Monday, February 25, 2013

PPOC forms group to propose 
“Juvenile justice” amendments 
Rey Anthony H. Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, February 25, 2013 (PIA)— The Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) in Bohol forms a body that would consolidate the proposed amendments to the Juvenile Justice Law (JJL) which has been a torment for law enforcers. 

During its special meeting February 19, 2013, Governor Edgar Chatto said, “in principle, the PPOC is in a unanimous position for the amendment, but we have not gone to the specifics and the nitty-gritty of the proposals.” 

I think it is still the right time to push in the amendments while the Congress takes an election recess and would be ready to tackle on the proposals as they convene again after the polls, Chatto said. 

On this, the council resolved to create a small group tasked to consolidate all these proposed amendments so that the PPOC can be appraised of the proposals for amendments. 

A report admitted by Bohol Police Director Constantino Barot bared that a huge portion of crimes in Bohol have involved minors, below 18. 

Members have also shared that, criminal elements, who have seen a flaw in the Republic Act 9344 or the act establishing a Comprehensive Juvenile Justice System, are now using minors in their nefarious activities. 

The Juvenile Justice Law exempts a child below 18 years from criminal liability but subjects the child in conflict with the law to an intervention program. 

While the law has already taken effect, the state still has to put up intervention facilities to properly address the issues of these children in conflict with the law. 

Barot admits that, while minors involved in theft cases can not be imputed criminal liability, the Department of Social Welfare could only handle as much of these kids. 

We leave them to the DSWD and in a few hours, these kids are back in the streets and in their usual occupation, the Bohol police chief shared. 

With this and still several unresolved issues packed in the JJL, the PPOC approved en masse a motion to form a committee to propose these amendments and consolidate those which Boholanos have proposed to make the law firm. 

The Committee, to be composed of the Provincial Social Welfare and Development, Department of Education, Provincial prosecution, the Philippine National Police and religious sectors are expected to appraise the council of the proposed and consolidated amendments. (30/gg)

Crimes increase 
in January 2013 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, February 25, 2013 (PIA)—Bohol police reports a slight increase in criminality in the opening month of the year for the province, but Police Senior Superintendent Constantino Barot downplays the report attributing the raise to more proactive police work as attested by increase in non index crimes. 

At the special Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) meeting held at the People’s Mansion February 19, 2013, Superintendent Barot reported that Camp Dagohoy notes 16 cases more in January 2013 compared to the previous month. 

But the provincial director also explained that in a case where there is a climb in non-index crimes, it shows that police have gone their way from their usual attitude of waiting for crimes to happen. 

Foreign crime-busters also explain index crimes as those crimes where the criminal exerts efforts to willfully go against the law. 

For them, index crimes consist of willful homicide, arson, theft of big amounts, rape, burglary, and basically anything that is physically pursued by the person committing the crime. 

Non Index crimes, according to US authorities, consist of non-physical confrontation such as drug possession, drug seizure, driving under the influence, negligent manslaughter. 

Local authorities would briefly explain index crimes as those that are punishable by the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines while non index crimes are punishable by special laws. 

Crimes reported in police logs last month, December 2012 reached 160, a figure which will soon be drowned by the 176 crimes recorded in January 2013. 

This month also, theft comprised 43% while robbery accounts to some 25% of the cases. 

December 2012 records 29 non index crimes, 132 index for a total of 160 crimes for the month. 

By January, the figures raised to 34 non-index and 142 index crimes for a total of 176. 

Even then, this year’s record is still way below the crime record for January 2012, Barot points out. 

The Camp Dagohoy chief said that January 2012 had 246 crime cases while this year, the figure is 19% lower at 176. 

Moreover, Barot also said, over the previous years, the crimes in the province enjoy a rising trend every first quarter of the year. 

Then, police tracked 41 non –index crimes and 205 index crimes, according to the Bohol police director. 

PSSupt Barot however assured that Bohol PPO has taken steps to preempt such trend by focusing on the proper implementation of the Police Integrated Patrol System. (30/sjp)

DTI Bohol sounds alarm 
on fake gift cards here 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, February 25 2013 (PIA) – Watch out for those gift cards handed on to you for purchases on promotional sales and other marketing strategies, they may not be warranted. 

The Department of Trade and Industry in Bohol has issued a warning relative to the proliferation of gift cards purportedly from Golden ABC Stores Inc. 

These Gift Cards are fake, Bohol DTI Ma. Elena Arbon said. 

