rehabilitation and rebuilding of earthquake damaged health facilities in Bohol, according to Secretary Enrique Ona. 

Of the amount, P80 million would be spent for rehabilitation of damaged Rural Health Units, the rest for the rebuilding of Congressman Natalio Castillo Memorial Hospital (CNCMH), which the mega-tremor wrecked totally. 

Sec. Ona said the DOH, with the Provincial Government is rebuilding the CNCMH, at a new location, but not far from the site of the collapsed hospital in Barangay Basac, in Loon town. 

“As the ruined hospital would be collapsed, another hospital would be built, not exactly on the same area, but nearby, this is in partnership with the Provincial Government of Bohol and the DOH,” Ona said.

The earthquake also completely damaged 7 Rural Health Centers, 13 Barangay Health Centers and partially damaged 14 other hospitals, 36 RHUs and 108 BHCs all over Bohol. 

During a press conference at the sidelines of the presidential visit to Bohol last Thursday, secretary Ona said damage to health facilities in Bohol during the mega-quake which hit Bohol October 15 reached P164 million.

The quake also killed more than 200, injured 817, and the trauma which the tremor caused to communities sent 3,081 patients for psychosocial and mental health support, reports Dr. Ona. 

For the duration of the calamity, the DOH said they served 29, 283 patients with quake related injuries, bruises or diseases.

That same time, the DOH joined relief operations and served the water needs of some 74,458 indiviiduals.

PNoy: zero brownouts by December 
Rey Anthony Chiu

TAGBILARAN CITY, December 05 (PIA)—Its zero brown-outs in Bohol by December, promises President Benigno S. Aquino III during his most recent visit to Bohol. 

By December however, the Department of Energy (DOE) through Secretary Jericho Petilla has hinted that the deadline would be before Christmas.

Speaking to a crowd gathered at the Lincod Livelihood Center, President Aquino hinted the possibility of tapping Bohol to the Luzon grid of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP).

The whole country is now generally placed under self-sustaining power grids, any excess power from any grid could be channeled via transmission lines to a deficient power grid. 

The Visayas Grid is largely propped up by the 520 megawatt supply from Tongonan Geothermal plant, the rest supplied by coal plants in Cebu or another geothermal plant in Palinpinon Negros. 

But the lines that connect these sources to Bohol go through Leyte, which was ravished by super-storm Yolanda. 

Apart from the massive damage to the power lines in Leyte, the typhoon also damaged Tongonan, which drastically cut its power output to 120 megawatts. 

In the interim, while the NGCP is fixing the wrecked power lines, it has also put up Emergency Restoration Systems to temporarily allow the power to get to Bohol, updates Elmer Cruz, NGCP information Officer. 

With the palliative move, power in Bohol returned after 16 days, albeit, insufficient for the peak demand of 64 megawatts.

The insufficient power resulted to rotating brownouts of six hours in some areas in Bohol, while other unlucky communities have total blackout. 

But with the restoration, President Aquino commended the DOE, National Electrification Administration, NGCP, Local Power Utilities and cooperating linemen from other regions, who worked hard to bring light back to the storm and earthquake-ravished communities.

Moalong bridge to reopen
By Dec - DPWH Singson
Rey Anthony Chiu

ABATAN, Maribojoc, December 05 (PIA) –Public Works and Highways Secretary Rogelio Singson said by next weekend, three bridges with isolates Tubigon, Calape and Loon would be passable.

Speaking to introduce the President during his inspection at the reopened Abatan Bridge, Secretary Singson apologized for the three day delay in the opening of the bridge.

President Benigno S. Aquino, in his previous visit to Bohol ordered the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to reconnect Abatan Bridge by November 21. 

It may be recalled that an earthquake which shook Bohol last October 15, moved a pile in the Abatan Bridge, forcing the cement deck girder to fall into the river.

This permanently cut the shortest access to Maribojoc and four other towns from Tagbilaran. 

With Abatan Bridge, Moalong Bridge in Loon also collapsed, while Tultogan and Desamparados Bridges of Calape town were partially destroyed.

With the need for faster delivery of relief and rehabilitation for quake-damaged towns, the president, during a disaster briefing in Loon, October 26, directed public works secretary to work out a solution for Abatan within a month. 

He said the bridge should be re-connected by November 21. But within the span, two typhoons disrupted the construction schedules.

“We missed it by three days, because we did not expect typhoons Yolanda and Zoraida to come,” Singson said. 

Storm Yolanda and Zoraida forced workers to temporarily suspended the building of a temporary modular steel bridge to bring back traffic access from Tagbilaran. 

