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May crimes leveled off 
At all time low in 2012 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol June 22, 2012 (PIA) – While crime trends during the fiesta month of May have remained consistently high in the past years, Bohol’s recorded crimes of the month this year leveled off at 209; an all time low record for the first five months of 2012. 

Observers who noted the development quickly added that considering May as the fiesta month and the police enjoying a similar crime volume in April, police achievements in May is already a monumental success. 

In the previous year, crimes in Bohol have been noted to peak in May where the general festive air and countless opportunities for criminals just pop out anytime. 

At the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) Meeting in Sikatuna town Tuesday, Camp Dagohoy through Police Superintendent Jovito Atanacio representing PSSupt Constantino Barot also showed through a Powerpoint presentation that March of this year registered the highest crime volume at 288 cases. 

Since January of 2012, crime volume tallied all over Bohol continued a rising trend from 246 to 272 on the flowing month. 

The rising trend peaked in March and the rising crime volume alarmed police authorities who stepped up its Police Integrated Patrol System (PIPS) to arrest the wayward climb. 

Despite the success, Atanacio said theft and robbery still remain top crime types in Bohol, owning 47% and 26% of the crime pie. 

Compared to May of last year, the 209 is way below when authorities noted a 10 cased decline from 219 to 209. 

With only 103 cases solved of the 209 recorded crimes in the past month, Atanacio pointed out that Bohol police scored 40% crime solution efficiency, considering that crimes in Tagbilaran City remain alarmingly high. 

PSupt. Atanacio explained that since Tagbilaran City as a component city of Bohol, even with several owns showing perfect crime solution efficiencies, total crime solution efficiency in Bohol would be affected. 

For May, Tagbilaran City recorded 56 crimes, 51 of them index crimes and only 8 of the crimes considered solved. 

Even then, Camp Dagohoy authority said they are now keeping their focus on curbing crimes in the city with their cops in motorcycle. (30)

Army hands internal security 
Operations to “TG Sugbohol” 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, June 22, 2012, (PIA) – Due to sustained peace and security in Central Visayas particularly in Bohol, the army hands over its internal security operations from a full brigade to “Task Group Sugbohol,” whose area of responsibility would only be focused on Cebu and Bohol. 

The development would push Bohol’s well-loved army 802nd brigade with brigade commander Colonel John Bonafos leaving Bohol for Leyte and southern Samar areas. 

Brigade Deputy Commander Colonel Allan Martin, and Sugbohol Commanding Officer said the move is to allow the brigade focus its priority on enemy fronts in Region 8. It also tests the successful “Bohol Experience” anti-insurgency template as cloned and implemented in an entirely different field. 

Col. Martin broke the news wile delivering the state of internal security in Bohol during the recent provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) Meeting at the Sikatuna town SB Hall, June 19. 

The deputy commander was quick to add however that the move does not significantly reduce the number of army warm bodies left in Bohol. 

On the move, Martin reasoned out that its nothing but an “operational adjustment” after the army top brass noticed the continued improvement of the peace and security condition, particularly in Bohol. 

The 802nd Brigade under Col. John Bonafos, which encamps at Camp Rajah Sikatuna in Katipunan Carmen town, has been largely credited for sustaining Bohol’s anti-insurgency successes by skillful use of the soft and the hard military approaches. 

Bohol’s template of putting up more government presence by making available services, funding livelihood and anti-poverty measures coupled with the army’s civic military operations with civil society’s active engagements proved to be the Achiles tendon that forced the insurgents to flee Bohol and abandon their cause. 

According to Col Martin, the enemy movement also forced the army to do strategic adjustments in the deployment of troops which finally resulted to the hand-over of internal security operations and responsibility to “Task Group SugBohol” 

While the move allows the 802Bde to focus priority in enemy fronts in Leyte - Samar area, it also addressed the clamor of government units at the regional level to apply “one region-one unit” concept, he said. 

The clamor was also seen as a move to allow better and easier coordination and linkaging between the AFP and other government units, Martin, who heads TG Sugbohol added. 

Before the TG Sugbohol formation, the army’s 8th Infantry Division based in Region VIII and 3rd ID based in Capiz exercised operational responsibility in Central Visayas with the Joint Task Force 7. 

TF Sugbohol will now have two special forces companies in Bohol, plus the engineering support battalion, according to col. Martin. (30)

Tracking mental health? 
PMHA offers its help 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, June 21, 2012 (PIA) – If you feel your school kids acting weird, slowly losing interest and getting a loner, go find out because these are signs he could be too stressed out or has become a victim of bullying in school, warns Dr. Glenda Basubas. 