At least, on a case, the gift cards, bearing the company's business name have been circulated by customers for payment of purchases from selected stores and in any of its branches nationwide. 

Golden ABC stores have said that most of these fake gift cards are used for purchases at Golden ABC stores, Penshoppe, Oxygen, Regatta, Memo, and Forme. 

There could be other stores which may fall victim for the unwarranted use of these cards, Golden ABC forewarns, thus the advisory. 

Golden ABC does not claim responsibility for the circulation of said gift cards and thus advises the public to be on the alert for these scams. 

DTI likewise encourages the public to be on the watch for transactions involving the above fake gift cards, or report to DTI immediately any or all concerns involving the same. 

For more information relative to the use gift cards, call on your Department of Trade and Industry, Bohol Provincial Office, Second Floor FCB Main Branch Building, Carlos P. Garcia Avenue, Cogon, Tagbilaran City. (30/GG)

5 Bohol fish sanctuaries get 
20 ‘giant clam’ broodstocks 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, February 25, 2013 (PIA)—Five fish sanctuaries in Bohol get their biodiversity enhanced with government seeding of at least 20 broodstocks of giant clams in each area, reintroduced from a clam hatchery in Bolinao Pangasinan. 

Fishermen organizations managing the Bingag (Dauis) Marine Protected Area (MPA), Basdio (Guindulman) MPA, Badinag (Anda) MPA, Sinandigan (Ubay) MPA and Lipata MPA in Carlos P. Garcia get 20 giant clams for their fish sanctuaries. 

According to the Bohol Environment management Office (BEMO), the clam seeding is in line with Capitol’s vision of improved and sustained marine protected area (MPA)) management as well the opening up of alternative livelihood in the overall goal of reducing poverty incidence by securing food security for Bohol communities. 

The P1.376 million giant clam seeding project also envisions to provide incentives and livelihood to MPA managers who could earn from the export of these exotic meat and novelty shells. 

Considered vulnerable to as among the species threatened for extinction by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the largest bivalve mollusks can weigh as much as 200 kilograms, according to BEMO. 

Adelfa Salutan, BEMO coastal resource management coordinator stressed that the establishment of MPAs is still the most effective strategy in the conservation and rehabilitation of the depleted and over-exploited coastal resources. 

The Provincial Technical Working group on MPAs earlier cited studies that revealed the presence of giant clams (tridacna gigas) can increase the recruitment of variety of marine species as well as fast-track the restoration of the biodiversity. 

The proposal to seed giant clams in the MPAs or fish sanctuaries came out naturally, said Governor Edgar Chatto, who has been into engaging communities for sustainable management of its resources. 

At this, the provincial government helped people’s organizations manning these MPAs to assess their areas for seeding, taking data on temperature, salinity and turbidity of the waters as these would be the main determining factors for the survival and fast reproduction of the huge clams. 

As the MPAs were assessed for the right parameters for the clams to survive and breed, Capitol sent in technicians to the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute (UP-MSI) in Pangasinan for dispersal trainings, clam care in sanctuaries, monitoring, documentation and hatchery operations, BEMO said. 

The procured giant clams were sent through military transport with no less than Bohol key military officials and local government unit representatives handling the immediate transfer from the airport to their holding site in Bingag, prior to their eventual seeding in the five MPAs, Liza Quirog, Capitol Socio-Economic and Environment Management Cluster head said. (30/ed)

Rowing coaches start 
Dragonboat trainings 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, February 25, 2013 (PIA) — The head coach of the national dragonboat team, along with Boholano paddlers are now rendering trainings for establishments, schools and interested groups eager to field in rowers to the local dragonboat competitions to hype the international event in April. 

Charlie Holganza, Bohol Philippine Dragon Boat Federation (PBDF) International Crew Challenge executive officer said that the Bohol Paddlers Association (BPA) and PDBF head coach and drummer Ms. Anabelle Tario has commenced month-long training sessions for interested municipalities, schools, groups and organizations paddling to glory in the local and international competitions. 

22 athletes compose the dragonboat team: 10 paddlers on each side of the boat facing the bow, a steerer on the aft and a drummer facing the stern. 

The idea is to mainstream the new aqua sports activity here towards the realization of making Bohol as the DragonBoat Capital of the country, BPA leaders including Dr. Doyet Dumaluan shared. 

“Ms Tario is in Bohol to provide a month-long training for dragonboat paddlers of the province. Let's take advantage of this great opportunity, guys!!,” Bohol PDBF urged. 

