Thursday, April 12, 2012

DTI Bohol warns public against promo scam

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, April 12 (PIA) -- The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Bohol warned consumers against buying products especially detergents from “vendors” on alleged promotional sales. 

This warning is posted on its DTI-Bohol Facebook account to inform the public on this scam. According to DTI-Bohol Provincial Director Ma. Elena Arbon promotional vendors on house-to-house sales promotions need a DTI home solicitation permit. 

"These vendors that suddenly went on a marketing binge apparently lack the necessary local DTI nod," Arbon said. 

A home solicitation permit allows the DTI to check on the quality and standard of the product being sold in the market and assures the consumers that these products indeed pass the minimum standards for health, environment and safety, DTI explained. 

In its Facebook account, a notice is posted: "Notice is hereby given that field sales representatives of a laundry detergent called Mr. Win are going house to house claiming that by purchasing their product, consumers are entitled to claim Tide bars." 

The marketing ploy states that any consumer buying Mr. Win automatically wins for free Tide bar laundry detergent from Puregold via its Tindahan ni Aling Puring. 

In a disclaimer posted by DTI-Bohol, "Procter and Gamble makers of Tide Bar denies any promotion of this nature in conjunction with the makers of Mr. Win." 

“They have no knowledge whatsoever of the existence of the product itself and/or the supposed company that manufactures it,” Procter and Gamble added. 

Because of this, the DTI said it will appreciate receiving reports from consumers regarding this or any similar marketing strategy that shortchanges consumers. (MBCN/RAHC-PIA Bohol)

Bohol town opts for honest-to-goodness ecotourism package

CORTES, Bohol, April 12, 2012 (PIA) -- San Isidro, a 5th class town in Bohol wants to go on a ‘slow but sure’ kind of strategy in its eco-tourism package as it opts for low capital, low impact to the environment tourism promotion. 

San Isidro mayor Jacinto Naraga admits, “first things’ first. We do not want to get big right away, we have a decent offer of environment adventure and like what Boholanos aspire, we do not want to commit mistakes we can’t do something about later,” the mayor added. 

Naraga bared that tourism development in his town includes a two-storey cave, a majestic waterfall and a unique panorama of western Bohol as seen only on a hilltop perch high up in town. 

Eyed for tourism activities are Cantijong Cave in Cansague Sur, Kilab-kilab Falls in Baunos and Candungaw Peak in Barangay Candungao, the mayor added. 

“These are interesting sites and getting there also opens up countless possibilities of entrepreneurship that our people can get into. Small business but one that can perk up our local economy,” Naraga said. 

San Isidro tourism officer Eric Jinne Flor agreed with the mayor and explained further, “we want to do away from mass tourism for now while we still grope on what to do best for our sites, one that will sustain it and deals with the minimum impact on the resources we offer,” Flor said. 

Flor added, not your usual mass tourism site, San Isidro wants to cater to the kind of tourists that are aware of what they are into—as nature lovers and those whose concept of tourism is full of respect for cultures and environmental education. 

Relishing from its successful hosting of Agbunan Festival on June 29, last year San Isidro residents have awakened their sense of pride and now believe that if there are shortcuts to attaining a new engine for development, it must be an honest to goodness eco-tourism package. (mbcn/rahc/PIA-Bohol)

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