Dr. Basubas, who sits as chairman of the Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA) in the Visayas, aong with its board members showed at Kapihan sa PIA Thursday, to discuss about the emerging trends in mental health and the dire need to establish a mainstream refuge for stressed out people who need help to get back control of their lives. 

“Stress or bullying, which causes extreme stress can be dangerous when left unattended,” she adds. 

Stress, is when man feels everything has become too much and has the feeling of being overloaded that pushes him to fight of take flight, according to a medical news article. 

On the other hand, bullying is the use of habitual aggressive behavior manifested by use of force or coercion to be in control of other, according to the 

From a relatively carefree life when in vacation, school kids can suddenly be immersed in a stressful environment of school, assignments, peers and the pressure just builds up if he does not learn adoptive mechanisms to cope with stress, Cynthia Potencioso, a registered social worker also explained. 

The PMHA provides best practice interventions for assessment, treatment and rehabilitation that are multi-disciplinary, family focused and community based, interjects Dr. Basubas, while following though the social worker’s elaboration. 

Other than that, the association attempts to promote mental health through advocacy, education, prevention and innovative interventions for Filipinos, she adds, elaborating the PMHA mission. 

Stress, or bullying, when not given an immediate intervention can easily graduate into something more aggressive: the victims becoming a reactive bully. 

A reactive bully, unlike the usual profile of a bully, is a person often perceived to be a weakling, inferior and slow, but the adversity he experienced as bullied gets him into a raging aggression, sometimes with fatal consequences. 

Reactive bullies have been known to use deadly weapons to put people into submission, confirmed health practitioners during the radio forum on the air. 

Assessment, intervention and treatment, that is what PMHA can give, Dr Basubas said. 

PMHA, which is currently based in Cebu, plans to organize here so that Boholanos can use their services. (30)

“More funds for Catigbian” 
Says DIWA at Katigbawan 
Rey Anthony H. Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol June 22, 2012 (PIA) -- No less than retired police director general Eduardo Aglipay hinted more Dignidad para sa Manggagawa (DIWA) funds for Catigbian, having seen how the local government unit used the half a million it gave to the town. 

Aglipay, who cut the ceremonial ribbon to formally open a farm-to-market (FMR) that gives Dagook Farmers and Neighborhood Association (DAFANAS) easier access to the highway leading to the town market. 

General Aglipay represented her daughter and Dignidad para sa Manggagawa (DIWA) partylist representative Emmeline Aglipay, who was attending the labor parliamentary congress in Geneva Switzerland June 17. 

Aglipay came along with party regional director and true-blooded Catigbianon lawyer Leopoldo Blanco Jr. to open the crucial road segment that also boosts the come-on of Dagook Adventure Tourism Experience (DATE) Park in Poblacion Weste, Catigbian town, in time for the town’s 63rd Foundation Day and K8th Katigbawan Festival. 

Mayor Roberto Salinas lavishly thanked both guests after assuring that the fund which Catigbian received has been used for the crucial access route that also builds up the town’s fiscal capacity from its Green and Recreational Eco-Adventure Tourism in Catigbian (GREAT Catigbian) program. 

He said aside from giving the people of Dafanas access, the 700 meters road way which DIWA funded was proposed for funding and was endorsed by Atty Blanco, Diwa regional head to the Diwa national office. 

In his message, police general Aglipay, who saw the critical role the roadway plays in Catigbi-an’s anti-poverty program which can largely be funded by the income from the DATE Park pointed out that the funds were apportioned in the past year. 

“DIWA supports progressive thinking local government units,” the retired police general beamed, sweeping a glance at the local government leaders seated in front of the community gathered at the event held some 1.5 kilometers from the highway. 

Himself the implementer of a tourism circuit in the towns of Laguna while he was provincial director, Aglipay believes towns with the vision should get more support form the government. 

He also promised to bring to her daughter a common concern shared by local governments on projects implemented by the public works instead of the local government. 

He noted that LGU implemented projects go longer compared to public works implemented projects that he said he would urge his daughter to propose for laws that would even capacitate local governments even more. (30)

IMA, CWES horn way as 
Katigbawan fest champs 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

CATIGBIAN, Bohol June 22, 2012, (PIA) – Bohol catholic school, Immaculate Mary Academy’s (IMA) pranced its way to another victory after performing an intricately choreographed swarming performance that snatched for them their fourth consecutive title as Katigbawan Festival’s best Street Dancing and Showdown contingent. 

At the Katigbawan Festival street dancing and showdown Sunday, IMA dancers danced in the pulsating beat inspired from a Caribbean calypso while performing intricate ground formations that had the audience howling in approval. 