The biggest challenge of dragon boat racing is managing synchrony. Since there is no gym exercise for building synchrony, teams that spend more time practicing on water tend to have an advantage, BPA trainors shared. 

Training includes paddling, practicing reach, resistance training, switching sides, verticality, tilting, as well as rigid conditioning exercise regimens to assure the team of the win, said. 

It’s looking at every aspect to earn that competitive edge to win: positioning of rowers, paddling pace, scientific paddling, reducing drag and maybe, sustaining a competitive pace for several heats that could be the key to a dragonboat victory, shared BPA trainors. 

The complexity of method and science of the sport can best be gleaned from this blog: “Some teams that emphasize stroke rate might put their strongest members in the front to set the stroke rate for the team. Some others that emphasize the mechanical science of propulsion put their strongest members in the back to deal with water resistance. There are also those who theorize on the centre of gravity of the boat and the best lineup to lower the centre of gravity. Whatever the lineup, there is a rationale for it. Yet, basic execution, including flawless strokes and synchrony, is the most important part of competitive dragon boating. No amount of alignment experimentation will help the team if its members fail on the basics.” 

Organizers have determined three distances for the competitions: 2000m, 500m, 200m for 3 categories (open, Women's, and mixed). 

We will be holding the races at the Tagbilaran Strait, which is right between Tagbilaran and Dauis, Holganza said. 

The trainings would culminate with a local competition in March for Boholano paddlers intending to compete for the April event. 

This early, already signifying their intent to join the international race in April are the-renowned Philippine Army Dragon Boat Club, Lake Lanao Sarimanok Paddlers, Triton Women DragonBoat Racing Team, Navy, FSUU (Father Saturnino Urios University, Butuan City) Dragon Boat Team and SJM (OFWS based in Macau), Maharlika Drakon DragonBoat Racers, Onslaught Racing Dragons, Rowers Club Philippines (RCP) Sea Dragons & Philippine Blue Phoenix Dragon Boat Team and Camarines Sur Dragon Boat Team. 

For local and international teams intending to dip their paddles in Bohol seas, please get in touch with Edna Aguelo, she is coordinating for air sea travel discounts, hotel discounts, catering services and suggested tours, so you could avail of the privileges, organizers advised. 

For Mindanao-based teams interested to join, we have a partnership with Lite Shipping. They will provide discounted rates for all participants joining the competition. Please get in touch with us so we can make the necessary coordination with our partners, it also added. 

Another major sponsor, 2Go also offers discounted rates from Manila for crew and cargo, but discounts can only be offered through the Organizing Committee and not over the counter, organizers warned. 

The event will also have Sports Unlimited providing post-event publicity while Wilson Tieng of Solar Entertainment has signed in to cover the event. 

Capping, organizers request all teams that are joining to check-in with the Organizing Committee at for easier communications and coordination. 

We need to ensure that everything is well covered as accommodations, transportation, schedules, catering, and other needs before they come in. 

Boholano event organizers also see a huge opportunity for tourism here as the international event opens in April 27-30, 2013. 

For more information, email, Bohol race organizers advised. (30/ed)

Yupangcos to put up P50M 
in “Zoocolate Thrills” park 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, February 25, 2013 (PIA)—Bohol appeared so appealing for the Zoomanity Group to just shrug off the opportunity to showcase their signature animal encounter and theme parks. 

For this, Zoomanity Group, the same one which operates the Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark, Residence Inn and Parasizoo in Tagaytay joins the tourism bandwagon and brings to the tourist island some P50 million investments in a theme park called Zoocolate Thrills in Gotozon, Loboc Bohol. 

The investments, which Zoomanity business development head Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas points out would be set in a five-hectare lot along the famous Bohol Countryside Tour Circuit. 

The addition to Bohol’s come-ons, attempts to enhance the countryside tour with their signature fun zoo experience, animal interaction and shows as well as tram rides which are the standard offers in Zoomanity’s themed parks all over the country. 

The biggest thing however, is the job to be generated from the investments, said Vince Remonde, Zoocolate Thrills Animal curator. 

The company, which operates under the Yupangco Group of Companies prioritizes local workers as a way of spurring economic growth, he said. 

Now already set up through a joint venture with the Sumampongs of Loboc, Zoocolate Thrills rises in the Sumampong Farm at Gotozon Loboc. 

The Zoomanity now owns 90% of the place while the Sumampongs own 10%, but only about 30% of the area has been developed, the rest awaiting the programmed development plan within the year. 

