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COMELEC reminds candidates 
Submit your poll 
expense reports 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol. May 27, 2013 (PIA) – While there is still time, candidates who may have won, lost or withdrew in the last elections need to submit their statement of expenditures and contributions, reminds the Commission on Elections (COMELEC). 

Failure to do so means a ban from taking a post, if elected, or for a non-winner to lose his other chance of running to any position in the future, the Comelec warns through Atty. Jonas Biliran. 

Rule 8, Section 2 of COMELEC Res. No. 9476 dated June 22, 2012 is the Comelec’s Campaign Finance and Disclosure Policy. 

The resolution provides that, candidates, whether winning or losing in the last political bid, shall file their statements of election contributions and expenditures (SECE) to the Comelec in keeping with the guidelines on election spending of candidates and parties and in accordance with the law. 

The candidates must file the Comelec-provided SECEs to the Comelec offices where they filed their certificates of candidacies, not later than 30 days after elections, or until June 12. Comelec then issues a certificate of compliance to a candidate so he could take his oath, or be cleared of duties. 

Fair Elections Act provides that candidates other than for the Presidential post, are allowed to spend P3.00 for every voter registered in his constituency, while those running as independent can spend as much as P5.00. 

According to the Department of Interior and Local Government, winning candidates can only take their oaths of office after they can show to their Comelec issued Certificate of Compliance to the SECE. 

This also includes losing candidates or those who filed their certificate of candidacy, even those who have withdrawn their COC should pass their SECE,” Comelec said, based on Section 14 of Republic Act No. 7166. 

The law provides that every candidate is obligated to file a statement of contributions and expenditures regardless of whether or not he or she pursued or withdrew his or her candidacy. 

Failure to file the SECE could mean facing suspension on administrative offense, and a possible fine opf from P10,000 to P20,000. 

In fact, according to the poll body, offenders can also face a case for perpetual disqualification from future elections. The law also said offenders can be penalized a maximum of six years in jail and perpetual disqualification from public office, based on the Fair Elections Act.

Women shows winning power in Bohol 
11 new women mayors bring 
Women chief executives to 16 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol. May 27, 2013 (PIA) – Give it up for the ladies in the house. 

Bohol elects eleven new lady mayors even as the voters also gave fresh mandates to five more women sitting in the critical post of managing local governments here. 

The past May 13 polls successfully enthrone 16 lady mayors in Bohol towns, a figure that pre-positions women into a better bargaining position for local decisions. 

The 16 lady mayors make up 33% of the total number of mayors’ votes enough to put more weight into their identified advocacies. 

New mayors elected are Natividad R. Gonzaga (Danao), Marietta T. Sumaylo (Dauis), Conrada C. Amparo (Duero), Josephine Socorro C. Jumamoy (Inabanga), Tita B. Gallentes (Garcia-Hernandez), Helen C. Alaba (Loboc), Leonila P. Montero (Panglao), Necitas P. Cubrado (Pilar), Juliet B. Dano (Sevilla), Judith D. Cajes (Trinidad) and Maria Katrina L. Lim (Valencia). 

Also reelected to occupy their previous posts are Maria Fe A. Piezas (Guindulman), Regina C. Salazar (Lila), Rosamarie L. Imboy (Loay), Esther F. Tabigue (Mabini), and Tesalonica A. Boyboy (Pres. Carlos P. Garcia). 

New mayors Jumamoy and Cajes have sat as town chief executives sometime in the past and have reclaimed their seats after some break in their mayoralty service. 

Of the lady mayors, Lila’s Salazar took the most majority votes, at 4,957, in a town that did not have any other bidding candidate for the top seat. 

Pres. Carlos P. Garcia’s Tesalonica Boyboy comes next with a majority vote of 9,242 over her opponent who only managed some 768 votes, while Guindulman’s Ma. Fe Piezas claims the third highest majority votes for women mayors at over 50% when she earned 11,029 over an opponent’s 4,063. 

Meanwhile, five Bohol women also succeeded in their vice-mayoralty bids. 

These are Angelina B. Simacio (Anda), Maria Pureza V. Chatto (Balilihan), Velden B. Aparicio (Clarin), Maria Asuncion B. Daquio (Corella) and Maria Emily D. Dagaang (Sevilla). 

The same May 13 elections granted fresh mandate to Vice Governor Concepcion Lim, who heaped up a majority vote over another woman opponent to the seat. 

Also elected as woman Sangguniang Panlalawigan member is Jovanna C. Jumamoy (Bohol II) while Godofreda O. Tirol keeps her seat as Board Member for Bohol III. 

