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US Amb wishes Bohol to send
Peace volunteers to Mindanao
Rey Anthony H. Chiu

TAGBILARAN CITY, Sept 9 (PIA) – Unites States (US) Ambassador to the Philippines Harry K. Thomas Jr., wished one day, Bohol could also send peace corps to Mindanao, as the US sent in its peace corps volunteers to the Philippines since 1946. 

Amb. Thomas Jr., who is in his few remaining days as ambassador said his coming to Bohol is in celebration of the US Government’s strong partnership with through the United States Agency for International Development (USAid), as well as to honor the American volunteers in the peace corps in Bohol.

Coming in to Bohol a few days before getting pulled out for another assignment, Amb Thomas Jr. cited how the US government considers Bohol as one of their success stories for the US development assistance.

Boholanos largely consider the US development assistance as largely contributive to bring Bohol out from a highly troubled conflict area which discouraged peace and development into one of the region’s hubs for economic development. 

Officially coming to Bohol this time, following an in cognito visit to tour the island, Amb. Thomas also met with the US Peace Corps who have been volunteering to build a better future to Boholanos since 1950s. 

The history of Bohol transformation however took a long and tedious process of involving multi-stakeholders and making them accountable for the crafting of the local development. 

Since 1991, the US Government has partnered with Bohol through the Local Development Assistance Program which helped Bohol set up an umbrella system for Non Government Organizations, in line with the government’s decentralization reforms through local revenue enhancement, environmental protection and strengthening LGUs and NGOS capabilities to attain accelerated growth and investments, summed up Governor Edgar Chatto in his opening message during the Ambassador’s luncheon with local officials at the Bohol Tropics Thursday. 

By 1996, the US Government put in Bohol the Governance on Local Democracy and it played the pivotal role in Bohol’s development and environmental resource management leading to the institutionalization of the Bohol Environment Code; the first in the country. 

From then, Bohol has been a consistent recipient of a steady stream of USAid from the American people in the form of partnerships for growth like the Advancing Philippine Competitiveness Project (Compete) which deals on accelerating and sustaining broad-based and inclusive growth. 

Bohol also gets US assistance through private sector mobilization for family health in delivering family-planning, maternal and child care services while it also helps Bohol in its Coastal Climate Change Adaptation Project which helps build communities that are socially, ecologically and socially resilient to climate change. 

“We are proud to be a part of Bohol’s achievements as an emerging growth center and we look forward to further advancing productive partnership as we work towards our shared goal of achieving broad-based and inclusive growth,” Amb. Thomas said. 

But even before these newer partnerships could work its magic, Bohol has patted away insurgency by presenting better options for poverty alleviation.

On this, Thomas wished “one day we can send peaceful volunteers from Bohol to Mindanao,” which generated avid applause from Boholanos during the luncheon with the ambassador.

Officials urge barangays to 
join upcoming ICC Sept 21 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Sept 9 (PIA) –Interior and local government officials in Bohol as well as environment advocates encourage municipal and barangay officials to mobilize their communities for the International Coastal Clean Up (ICC) on September 21. 

This as the connection to the threat of global warming and climate change could not be dissociated from environmental abuse, many of which is caused by improper solid waste disposal. 

At the weekly Kapihan sa PIA following a coordination meeting of the Bohol Coastal Resource Management Task Force a few days earlier, local government operations officer Mylove Cardinoza said the Department of Interior and Local Government has been encouraging local officials and constituents to participate in the global action for the environment. 

She however bemoaned the fact that Clean-up Volunteers have been laughed at when doing community volunteer work for the ICC. 

Set by law in 2003 when the Philippines declared every 3rd Saturday of September as Global Coastal clean-up Celebration, clean-up activities in the country mainstreamed with volunteers coming from all walks of life picking every trash that has the potential to be drifted off to sea. 

Earlier, during a BCRMTF meeting at the Jjs Dimsum, Task Force secretariat showed Bohol clean-up data in 2012 which edged down from the consistent increase it pegged in the last two years. 

All over the world, around 561,633 volunteers came down to the shores and waterways including inland waters to pick up and gather about 10 million pounds of trash covering 17,710 miles of coastlines, according to Ocean Conservancy, ICC event organizer. 

In Bohol however, after grabbing the country’s record for most number of volunteers in the late 1990, records show that the volunteers are dwindling and so are the trash collected. 

While the dwindling number of trash gathered could tell that people are slowly becoming aware of the ill effects of irresponsible garbage disposal, BCRMTF members also assumed that there is a problem with the data cards collection system. 

While ICC activities pick up trash from the shores and inland waters, volunteers also record the kinds of trash gathered and the number of volunteers to get scientific ideas of how this could help law makers in determining proper policies for better community response. 

All these data are place in data cards which are later collected and consolidated to form a huge picture of the garbage situation threat, according to Jovencio Taer, presiding officer during the BCRMTF meeting.