Now open with their centerpiece attraction in Tiggy the Tiger, Darius and Maja, tourists who make a stop at the stop gets a chance to show their “tiger looks” on a photo opportunity with Tiggy the Tiger. 

Here, tiger feeding becomes one tourist activity, the others include ostrich feeding, love birds feeding, greyhound walking, horseback riding, tram tours and a rare encounter with a bear cat. 

The minizoo also features the Philippine eagle owl, civet cats, iguanas, monitor lizards, and other wild animals. 

The future plan is to have animal shows, greyhound races and zipline rides, Nicolas shares. 

Operated under the 4 Es philosophy, the Zoomanity Group of investments envisions to be the top zoo themed park in the country, Nicolas said. 

We adhere to education through flora and faunal encounters, enrichment and interaction in the parks, environment conservation through biodiversity and exhibits of natural flora and fauna in simulated habitats as well as entertainment through amusement and adventure, she added. (30/ED)

Cosmetique Asia appoints TMX 
to handle Visayas region events 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, February 25, 2013 (PIA)— Cosmetique Asia Corporation, the maker of Silka and Juicy beauty products, appoints TMX to handle its line marketing programs in the Visayas. 

In a newly signed formal relationship authenticated by a Memorandum of Agreement with TMX, Cosmetique Asia specifically assigns to the leading events organizer and brand promotions outfit, the Juicy Cologne Inter-school Dance Battle 2013. 

The Juicy Cologne Inter-School Dance Battle 2013 is a dance competition among schools in both elementary and high school levels and is held in different competitions all over the Visayas. 

The juicy cologne project will kick off in Iloilo and followed by Cebu, Bohol, Bacolod and will culminate in Dumaguete City. 

The MOA also stipulates that TMX will handle the Search for Miss Silka in Bohol, Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu and Dumaguete this 2013. 

The search is a beauty and brain competitions among young ladies ages 15-23 years old in all key cities in the country. 

The winners will compete in Manila for the Miss Silka Philippines 2013 title on November. Crowned Miss Silka Philippines will be Silka’s next product endorser. 

Present during the MOA signing held in Iloilo City recently, TMX finance officer Joy Buday, managing partner Dr. Mae Panes, Silka brand manager Bea Dacanay, Juicy brand manager Claire Genova, CAC assistant distributor sales manager Rick Jamorin, district sales manager for Western Visayas James Reinon and regional sales manager for Visayas Edwin Patenio formalized the agreement.

Bohol: main-theater to 
3 nat’l ArtsFest events 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, February 25, 2013 (PIA) –Bohol has just become the country’s main theater for, not two but three festivals, after the province green lighted the events which the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) brings here. 

Governor Edgar M. Chatto receives the NCCA offer with joy and pride as Sayaw Pinoy, Tanghal Visayas and Likha Asya I stir the local theater scenes here. 

Sayaw Pinoy is an NCCA Committee on Dance led by the Shirley Halili of the Halili Dance Company showcase a dance concert featuring four brilliant dance groups from the country. 

Performances are set on February 25 at the Tubigon Cultural Center at 7:00 pm; on February 26 at the Holy Name University at 7:00 pm; and on February 27 at the Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School at 2:00 pm. 

On the other hand, with the Philippine Arts Festival 2013 in time when the country celebrates National Arts Month, NCCA Committee of Dramatic Arts is producing two festivals in Bohol: Tanghal Visayas, a festival of university and community drama groups from the Visayas, and Likha Asya I, a Festival, Conference and Fair on Asian community theater, community-based tourism and creative industries from February 26- March 2. 

This is being produced in partnership with the Provincial Government of Bohol, Diocese of Tagbilaran, the Department of Tourism, the Department of Trade and Industry, the Bohol Arts and Cultural Heritage Council, and the Abatan River Development Management Council, said Lutgardo Labad, festival director in the Visayas. 

Tanghal Visayas highlights outstanding drama groups from the region which passed artistic excellence, substantive content, track record, and integration of this year’s theme, “Celebrating Icons” as this year’s criteria. 

Tanghal Visayas opens at Bohol Cultural Center on February 26, Tuesday at 9:00 am and runs until March 1. 

The first set performing at 10:00 am is Bacolod’s Duag Teatrokon Negros in a triptych of three plays entitled Balay Taliambong, namely: Karaang Balay, directed by Tanya Lopez and performed by Maskara Theater Ensemble of the University of St. La Salle; Balay sa Dios, directed by Ismael Java and performed by Kalingaw Teatro Hiligaynon of West Negros University; and Balay sa Paghigugma, directed by Rudy Reveche and performed by Kanlaon Theater Guild of Colegio San Agustin – Bacolod. 

