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Bohol first to get “e-copy” 
of NHTS data sets-DSWD 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, November 29, 2012 (PIA) –Bohol Governor Edgar Chatto put up a new record last Thursday when he received the electronic copy data sets from the information management system which the national government used as basis to reach out to the country’s poor, wherever they are. 

By so doing, Chatto established the first to get such a copy among the 96 local government units in the Central Visayas whose local chief executives have signified their intent to share the information management system in the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Alleviation (NHTS-PR), according to Kerwin Macopia, information officer of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) at the Kapihan sa PIA. 

Macopia, whose primary responsibility is to popularize the NHTS-PR said the information management system in the NHTS-PR is a database of the country’s poor households and their specific locations as a result of a complicated “poor-household assessment” and then these identified are subjected to a proxy means test, a statistical model that uses data in the assessment to estimate household incomes using the assessment variables. 

These estimated incomes then are compared to the poverty threshold per province to determine the level of poverty, adds Wadel Cabrera III, 3Ps national deputy project manager in an earlier press conference at the Bohol Tropics. 

The NHTS-PR was also largely used as basis for the national government in its anti-poverty interventions like the conditional cash transfer and other livelihood and community assistance programs. 

Earlier too, Governor Chatto and local chief executives signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the DSWD to share the NHTS-PR in their poverty alleviation initiatives. 

Chatto, whose anti-poverty programs are also based on a similar information management system for targeting assistance and interventions to the really poor, has a Poverty Database Monitoring System (PDMS). 

Capitol’s Bohol Poverty Reduction and Management Office developed the PDMS based also on an international model used by leading development workers. 

Having heard of the NHTS-PR, Cahjhto has eagerly shared his intent to unite the two systems to be able to intelligently use the province’s scarce resources efficiently. 

With the NHTS PR data sets which the governor has earlier intended to see, development workers here hope that an even better poverty alleviation strategy can be used to speed up Bohol’s economic development. (30/gg)

CV mayors sign 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, November 30, 2012 (PIA) Around 24 city and town mayors and their representatives from government assisted beneficiary towns over Central Visayas (CV) signed a memorandum of agreement for co-partnership with the national government in the implementation of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino (3Ps), set 6, in fitting rites at the Bohol Tropics Resort in Bohol, November 29. 

Of the 24, 17 of them are Bohol towns, five from Cebu and two from Siquijor. 

The MOA lays the responsibilities of both the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), implementing agency of the 3Ps and the local government units, upon which the acceptance of the government’s flagship conditional cash transfer program puts in their shoulders the corresponding tasks to get the program rolling, explains Aileen Lariba, DSWD 3Ps information Officer. 

3Ps is a human development program that provides cash grants to poor households with pregnant women and children 0-14 years old. But the cash grant can only be obtained when the household comply with the conditions of the program: health, nutrition and education, she added. 

With set 6 implemented, another 21,000 households in the region would receive monthly grants of P500 for health and nutrition and P300 for every child in school or a maximum of P900 for education. 

A household beneficiary of at least three kids in school tend to get P1,400 per month, that is, as long as they regularly comply with the conditions, Lariba pointed out. 

The 17 Bohol towns: Alburquerque, Antequera, Baclayon, Corella, Cortes, Dauis, Maribojoc, Panglao, Sikatuna and Tubigon (District 1), and Bilar, Garcia Hernandez, Jagna, Loay, Loboc, Sevilla and Dimiao were represented by their mayors or representatives during the signing, while Wadel Cabrera, the National Deputy Project Manager for the 3P signed in lieu of the DSWD. 

The new 17 towns in the set saturates all towns of Bohol with each town 3Ps beneficiaries. 

For Cebu, the towns of Consolacion, Minglanilla, Liloan, San Fernando and Compostela also sent in their mayors or representatives like the towns of Larena and Siquijor, in Siquijor whose mayors signed the agreement in person. 

These towns in the Central Visayas represent the 24 towns in the set 6 beneficiaries of the national government’s implementation of conditional cash grants to poor families as determined by the National Household Targeting system for Poverty Alleviation (NHTS-PR), Kerwin Macopia also added. 

Macopia is the regional information officer for the NHTS-PR. 

The agreement obligates the national government grants for identified beneficiaries in the local government while the local government assumes the responsibility of making sure that there are schools and rural health centers where the children and their pregnant mothers can go to comply the conditions of the grant. (30/ed) 

Gov issues EO to direct 
new Bohol tagline-use 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, November 30, 2012 (PIA) – Wanting to intensify tourism promotions for Bohol, Governor Edgar Chatto urges government and private companies here to promote more of Bohol by using Bohol: heart of the islands tagline. 

By Executive Order 38, which the governor signed November 19, he detailed the need to adopt and use a slogan and logo for a quicker memory recall as well as easy branding for Bohol to keep it different from the mainstream tourism. 

The tagline, which Bohol launched in Manila in the presence of Department of Tourism officials last May, is Bohol: Heart of the Islands, Truly Philippines. 

The tagline is written on a heart-shaped logo with the name Bohol amid the famous Chocolate Hills. 

The tagline is designed as a catch phrase to make Bohol easy to remember due to its amazing and wonderful offerings tor tourists, the executive order stated. 

The logo, designed in heart describes something personal and intimate, which could be experienced with the warm hospitality of the Boholanos, it continued. 