PIA brings foto, news w-shop 
To Ubay at HEAT IT caravan 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, September 9 (PIA) –Over a hundred student writers sweated it out writing their drafts for public critiquing during a special news writing workshop Wednesday, September 4. 

The workshop which Philippine Information Agency (PIA) brings in, is the agency’s contribution to the education of communities part of Bohol’s Health, Education, Agriculture, Tourism and Information Technology (HEAT IT) government service caravan to the grassroots. 

HEAT IT is the Provincial Government’s development frameworks which Governor Edgar Chatto adopted to properly guide the economic development of Bohol which shall be in line with the green agenda. 

The HEAT IT Caravan brings in hundreds of government agencies, non government organizations, social organizations and private businesses in a day-long surgical, medical-dental, agri-livestock, health and wellness and tourism as well as 

Students from Ubay National Science High School (UNSHS) and Union High School endured a cramped open hall baked under the searing sun, to sweat it out in a workshop aimed at finding raw writing talents and orienting them into the complicated world of student journalism. 

The workshop is part of the PIA’s Leadership Enhancement Training Seminar (LETS) Workshop which the agency brings to schools to mainstream student journalism in preparation for a future life as journalists, according to the PIA. 

Owing to the positive response of public schools to the writing training workshop, the PIA partnered with two more editors to facilitate the critiquing of write-shop outputs. 

With the PIA in Ubay were Freeman contributor and editor Ric Obedencio and on call editor from the Capitol’s Socio Economic and Environment Management Cluster Tiara Lourdes Torero-Bulilan. 

As the Ubay HEAT IT Caravan did not have a joint councils Peace and Order Meeting due to a recent meeting in Tagbilaran, the free schedule in the afternoon afforded PIA the time for a photo-journalism training. 

Capitol’s Andrew Pilongo, Ramil Rodela assisted the photo journalism which also allowed students the basics of taking pictures and putting in photo captions. 

All the PIA writing workshops also include critiquing of outputs, which puts student learners in a critical mode to better appreciate their corrected works. 

The Ubay writeshop came after a radio scripting workshop which PIA also conducted for information officers on to radio plugging of developmental programs of their respective local governments. 

Last July, PIA also offered the same writeshop and photo journalism workshop to students of Christ the King Academy in Antequera town.

SIA wins Trinidad’s 66th anniv 
Drum, lyre showdown trophy 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TRINIDAD, Bohol September 9 (PIA) ---After over an hour of edgy performances and throbbing bass drums, cracking snares and tinkling lyre beats, Saint Isidore Academy (SIA), the town’s catholic institution carved a victory over an equally competitive Tagum Sur High School (TSHS) as Trinidad Drum and Lyre Showdown took the courts inside the town cultural center September 1. 

The Trinidad Drum and Lyre Showdown is among the highlights of the 66th town founding anniversary which Trinidad celebrated for two days. 

Already a strong source of drum and lyre beaters owing to its sustainable talent development program, Trinidad has made it a tradition to put up showdowns for young percussion musicians on its township anniversary. 

Of the town’s 20 barangays, 16 put up elementary drum and lyre contingents while six secondary drum and lyre groups joined this year’s competitions. 

While its was basically exhibition in the elementary division, the secondary levels put up impressive shows that had judges on the edge of their seats during the entire hour and a quarter of competition time where each contingent had only 10 minutes to impress the city-based judges. 

It was a tough one, but the judges apparently knew their meat when weighing the two strongly contesting groups, photographers documenting the competition said. 

Both SIA and contender TSHS put up impressive drum and lyre pieces: SIA dealt more on precision marches and formations while TSHS ventured into a hybrid drum and lyre and cheer-dance routines. 

At the end of it all, SIA, which performed last among the six competitors, put a resounding cap to the showdown placing 95.3% by beating its contender TSHS which got 89.3%, stretching its domination as best in the town’s secondary marching bands with three consecutive wins. 

SIA also walked off the cultural center with minor awards: Best in Choreography and most Disciplined Group 

TSHS on the other hand settled for second best while also grabbing the Best in Costume. 

Hinlayagan Ilaya High School romped off with the third best with 88.33%. 

Also joining the competitions were Kinan-oan High School, Soom High School and Kauswagan High School. 

Mayor Judith Cajes personally handed out awards and recognition to the winning contingents inside the jampacked Trinidad Cultural center. 

Even Governor Edgar Chatto who came to celebrate with the town anniversary could not help but acknowledge the local leadership for mustering so huge a crowd for the town activities. 

Earlier in the day, Trinidad local officials attended a commemorative mass, joined the anniversary parade and Caromata Festival and gathered at the People’s Park for a commemorative Program, field demonstrations by Trinidad Municipal College’s 600 students as well as witness local officials in a mass dance hataw.

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