2013 elections slimmest 
mayoralty wins in Bohol 
Rey Anthony H. Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol. May 27, 2013 (PIA) –Newly elected Cortes town mayor narrowly slipped through to claim Bohol’s closest win margin after the polls May 13, 2013. 

Retired police officer Roberto Tabanera (NPS) mustered one mighty heave to reap additional 34 votes to reverse the situation against former town vice mayor Danilo L. Montero (LP), in a thrilling and emotional match that had supporters holding their tensions in bated breath. 

Earlier, as the election returns from 15 clustered precincts begin to stream into the Municipal Board of Election Canvassers, Montero took the lead at a slight margin. 

But, Cortes (Bohol 1) was among the 8 towns in Bohol which had problems with compact flash (CF) cards. 

The problem hostaged the returns from clustered precinct in barangay Loreto, which could not be counted, pending the arrival and testing of new pre-programmed card that would be inserted in the Precinct Count Optical Scanner (PCOS) to initiate the automated count. 

At the pendency of the wait, Board of Election Inspectors in the precinct has to carry the automated poll count machine to the Municipal Board of Election Canvas Center for a secure watch by both supporters and poll watchers. 

The cards arrived three days later, and when the results came in, Tabanera eased past Montero in possibly Bohol’s closest mayoralty win at 34. 

Tabanera had 4,342 votes over Montero’s 4,308 votes. 

On the other hand, Pilar town (Bohol III) Mayor-elect Necitas T. Cubrado (UNA ), businesswoman and wife of a former Sangguniang Bayan member also edged past former town vice mayor Wilfredo L. Bernante Sr. (LP) with just 46 votes. 

Cubrado reaped an over-all 6,108 over Bernante’s 6,062. 

In Anda (Bohol III), it took a Manila based businessman and political tyro, Metodio L. Amper (LP) to topple a long pile of political wins for former mayor Paulino T. Amper (UNA), in a thrilling match that sheared the thick clan of the town. 

As the election smoke settled and the votes get to the MBOC, Metodio Amper also eased past his relative Paulino with just 68 votes. 

Metodio had 4,623 while Paulino mustered 68 votes less with 4,555. 

In San Isidro town (Bohol II), Mayor Jacinto B. Naraga’s re-election did not come as easily. 

Squaring off against him was a last term SB member Quirino S. Samuya of a long and strong political clan in town. 

But when the results came in, Mayor Naraga proved a better man when he mustered 182 more votes against Samuya’s 2,301 votes. Naraga earned 2,483 votes in the town. 

In nearby vote rich town of Tubigon, a last term SB member’s fate fared better when he eased past the incumbent mayor in another thrilling match that comes down in the town’s history as the least decisive. 

Mayor-elect Marlon R. Amila (UNA) heaped 11,021 votes over former mayor William R. Jao (LP) who also mustered 10,664. Jao’s efforts were obviously not enough, for he lost by 357 votes. 

Bohol picks 22 new mayors 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, May 27, 2013 (PIA) –After the smoke of the elections settled, 22 towns have elected new chief executives while another 26 mayors get fresh mandates. 

This constitutes about 45.0%, already a sizable number to force the necessary changes for Bohol, them being newer and fresher minds. 

Six new mayors come from Bohol’s first district, another six from second and nine from the third district. 

First district towns with their brand-new mayors are Tagbilaran City (John Geesnell Yap), Dauis (Miriam Sumaylo), Panglao (Nila Montero), Cortes (Roberto Tabanera), Tubigon (Marlon Amila) and Catigbian (Virgilio Lurot). 

This constitutes 40% of the 15 towns comprising the district. 

For the second district, new mayors include Inabanga (Josephine Socorro Jumamoy), Getafe (Casey Shaun Camacho), Ubay (Galicano Atup), Trinidad (Judith Cajes), Dagohoy (Sofronio Apat) and Danao (Natividad Gonzaga). 

The new mayors here constitute 42% of the 14, which is the total number of mayors within the district. 

In the third district, new mayors include Valencia (Maria Katrina Lim), Garcia-Hernandez (Tita Gallentes), Duero (Conrada Amparo), Candijay (Christopher Tutor), Anda (Metodio Amper), Pilar (Necitas Cubrado), Carmen (Ricardo Francisco Toribio), Loboc (Helen Alaba) Sierra Bullones (Simplicio Maestrado Jr.) and Sevilla (Juliet Dano). 

In the third district, the 10 new mayors form another 52% of the district’s number of mayors. The district has 19 towns under it. 

Among these mayors listed above, three are your not really new, them having been elected as mayors in the past and are now reclaiming their abandoned posts. 

The three include Inabanga mayor Josephine Socorro Jumamoy, Trinidad Mayor Judith Cajes and Dagohoy Mayor Sofronio Apat. 

