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DepEd injects sustainability 
dose to feeding programs 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, July 6, 2012 (PIA) – Sustainability, which previous nutritional feeding programs are anemic, would be boosted by a dose of parent empowerment, say authorities at the Department of Education (DepED). 

Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Wilfreda Bongalos and communications director Pablito Villalon shared this at the recent Kapihan sa PIA. 

The dosage would make this round of feeding programs unlike the past when the government is even accused of being myopic in implementing supplemental feeding program characteristic only of nutrition month celebrations. 

The government’s feeding program earned critics who accuse it of promoting dependents in dole-outs while adding that the feeding programs do very little when it is only for the Nutrition Month. 

N this, the DepEd says when the past feeding programs used their home economics teacher to cook and prepare the food, now it is the parents who prepare the menu for the day. 

This lows parents to adopt the skill and the habit of cooking nutritious foods instead, to sustain the preparation of healthy food at home, Dr. Bongalos summed. 

On his part, Villalon, who used to be a public school principal explained that the “Breakfast Feeding program” uses the services of parents who cook the food which they serve to undernourished kindergarten to grade 3 kids. 

“These parents follow a vegetable-based menu which the DepED approves after being found to be beneficial to the physical and mental development of the kids,” he said. 

We hope that when these parents go home, they can use the same menu and continue with the nutrient supplementation program we implement in the schools, adds Dr. Bongalos. 

The entire country celebrates Nutrition Month in July and Bohol Nutrition Coordinator Juliet Manliguez hopes Boholanos can finally attain a certain level of health which makes them productive workers. 

A productive worker, she pointed out, increases financial independence and allows them to buy more quality and nutrition packed food to finally end the cycle of poverty and sickness. (30)

Nutrition for the whole year… 
Cooking parents get 
Veggie seeds – PNC 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, July 6, 2012 (PIA) – You may call them seeds for nutrition, for according to the newly reconstituted Provincial Nutrition Council (PNC), they are distributing them to parents in the hope that they plant it and a vegetable revolution in Bohol is in the offing. 

Provincial Nutrition Program coordinator Juliet Manliguez said parents who partner with local government units (LGUS) in their funded expanded feeding programs so that when the funds run out, the seedlings planted at home would now be ready for the cooking. 

Governor Edgar Chatto in fact led local government officials in launching the Nutrition Month Celebration in Bohol with a ceremonial planting of a vegetable seedling, as a gesture of Bohol’s adoption of the theme “Pagkain ng Gulay Ugaliin, araw-araw itong ihain.” 

The seedling which the governor planted is duplicated in all barangays in Bohol during the simultaneous Nutrition Month launch Monday morning of July 2, said Provincial nutrition Action Officer Larry Pamugas, during the simple ceremony held at the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist. 

Chatto, who has been advocating for Food Always In The Home (FAITH) uses the Filipino folk song Bahay Kubo as his template of a Boholano yard, teeming with vegetables. 

Himself awarded for his grassroots program as a former Balilihan town mayor, Chatto networked with his village leaders for a green vegetable revolution which has since expanded into Herbal Organic Plants Enhancement (HOPE) and Chicken Always Raised In the Yard (CHARITY) when he became Bohol’s top leader. 

To promote the habit, the Chatto Administration has made it a habit of distributing vegetable seeds to communities while urging people to toil for the soil. 

Aside from the Breakfast Feeding program which the government through the Department of Education implements for kindergarten to grades 3, local governments and concerned citizens also pool resources to continue the supplemental feeding programs in kids not benefiting the P15 per kid daily budget for 120 days, multi-awarded nutrition coordinator Manliguez said. 

This nutrition month in July, LGUs partner with parents of school children beneficiaries, as the food preparation of the DepEd approved nutrient rich menu is cooked for the day. 

The menu should contain a local ingredient which is present in the school garden, explains Manliguez. 

While the parents pick the skill in preparing more health food at home, the seeds which they plant in their backyard would soon be good source of ingredients for their home cooking, she explained. (30)

“Bohol Youth Home” for 
Child offenders pushed 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, July 6, 2012 (PIA) –The Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) is now urged into adopting a proposal for a facility that would be home for youth offenders and children in conflict with the law (CICL), pursuant to applicable laws. 

The facility, soon to be called Bohol Youth Home is the PPOC technical working group on CICL response to the alarming crime cases in Bohol, a huge part of them committed by minors and CICL. 

In a summative report, the TWG, headed by Liza Quirog prepared a report which records Bohol having 487 incidents of children in conflict with the law (CICL) from January 2011 to May 2012. 

Of the 487 cases, males commit 394 while females contribute some 83 incidents, which include theft, robbery, physical injuries and other criminal activities. 

241 of these recorded incidents cases are committed by minors 16 years old and below while 232 cases involve 16 years old above but below the legal age in the country. 

And to compound it all, majority of these cases remain as they are: reports, as only 19 cases have been filed with appropriate complaints, the report which bears Camp Dagohoy seal showed. 

Earlier, the PPOC, meeting in San Miguel Bohol, noted that the Bohol police have pointed out a rather high incidence of CICL in Bohol’s crime rate. 

Meanwhile, Bohol police authorities have since complained about dealing with minors who are protected by law from getting into jails at such tender ages, considering that these children are exempt from criminal liability, according to law. 

Moreover, law enforcers also know that they are obliged to immediately release the child offender to the custody of his parents or guardian, or to the nearest Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) officer so the appropriate interventions could be agreed. 