Tanghal Visayas second set plays at 2 pm with Lola Masing, to be performed by Datu Lubay Center and Teatro San Antonio with Hiraya Theater Company from Antique. 

Taytayan ni Favian follows which feature the Youth Advocates through Theater Arts (YATTA) of Dumaguete. 

The last set of play opens at 7:00 pm with Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary Theater Ministra performing Ang Tawag. 

As a highlight, NCCA CDA Visayan Collaborative Production Damgo sa Gab-I sa Tunga Sang Tig-adlaw, a multi-Visayan language adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream would be performed by Dagway Sigmahanon including Bacolod’s Maskara Theater Ensemble, of the University of San Agustin Iloilo Little Theater, Kalingaw Teatro Hiligaynon, Kanlaon Theater Guild with artists from Cebu and Mindanao. 

Entrance is free for Tanghal Visayas plays. 

Finally, Likha Asya also come in the wakes of Tanghal which closes on the 27th. 

Taking place from February 27-March 2 at different heritage sites of Bohol, Likha Asya brings Asian experts on theater, tourism and the creative industries as well as their counterparts in the Visayas region, specifically the Lihol Bisaya partners of the NCCA. 

Likha Asya consists of conferences with the following resource persons: February 28 from 9:00 am to 12 :00 nn, the Thailand Panel (Ms. Potjana Suansri on Community Based Tourism in Thailand, Jittasak Putjorn, on the Role of the Academe in Tourism, Premruethai Tosermkit on Crafts and Fair Trade in Thailand, Mr Dhanaketpisarn Bhumin on Development Theater and Community Tourism). 

From 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm, the Indonesian panel (Henky Hermantoro from the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism on Cultural Heritage in Indonesia’s Program on Tourism and the Creative Economy, Dewi Noviami on Indonesia’s Community Theater in the landscape of Tourism, and two dancers from Bali and Jogjakarta talk on the Performing Arts in the landscape of Indonesian Tourism). 

On March 1, simultaneous workshops will be organized in different venues in the city to allow Boholano students gain exposure from the vital cultural traditions of these Asian experts. 

From 1:30-4:00 pm Likha Asya presents the Japan Panel (theater director and artist leader Natsuko Kiritani of Black Tent Theater to speak on Community Engagement with Arts and Tourism; and director Tomoko Kawaguchi of Za Koenji to speak on Japanese Public Theater as Community Spaces) 

On the morning of March 2, Likha highlights the Philippine experience with the following presentations: Dr. Eric Zerrudo on Cultural Heritage Mapping for Philippine Tourism Communities; Boboi Costas on Ecological Inventory as Tool for Community-Based Tourism; Emilia Roslinda on the Abatan River Community Life Tour; and the Provincial Government of Bohol on Bohol’s Eco-cultural Community based Tourism Experience. 

On the afternoon of March 2, topics on cross-country initiatives will be presented: PETA artist Leah Espallardo on Development Advocacy in the Creative Communities of the Mekong countries; API Fellow Benigno Balgos on Disaster Risk and Reduction Management in Asia’s Vulnerable Heritage Sites; and API Fellow Lutgardo Labad on Genius Loci and Community-based Cultural Tourism in Thailand and Indonesia . 

The Conference ends with recommendations and resolutions for enhancing the region’s efforts to boost community-based ecological-cultural tourism. 

Likha Asya also consists of a Festival of Plays mounted at the Abatan River Ecological Theater in Cortes: on February 27, at 8:00 pm, a cultural extravaganza of productions from Bohol (Abatan Cultural Collectives and Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary Theater Ministry), from the Tanghal Visayas groups, and Shirley Halili Dance Company; on February 28, cultural performances from Bohol, Indonesia, and Thailand. 

Likha Asya I will be regaled with a two-day Community Fair of Arts, Crafts, and Food from Bohol and other provinces, set up around and inside the premises of the Bohol Cultural Center. 

The Department of Trade and Industry will mount an exhibit of excellent Filipino crafts and demonstrations by outstanding Filipino craftsmen; the University of Bohol a display of art works of the UB Fine Arts students; the Center for Culture and Arts Development an original presentation on Bohol Icons, in cooperation with the NCCA. 

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