Of the 22 new mayors elected now in Bohol, 11 of them are women executives: Sumaylo (Dauis), Montero (Panglao), Jumamoy (Inabanga), Cajes (Trinidad), Gonzaga (Danao), Lim (Valencia), Gallentes (Garcia-Hernandez), Amparo (Duero), Alaba (Loboc) and Dano (Sevilla). 

The election also brings a total of 16 lady chief executives now in Bohol. 

Other lady mayors who have been reelected are Tesalonica Boyboy (Carlos P. Garcia), Rosemarie Imboy (Loay), Regina Salazar (Lila), Ma. Fe Piezas (Guindulman), and Esther Tabigue (Mabini).

4 Bohol schools earn citations 
as best Brigada Implementers 
Rey Anthony H. Chiu 

CORTES, Bohol, May 27, 2013 (PIA) –Four Bohol elementary and secondary schools get citations for their best implementation of the government’s annual school repair and maintenance activities. 

Department of Education’s Resource Generation and Mobilization Unit Chief Desiderio Deligero said these schools represent two categories for high school and elementary schools whose participation in the Brigada Eskwela surpassed Bohol Division’s and the national government’s expectations. 

In fact, speaking for Bohol Division Superintendent Dr. Wilfreda Bongalos, Desiderio, who came to the Kapihan sa PIA Thursday, added that one of the awarded schools has consistently been the best implementing school for Brigada Eskwela and in the national hall of fame list. 

The schools include La Victoria Elementary School of Valencia for small elementary category and Estaca Elementary School of Pilar for big elementary school category. 

For high schools, Deligero said winners for last year’s Best Brigada Eskwela implementer include Garcia-Hernandez High School for small high school category and Sandingan High School in Calape for the big category. 

Sandingan High School is Bohol’s three-consecutive year winner for the government program aimed at enjoining communities to help and participate in one of the activities for DepEd’s Oplan Balik Eskwela. 

DepED sources also confirm that Sandingan has been a national winner for the activity implementation. 

Authorities from these schools received their citations after a Brigada Eskwela Caravan during a launching activity in Sandingan last Monday, according to the DepEd. 

Conceptualized under the Balik Eskwela’s Adopt-A-School Program, Brigada Eskwela operates on the maxim that “it takes a whole community to educate a child,” Deligero stressed. 

Now on its tenth year, the simultaneous national school maintenance week, commonly named Brigada Eskwela opened for the entire country last Monday and continued until Saturday. 

At the Brigada Eskwela, parents, concerned citizens and business establishments who adopt schools send in volunteers or resources to help repair classrooms, repaint them, fix school desks, revamp old electrical wires, spruce up gardens, mow lawns and make schools ready for the opening of classes on June 3, Deligero said. 

Bohol Federated Parents Teachers Association President Danilo Bandala added that Brigada Eskwela activities can even extend the whole school year, so that schools needing small repairs can be responded to, fast. 

He said, this arrests the bigger problem which a building may have, when not attended to immediately. 

Over this, both Deligero and Bandala urged concerned parents and Boholanos to go to the schools nearest them and show support to the education and training of children by making school environments conducive to learning. 

RiverWatch Resto gets tripadvisor 
2013 thumbs-up for high ratings 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, May 27, 2013 (PIA) – Another Bohol iconic tourist-service company catches international attention when a famous travel service website cites it for excellence in 2013. 

Last year, travel ratings website cited Gerarda’s in Tagbilaran City as a highly rated eat-out restaurant for local and foreign tourists. 

This year, tripadvisor recently confers to Loboc RiverWatch Floating Restaurant a Certificate of Excellence in 2013, for the company’s being among the top performing 10% of all businesses worldwide on tripadvisor. 

The citation, according to tripadvisor, is given to businesses that consistently earn high ratings. assists customers, by providing access to relevant information to travelers who may walk into an entirely new place. 

The website posts travelers reviews and opinions of sites, transport, destinations, billeting, and other services using travel-related content while opening up an interactive travel forum on their site. 

In Bohol, RiverWatch Resto has slowly carved a niche of its own as a tourist service and destination which any incoming tourist must experience, says tour transport driver Vincent Rey Rasonabe. 

What is particularly nice with the RiverWatch is its buffet spread which feature the best of Bohol, boasts another tour driver who never brings his guests to other floating restaurants. 

A travel writer Stephanie F of Wixi China said “This is a lovely activity to take part in while in Bohol. Each boat has a buffet with plenty of food and the whole operation of the boats moving around the dock and being restocked by smaller crafts is a site all of its own. 

