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Bohol hosts youth-inclusive
global work-policies dialogs 
Rey Anthony H. Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, March 22, 2013 (PIA) – The Philippines hosts a series of international dialogs on youth employment development planning as youth unemployment crisis stir nations. 

The presence of existing examples of successful initiatives of how a National Youth Policy is translated in the local levels, where local youth councils develop their own initiatives that address key youth issues including unemployment, shared conference organizers during a press conference at Soledad Suites, Monday March 18. 

Triggered by a Partnership-Building Meeting in December, the dialogs flowed into Training on Local Youth Employment Development Planning and then proceeded to Inter-Generational Dialog-Networking Seminar with Local Government Officials and Youth People which will also usher in the Local Youth Employment Summit and finally the Partnership Evaluation Meeting, organizers said. 

Most recently, nations have been alarmed over the increasing number of young people entering labor markets annually, but a slim few of them land in jobs, International Labor Organization noted. 

Observers traced the underlying issues contributing to the unemployment crisis to the lack of work opportunities, slipping quality of educational training and lack or absence of linkages from the youth sector to labor markets. 

Over the prevailing issues, organizers envision providing a clear framework which shall clarify components that must be addressed to achieve increased youth employment. The need for youth employment interventions embraced by national and local policies on employment and growth is now becoming an opened avenue and youth participation in decision making widens this up, organizers from Youth for Sustainable Development Assembly (YSDA) said. 

YSDA wishes to be identified as a platform which supports youth involvement in sustainable development at varying levels of engagements: from local communities to national plenary by policy recommendations and consultations, and even breaches national boundaries with its network with international organizations. 

Participating in Bohol conferences are youth leaders and young politicians from Poland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Bulgaria, Vietnam, China and the Philippines. 

In the Philippines, YSDA brings in partner international organization’s emerging young leaders to work hand in hand with their Filipino leaders and members of the community in a cultural and youth development agenda sharing towards a global mission to build a global community through local action and services. 

In Bohol, where the Philippine conferences happened, the international youth leaders and young politicians trained on local youth employment development planning last week, where a systematic adoption of national policies is reflected in a local youth employment development plan, which members present to their country’s leaders and politicians to get their support for more national policies that strengthen local employment initiatives, YSDA said. 

To be able to do that, dialogues–networking seminar with local government and key leaders in a country and the youth opened up a venue for exchange of different successful initiatives that mainstream youth councils and local government partnerships to increase youth participation and lessen sectoral unemployment. (HD/ed) 

Bohol dragonboat race set to settle 
Army-Lake Buhi paddle superiority 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, March 21, 2013 (PIA) –Waters at Tagbilaran City Strait will boil as the country’s bragging rights for being the best paddlers gets settled here. 

At the 2nd Cobra Philippine DragonBoat Federation (PDBF) International Club Crew Challenge this April 28-29, reigning champion paddle fighters in the strong Philippine Army team will attempt to duplicate their feat’ ousting the revered Lake Buhi paddlers like they did in the recent 250 meter open competition at the 2013 MBC Manila Bay Summer Sea Sports Opening races. 

Lake Buhi Team held the bragging rights as the country’s best paddlers when they grabbed the trophy from Philippine Army, who never considered the much improved Lake Buhi team. 

Philippine Army Team only eyed its archrivals; the Philippine Navy team, so when Lake Buhi paddlers flexed too much muscle and dug their paddles more efficiently, Philippine Army team had the surprise of their lives. 

Already enlisted to contest the Philippine Army team’s stakes in the bragging rights as the best are Lake Buhi, Philippine Navy, Philippine Coast Guard and international club crew teams, said Holganza, who is executive director for the Bohol event. 

In the early days of dragon boating in the Philippines, the Philippine Army and the Philippine Navy dominated the races, with Lake Buhi breathing fire down their necks, according to Holganza. 

Recently, more promising teams like the Philippine Coast Guard, Camarines Sur Lake Buhi and Manila Ocean Park put in major investments to assemble their formidable line-ups for paddle teams. 

In his blog, Holganza sums: This is what the Bohol clash is all about. 

A first-time duel in a long, long time between two tough adversaries: The Army vs the Navy, eyeball-to-eyeball. 

Then the emergence of a new challenger, Lake Buhi, breathing down the necks of the two heavyweights adds to the tension. 

“The parade of new talents from here and beyond; PCG, bringing in their own national athletes to the fray, then there is Lake BuhiCamSur, with their own talents ready to mount a surprise. 

The country’s best-of-the-best are coming to a single venue to give the sporting world a match made in heaven. 

[This is] not to mention the dangerous SJM of Macau, Holganza states. 

This is no ordinary race-with-a-smile thing, folks. There will be no time to stop and smell the roses. This is for simple bragging rights – and that’s really all that matters – to be crowned as the champion dragonistas in the country today. 

In April, these teams along with women and mixed categories paddle hard to claim the crown, and Boholanos should see the sea boil and witness the winners at paddle up. (30/hd)

CARHRIHL refresher course 
On for LMB, FFM members 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, March 22, 2013 (PIA) –The Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) brings back refresher courses on local monitoring of the comprehensive agreements signed by two warring forces this Tuesday and Wednesday, as government and the insurgents “encounters” continue to threaten civilians and innocent communities. 

The last time the same course was given was about two years ago, said Fe Estillore of the Local Monitoring Board (LMB) on the Comprehensive Agreement on the Respect for Human Rights and the International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL). 

Participating in the refresher course are LMB members, PPOC Fact Finding Team members, Municipal Local Government Operations Officers, Social welfare and Development Officers and Public Information Officers of six pilot towns of Loon, Catigbian, Inabanga, Trinidad, Carmen and Mabini. 

PPOC Chairman Governor Edgar Chatto also wants this time to include 8 more town officers from Anda, Candijay, Bien Unido, Danao, Buenaviista, Ubay, Dauis and Panglao. 

In a country where insurgents relentlessly force change in government, bloody encounters between them and government forces continue to threaten communities and innocent civilians. 

As the government pursues peace talks, the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the Communist Party of the Philippines New People’s Army National Democratic Front (CPP/NPA/NDF) have declared common concerns in their fights: the trampling of human rights, according to the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP). 

On this, the GRP and the NDF arrived at substantive agreements like the observance of the CARHRIHL even as forces continue to battle to advance professed struggle for human liberation from oppression. 

With the agreement, a need for a monitoring committee surfaced, prompting the creation of an LMB team composed of representatives from both government and the CPP NPA NDF. 

But with the extensive coverage of the LMB in the country’s troubled regions, the peace panel green lighted Bohol’s localized peace talks and its own LMB. 

Here, aside from monitoring compliance with the CARHRIHL, LMB also set up its own Fact Finding Team when it noted that encounter incidents provide fodder for propaganda to sway people’s thinking. 

And in a bid to readily be there after reports of bloody clashes occur, Bohol LMB also cascaded its skills to six pilot towns to put up their LMBs, recalls Romeo Teruel, a former LMB chairman and now a civilian peace advocate. 

Set at the Jjs Seafoods Restaurant, the refresher is hoped to update LMB and FFM members of their knowledge in conflict resolution especially on the monitoring of human rights abuses. (30/sjp)

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