Wearing golden headdresses and clad in neon green tights with matching fiery pink and neon green appliqué bib and skirt, the continent that glowed in the receding sunlight showed an Engkantasia tale of abused carabaos and a fairy who come to the rescue. 

IMA slipped again in another narrow escape from a challenge posed by flesh leotards and black tights in neon triangular skirt wearing Catigbian National High School (CNHS) whose relentlessly put up charming routines clearly divided the audience. 

CNHS picked another consistent first runner up position this year, a thing that choreographers want to do better in the 64th Katigbawan Festival next year. 

But it would not be that easy, says a choreographer who helped Bohol Northern Colleges put up an impressively crafted new show as this festival’s guest performers. 

New player Haguilanan High School performed its best finish with the second runner up in the Katigbawan Showdown, skillfully sidling out equally tough performances put up by Hagbuaya High School, Holy Infant Academy of Baang High School and Mantacida High School. 

Meanwhile, Catigbian West Elementary School (CWES) proved a tourism inspired story of the Dagook Adventure Tourism Experience, wed with a dazzling routine still rates high when they also grabbed this year’s Best in showdown title. 

CWES, who represented the town in this year’s Tanda sa Tubigon Festival, has been owning the Katigbawan title for elementary category in the last consecutive years. 

Catigbian central Elementary school meanwhile capped this year’s showdown runner up while Tribu Sangginit of Baang Elementary School grabbed the last slot to be acknowledged second runner up in the festival. 

Minor awards during the contest went to IMA and Haguilanan Elementary School for Best Costume in the secondary and high school categories. 

Maitum Elementary School picked this year’s best in Street dancing for the elementary category as IMA romped with the award, hands down. 

Sikatuna farmers get HELP, 
In carabao, cattle pass-on 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, June 22, 2012 (PIA) – Three Sikatuna town farmer members of local organizations here look forward to a better future when they receive their dream farm animal that would be an ideal help in plowing their small patches of farms. 

Bonifacio Capote (Abucay Sur Farmers Association (FA), Jimmy Calibugan (Bahaybahay FA) and Victor Timosa Poblacion II FA), all of Sikatuna town each towed home a carabao as the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian (OPV) implemented a unique animal dispersal program incorporated in the Livelihood Enhancement Toward Sustainable Human and Environmental Paradigm for Bohol (Lets Help Bohol-LHB) Program. 

These farmers received a pass-on gift from Esperidion Anit, Felix Calibugan and Alfredo Sembrano, all of Sikatuna town. 

Another five farmer families also received cows during the ceremony held at the Sikatuna Church grounds. 

Cattle recipients include Eulalio Silagan, Eliseo Perac, Aberto Al-ag, Imelda Silagan and Julian Quimpan. 

The dispersal which happened during the 12th Heath Education, Agriculture and Tourism (HEAT) Caravan June 19, had also five farmer families receiving cattle as a form of livelihood enhancement in the province’s poverty alleviation program that has been going since 1999, said provincial veterinarian Dr. Stella Marie Lapiz. 

The OPV, which started the project with 101 carabaos and 31 goats now tracks 160 heads of livestock; 122 carabaos and 38 goats. 

Since that time too, OPV has dispersed 122 live offspring carabaos, 38 goats to a total of 13 peoples’ organizations, almost 150 individual family recipients from a monetized value of P1.474 million project funds. 

Now familiarly called Passing on the Gift, the dispersal program involves a farmer taking care of the livestock and paying back the donors in form of a calf as soon as the animal sires. 

He is also to pass on another calf as soon as it gives birth again, while he can keep full ownership pf the dispersed livestock the moment he can pass on. 

At that time too, he is given a Certificate of Completion for the program, one that certifies that he has “fully paid” the dispersal program. 

On that same day, five farmer organizations received Certificates of Completion for having fully paid their dispersal responsibilities. 

Certificate recipients include Regino Jumarito (Bahaybahay FC), Alfredo Sembrano (Poblacion II FA), Amancio Biloy (Libjo FA), Dionisia Ungab (Poblacion 1 FMPC) and Marcelino Lingatong (Cambuac Sur FA). 

To date, LHB has passed on 102 heads: 88 carabaos and 14 goats for a pass-on value of P1.5 million and has accounted another 34 carabao offspring and 24 goat kids for an accumulated value of P626,000. 

Since 1999, the project has owned 122 live offspring at a monetized value of P2.07 million and 38 goats at P76,000 at a total value for the 160 heads at P2.1 million. (30) 

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