Meanwhile, travel contributor AbsolutelyMe from Quezon City, who experienced Loboc RiverWatch Resto in 2013 said “This one is a must when visiting Bohol! They serve a buffet lunch. The musician is very entertaining. The river cruise was relaxing. This was a great experience for us!” 

For Tessie Labunog-Sumampong, owner of the restaurant, it is all about teamwork plus hard-work plus good service. 

“Hardwork...dedication and teamwork are our main ingredients seasoned with love and passion”, she said. 

While she admits there are still things they must do to sustain their ratings, for the workers who front-line for the restaurant everyday, the citation would mean more tourists and more secure future for their families.

Abatan, Alicia, Anda hosts 
‘Bamboo Flower’ film shoot 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol. May 27, 2013 (PIA) –As you are reading this, a movie crew has used up rolls of film, taking moving shots of local actors and filming beautiful locations in Bohol for a movie entry in the prestigious Master Director’s Edition of the 2013 Sineng Pambansa. 

Movie director and Boholano artist Maryo J. delos Reyes himself said he brings to Bohol the production staff and crew to a movie “the Bamboo Flowers,” to complete a movie project currently on location shoot in Alicia, Anda and Abatan River in Cortes and Maribojoc. 

Delos Reyes is among the 12 television and film directors who have been funded to provide an entry into the film festival in September, according to similarly award-winning musical scorer and Boholano Lutgardo Labad. 

Delos Reyes said the project is a grant by the Film Development Council of the Philippines as a tribute to those who helped carve Philippine movies. 

Just recently, the country lost at least three great movie icons, and delos Reyes said he is dedicating “The Bamboo Flowers” to them. 

In 2012, the Philippines lost three movie icons: Celso Ad Castillo, Marilou Diaz-Abaya and Mario O’Hara. 

Delos Reyes said Bamboo Flowers, is a collection of stories that narrate the lives of various characters in the province of Bohol. He shared the synopsis as: 

“There is the tale of Ma’am Berta and her son Omel who are happy living the simple life along the Abatan River in Antequera. But both are confronted by the condition of Berta’s aging father, Andong, who is now sick. Andong loves joining the Abatan cultural collective presentation along the Abatan River Cruise, in fact he was the one who also brought his grandson Omel into the group. Since then, Omel has been performing with them since he was 8 years old. Now, Omel has to leave Antequera for a job in Tagbilaran city to help the family.” 

“Meanwhile, in the coastal town of Anda, Sandra goes back home with her young teenage son Eric after the death of her husband left them penniless. Eric has to adjust to the rural life that is now pressing upon him while dealing with his anger about what really happened to his beloved father. His relationship with his mother is much strained because he thinks Sandra is a weakling who had to retreat to the province with him in tow. 

But nothing is farther from the truth. When Eric bullies a classmate in his new school, Sandra knows that she has to do something to finally teach her son some lesson.” 

“Dolores is an intern at a resort in the island of Panglao, a requirement for her to graduate from her Tourism course. Her boyfriend Luis is also in his last semester at a maritime school. Both love each other but they plan to finish their studies so they can work abroad. While, everything looks bright for Dolores, Luis struggles with his studies and eventually fails. His father forces him to come home to Alicia so he can become a farmer and abandon his dream of becoming a seafarer.” 

“Luis and Dolores decide to call it quits knowing that a long distance relationship will not work for them. Dolores then meets a foreigner who seduces her into a romantic escapade and offers marriage.” 

The film with star Mylene Dizon along with the company of big screen names, and would feature Boholano talents including the Abatan Cultural Collectives, Evelyn Silva, a production assistant said. 


Over the development, Abatan Community Life Tours get its most needed nationwide promotions, admits Emilia Roslinda, executive director of a non-government organization operating the tours. 

People in Abatan expect a sudden tourism awareness in their community like the one sprung when Cesar Montano filmed the movie “Panaghoy sa Suba” in Loboc. 

Now slowly picking up in tourism arrivals, the influx has also opened opportunities from people along the river to earn a few more in tourism services. 

Abatan features a river cruise and cultural presentations in its five stops circuit. 

Along the way from Cortes to Balilihan, where the river is navigable, tourists are afforded the view of bamboos, glorious in its flowering stage. 

Few days ago, delos Reyes, along with a casting crew held auditions for support cast at the Food Plaza of the BQ Mall, where a sizable crowd of aspiring young Boholanos tried their acting skills. 

On the movie, delos Reyes explains, “it is a reality that when the bamboo starts to produce flowers, the tree is said to be entering its final stage and will eventually die.” 

The sight of the chandeliers of flowers hanging from the tree is all glorious. In the same manner, we are all destined to leave this world eventually and all we leave behind are the glorious stories of our lives,” de los Reyes said. 

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