Thursday, April 26, 2012

Povincial peace and order counciil shelves PTCFOR suspension, for further study Bohol gun ban for fiesta month proposed...

LILA, Bohol, April 26 (PIA) –- The Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) shelved a proposed measure to suspend the legitimate permit to carry fire-arms outside of residence this May even as police observes recurring spike in crimes during the fiesta month (May) in Bohol.

In a meeting in Lila town in time for the 10th HEAT (Health, Education, Agriculture, Tourism) Caravan on April 24, Camp Dagohoy authorities led by Police Senior Superintendent Constantino Barot asked the council to pass a resolution seeking to suspend the Permit to Carry Fire-arms Outside Residence (PTCFOR) in Bohol for May.

Barot said, other than those civilians who have clear and verified threats against themselves and businessmen who carry with them large amounts of money, the chief PNP also grants some civilians PTCFOR in deputation and enforcement tasks.

According to Bohol PNP report, May (as fiesta month in Bohol) marks a noted increase in crimes as observed annually. Barot said Camp Dogohoy’s request is also based on the fact that Tigum Bol-anon sa Tibuok Kalibutan (TBTK) convenes in Tagbilaran in mid-May.

"The TBTK is a huge event in Bohol because Boholanos from all over the world come home to celebrate the various fiestas in various towns and barangays," Barot added.

Lila Peace and Order Council Chair, Atty. Jed Piollo, on the other hand commented that the measure puts in unnecessary risk to civilians who have been granted PTCFOR as the chief of the PNP deems as important.

Speaking before a jam-packed St. Dominic Hall at the Lila convent, Atty. Piollo asked police if there is enough data to support the conclusion that crimes perpetrated using fire-arms are indeed high, and that those were committed by persons with legitimately issued permits to carry fire-arms.

Piollo also said that civilians with PTCFOR are law abiding citizens and have strategically evened the situation of crimes in favor of the police who are clearly out-numbered and out-smarted by wily criminals.

"Persons with permits to carry fire-arms outside residence have helped deter crimes," Piollo said.

Other council members expressed negative and positive pinions on the measure. To solve the deadlock,the PPOC moved to refer the measure to the council's special committee for further studies. (mbcn/rahc/PIA-Bohol)

Adopt a street for a clean environment pushed in Bohol
By Rey Anthony H. Chiu

The Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) in Bohol urged local groups here to adopt streets and thoroughfares to promote a cleaner environment and to lessen the impact of climate change.

Nestor Canda, officer at the PENRO, said that trash that are not properly disposed often clog drainage system, or flows out to sea and harms corals and other life forms there.

During the meeting of the Bohol Coastal resource Management Task Force (BCRMTF), Canda said that the agency is expanding its coverage and engaging the private sector and socio-civic groups in its ‘Adopt a mountain, Adopt a River, Adopt an Island, Adopt a Forest.’ These and similar activities enjoin groups to rehabilitate, preserve and conserve the environment.

“We know that garbage on the street sooner or later gets to the sea. By adopting streets, well-meaning citizens can help in regular clean-up activities and plan out measures on how to keep the area clean, free from illegal activities and even help authorities enforce laws,” Canda added.

A memorandum of agreement signed between parties, will allow a group that adopts a street or a major thoroughfare to plan out regular activities like clean-ups and putting up of proper receptacles.

Canda said “adoptors” can even put up closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) cameras to help police authorities monitor traffic, gather data for analysis during traffic accidents, traffic violations and illegal activities happening in the adopted street.

“This will not only clean and beautify the streets, it will also help in the peace and order situation of the areas,” Canda concluded. (mbcn/rahc/PIA-Bohol)

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