Here, law enforcers said as they turn over custody of the child to the DSWD, absent separate cubicles for children in local jails, the same offender is out and hitting the streets again in no time at all. 

According to Republic Act 9344 or the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Law, a child who has run in conflict with the law has inviolable rights and that the offender, since a child, would be exempt from criminal liability, would rather be placed under a diversion program. 

A diversion program, RA 9433 explains, is one which the CICL is required to undergo after he is found to be responsible for the offenses. This is also granting that the state has put up its own Youth Detention Home or Youth Rehabilitation Center. 

None of such exists in Bohol. 

For this, the PPOC Working Group on CICL was tasked to find measures to curb the rising criminality committed by minors. 

The TWG, having sat and agreed on activities proposed a 3 hectare Bohol Youth Home in a government lot in Bilar. 

According to TWG Head Liza Quirog, the facility will have a 50-head dormitory, and administration building, a therapeutic building, a livelihood and training building, recreation area, a large farm area and gazebos. (30)

RDC asks DPWH to study 
City integrated drainage 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, July 6, 2012 (PIA) – The Regional Development Council (RDC) in Central Visayas adopts a resolution that would soon put in place an integrated drainage and sewerage system in Tagbilaran City, one that would be consistent with the sound environmental policy fast becoming a byword for Bohol. 

No less than Bohol Congressman Rene Relampagos who brings the issue to the council, himself claiming he personally experiences flooding in his low-laying residence along San Jose Street. 

While Tagbilaran City’s main thoroughfare had a huge concreting project which incorporates a drainage system, the main bulk of rainwater run-off and some secondary household wastewater draining towards the city’s main thoroughfare is emptied off towards a canal and empties to Tagbilaran City Bay. 

With the mixture of rainwater and untreated household wastewater being dumped into Tagbilaran City Bay, environmentalists have aired concern over the potential damage this may deal on a pristine marine environment now subject to government protection efforts. 

The storm drain which pours collected flood water and household waste water along CPG Avenue, is directly pouring its untreated water to a part of the bay a few kilometers away from a government protected marine reserve called Mabaw Reef. 

During heavy rains too, rainwater collects in an area near the Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School when the rain water from Tamblot and upper CPG converge flooding portions of the highway and spilling off to Maria Clara Street. Another identified area of concern, according to residents is lower Lamdagan, where floodwaters can go waist high. 

While Tagbilaran City does not require mandatory wastewater treatment facilities for business establishments unlike other cities, most of the wastewater are connected by conduits to the city drainage which spews its floodwaters into Tagbilaran City Bay. 

Relampagos knows that absent an integrated drainage and sewerage system in Tagbilaran, the issue of flooding and pouring an environmental disaster into the bay become a reality. 

For this, he moved for the RDC 7 to adopt a resolution urging the Department of Public Works and Highways, which owns a technical capability to conduct feasibility studies of this magnitude, to initiate a feasibility study for an integrated drainage and sewerage system in Tagbilaran. 

Realizing the move puts Bohol in a better position, Governor Edgar Chatto voted for the proposal and asked the RDC to endorse the Relampagos motion. (30)

Sandugo trade exposition 
Sets up booth July 25-29 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, July 7, 2012 (PIA) – One of the country’s longest running trade fairs and product showcase sets up booth anew this July 25-29, and spreads the gospel of creative use of indigenous materials in a world now leaning towards green technologies. 

More than 80 Filipino exhibitors have signed in to the 2012 Sandugo Regional Trade Expo at the Island City Mall, Tagbilaran City, said sources at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Bohol. 

Running since 1988, the Sandugo Trade Expo this year banners the theme “Greening Products, Winning Markets,” and features innovative creations from Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Central Visayas as well as other neighboring provinces of the region. 

A major highlight of the trade expo will be the special settings which will feature three different perspectives – Green Technologies for Tourism, the Raffia Country Branding Program of DOST and a Showcase of Crafts and Processed Food in the region, says Ma. Elena Arbon DTI Bohol director. 

According to her, unique products in Central Visayas, including those under the One Town, One Product (OTOP) Philippines that make use of indigenous raw materials and local ingenuity, will also be highlighted. 

In this year’s trade exposition, local organic produce will also be displayed, she adds. 

A thing to watch is the world class quality prototypes local producers are presenting, these are products of the series of trainings and consultations between producers and expert designers. 

Side activities of the trade fair will include a Green Forum on July 26 and an MSME Caravan on July 27, both of which will be held at Metro Centre in Tagbilaran City, the expo events calendar bare. 

This unique opportunity for scouting new products has not failed to draw national and international buyers during the fair as exporters, buying agents, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and subcontractors dig their new finds for the year. 

And just as the fair also puts up show windows of Bohol’s natural wonders, booths will also be set up at the Island City Mall for display and showcase related adventure and fun activities for tourists and visitors who wish to explore the destinations on the rise. 

The trade expo is consistent with the country’s encouraging economic growth while putting emphasis on environmental and resource protection and responding to social concerns, said DTI regional director Asteria Caberte. 

Green growth in the Philippines is important because risks to development are rising as growth continues to erode natural capital, she explained. 

Adopting green growth is a worthwhile venture for the Philippines because this enhances opportunities for everyone most especially the poor to participate more fully in society and thus improving their quality of life. The OTOP, another program of the Philippine government, is all about developing local skills, using indigenous materials and promoting entrepreneurship and partnership. (30)

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