The governor also claims that the logo which uses the “most prized tourist destination” is in support of the national government’s tourism campaign under the slogan, “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” 

He said the Bohol Tourism Logo and Slogan can be disseminated or exposed well by printing and using them in paper stationeries in government offices or promotional propaganda materials, tarpaulins, billboards, print-ads of private offices. 

Citing the Local Government Code, the executive order also said the governor may direct government offices and call the private sector and stakeholders to cooperate and participate in government programs to promote development and prosperity for the general welfare. 

For these, he ordered the department offices and hospitals under the provincial government to use the tagline in their stationeries beside the province of Bohol seal. 

He also urged national government offices to use the logo and slogan and engaged all owners, operators, managers, proprietors of hotels, resorts, restaurants, shopping malls and private offices and establishment to use the logo and slogan and display them prominently in their promotional materials. (30/gg)

Tubigon taps NGCP for 
villages’ water project 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TUBIGON, Bohol, November 28, 2012, (PIA)—National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) and the town of Tubigon, signed a Memorandum of Agreement for a water project that would bring to households of four of the town’s waterless mountain barangays. 

Tubigon Mayor William R. Jao signed for the town, while NGCP’s head of corporate affairs Nelson Cabangon represented the grid corporation, in a project to co-fund the P1.8 million project, which brings 24 hour water service to barangays Bunacan, Cawayanan, Libertad and Buenos Aires. 

In simple ceremonies held at the guest’s lounge of the mayor’s office, Vice Mayor Virgilio Fortich heaped brimming praises for NGCP’s offer of its corporate social responsibility offered to a sole town in Bohol. 

Mayor Jao said the project is part of the town’s second phase of a P50 million overhaul plus expansion activities of the local waterworks. 

According to the MOA, NGCP donates P250.00 for the project in consideration of the local government’s effort to secure the transmission lines of the NGCP, which traverses through the beneficiary barangays concerned. 

Over the bigger budget needed to complete the project, Mayor Jao explained that the town allocates some P.5 million while he added that DIWA partylist, through Representative Emmyline Aglipay has accordingly put in P1 million for the project. 

The mayor told Cabangon that the project utilizes springs and underground sources to store water in reservoirs before its distribution to the households. 

Earlier, Tubigon earned a similar water project through the Department of Health, Department of Interior and Local Government as well as the National Anti-Poverty Commission in the SalinTubig. 

Similar projects were also implemented as the town put up the lines from its source at Bunacan and supplying highway barangays towards Barangay Pinayagan, funded by the P50 million loan. 

Tubigon, a town whose name evokes water, has many barangays thirsting for reliable potable water supply until recently. 

Its dire need for water was punctuated when a fire hit the town years ago. 

The fire razed to the ground the town market as the local fire-trucks allegedly could not replenish their water supply for lack of such. 

Putting up the necessary infrastructure is important, after that, then we can start calling for investors, like in tourism, the mayor said. (30/ed)

Butandings are back! 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, November 28, 2012 (PIA) –They are definitely back. 

Thought to be critically endangered and rarely sighted in Bohol seas after these meek sea giants were almost hunted to extinction, whale sharks (butandings) have returned on Bohol seas. 

According to Kristina Pahang, a researcher marine biologist who joined an international group of researchers documenting the butandings in Bohol seas, more than 105 individuals have been identified when sighted in Bohol seas just this year. 

Pahang, whose organization Physalus has partnered with Bohol Rescue Unit for Marine Wildlife (BRUMW) has also hailed volunteers who were instrumental in the release of a butanding that accidentally got ensnared by a fishing net in Dimiao, Bohol two weeks ago. 

It was not certain if the freed butanding in Dimiao was among the already identified individuals which have been spotted in Bohol. 

Pahang, a Boholano from Tagbilaran City joined a group of largely foreign workers doing research on the Large Marine Vertebrates hailed the Dimiao incident as another success story for the Bohol Rescue Unit for Marine Wildlife. 

Last November 17, at around 5:00 Am, a local fisherman trying to gather his jab-jab net he spread along the shores of town, south of Bohol mainland, discovered he had a huge catch. 

The net, designed to catch anchovies accidentally caught a butanding. 

The fisherman, Sergio Tagarao brought the huge fish to shore and in the shallows, discovered it was a 5.8 meter whale shark wrapped in his net. 

Calling for help in untangling the shark, Tagarao found help in the town’s bantay dagat volunteers of Barangay Banbanand Municipal Fisheries Council’s Lito Encarnacion, who helped cut the net to rescue the animal. 

At 7am, the local PNP officers were alerted by Tarsier 117 about the incident and immediately preceded to the shoreline, Pahang, who also coordinates Project LAMAVE Bohol and helped direct the police for the proper release proceedings. 

By 8 O’clock the whale shark was released and it slowly swam away towards the deep waters of the Bohol Sea, reports said. 

Personnel from the Bohol Environment Management Office also witnessed the release, the reports added. 

“The waters of Dimiao and the whole Bohol Sea are home of a very important population of whale sharks,: Pahang said. 

This is a very positive sign of recovery for a population that have been hunted for more than a century, she added. 

In the 1990’s, hundreds of butandings were killed for their meat which is considered a n exotic delicacy in the region. The slaughter declined in 1998, when the government ban clamped on the annual hunt. (30/cc) 

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