DPWH completed the temporary bridge November 23 and traffic started streaming back the following day.

Abatan Bridge, which spans between Cortes and Maribojoc was originally 90.47 linear meters (LM) and is now 121.92 LM, costing the government P4.1M.

The permanent bridge over Abatan would be completed in September 2014, the president said. 

After Abatan, the DPWH is now focusing its attention to reconnecting Moalong, which was targeted to open by December 3, reinforcing Tultugan which would be re-opened to heavy traffic by December 8, and so is Desamparados bridge. 

PIA Bohol partners with 
PNP in media seminar 
Rey Anthony H. Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, December 05, 2013 (PIA) –The Philippine Information Agency in Bohol partners with Camp Dagohoy’s Police Community Relations (PCR) Branch in an effort to enhance police media relations during a training last week. 

Camp Dagohoy PCR head, Police Inspector Joy Yape said the police organization needs to prop up its media relations to project a police image far from the usual police officer which children hide from in fear. 

During a Media Relations Training, Moral Recovery and Team Building Activity held at the Panglao White Beach November 14, town PCR desk officers from Bohol’s 47 towns and Tagbilaran City took insights on media relations. 

Also included in the training workshop was a module on crime documentation and photo releases, two very important skills which could help enhance police image. 

Inspector Yape underscored the need for a renewed police image in line with the national police transformation program, as implemented under Chile Police National Police General Aglipay. 

PIA and the PNP Bohol partnership stretched long way back, with its Talakayan sa Isyung Pulis (TSIP) among its newer collaborative efforts. 

TSIP, which was started during the term of PSSupt Rodolfo Llorca was continued by PSSupt. Constantino Barot and is now being set up under PSSupt. Dennis Agustin. 

TSIP allowed police officers some needed media exposure and acted as a venue for town-based police officers and media in an interaction where media teams go to the towns. 

On police moral recovery, PNP Camp Dagohoy used the services of Pastor Idulan, who spoke about the lordship of Jesus. (30)

DOE assures power 
Before “Christmas” 
Rey Anthony H. Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, December 05, 2013 (PIA) –There will be no silent nights and dark Christmas in Bohol, the Department of Energy (DOE) has assured partial restoration of power in Bohol before the December 24 it set earlier. 

According to Governor Edgar Chatto who met with DOE Secretary Jericho Petilla over the weekend, the energy department has hinted that alleviation to the worsened power situation in Bohol could come earlier than the December 24 deadline. 

Chatto met with government agencies responsible for a facilitated and fast-tracked rehabilitation and recovery in disaster-hit Bohol. 

Speaking by long distance in his weekly radio program aired all over Bohol, Chatto said the DOE and National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) regularly briefs him of the ongoing development in the initiatives to restore Bohol back to the grid. 

It may be recalled that two disasters: October 15 7.2 magnitude earthquake followed by a super-typhoon left a trail of destruction to private and public infrastructure, the most evident being the total black-out which blanketed huge parts of Bohol. 

While the earthquake toppled most of Bohol’s centuries old churches and a great number of residences, it was the superstorm Saiyan that plowed all aver Samar and Leyte that cut Bohol from the power grid. 

Bohols power requirement is largely supplied by outside power sources: Tongonan geo thermal energy or Cebu’s coal generated power. 

The power travels through a combination of overland transmission or submarine cables crossing from Cebu to Leyte and joins the pool of supply from Tongonan over land transmission to Bohol via a submarine cable from Southern Leyte to Carlos P. Garcia. 

An NGCP station receives and boosts the power in Imelda Ubay and then sends power over land transmission towers to NGCP substations in Bohol. 

But storm Yolanda destroyed at least three transmission towers in Albuera town in Leyte, DOE told Chatto. 

Over this, last week, NGCPs Elmer Cruz bared that the company is set to install Emergency Restoration System (ERS) structures in the 350 KV, 230 KV and 138 KV transmission lines affected by typhoon Yolanda, among them the Albuera towers. 

Said lines are serving power supply requirements of Samar, Leyte, Biliran and Bohol islands. 

The ruined towers in Albuera town connect the 138 KV Bohol to Leyte supply line. 

Cruz added that it may take them between 5-6 weeks for the lines to be reenergized. 

In fact, Chatto said the DOE has said that Bohol may be the first Visayan Province affected by Yolanda to get power back. 

The superstorm wreaked havoc in Samar and Leyte, toppling lateral distribution lines that experts doing ocular inspection said it may take them longer to restore power in these hard-hit areas. 

While Bohol’s power requirement goes over 60megawatts, the restored power by December could be lesser. 

On this, Chatto said an imminent power rationing scheme could be applied. (30)

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