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4H Clubs resurrect amid 
need for viable farming 
Rey Anthony H. Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, April 13, 2012 (PIA) – Years after the clubs which have sworn to campaign for more viable farming among the younger generations, the 4H club proves it has what it takes to get the movement back on trail. 

At the Farmers Family Day Forum to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the 4H, assistant provincial agriculturist Larry Pamugas said the farm family forms the framework of development, and this has been an admitted fact even before the Department of Agriculture was devolved to local governments. 

In the current situation where population is doubling, those people sticking to farming are getting lesser, so that there is a need to make farming a viable option for younger people. 

First envisioned in the early 1900 in America, the 4H (Head, Heart, Hand for Health) was sown to provide the venue for young boys and girls to grow better crops and livestock as well as gain the technical skills to increase farm produce shelf life by processing. 

But, not given priority after the devolution, the 4H organizations sulked to the sidelines and the campaign to get kids more interested in farming was also sidelined. 

Sensing that reviving the 4H would do a great service to Bohol, the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist put up a proposal for Capitol to dig up the 4H and make it the annual showcase of best farming practices. 

It was probably easy for Governor Edgar Chatto to get into the idea as he himself was an avid 4H Club member and his mother, a key leader holding a top position in the national movement, Pamugas said. 

Cahtto, who advocates for the Purok Power Movement has pushed for food sufficiency in the homes as typified by his insistent batting for Bahay Kubo, Food always in the home (FAITH), Herbal Organic Plant Enhancement (HOPE) and Chicken always raised in the yard (CHARITY). 

That way, every family saves a little income by resorting to their gardens instead of buying for the spices and kitchen necessities than can be raised in the backyard, said the governor. 

On the other hand, Pamulgas added that farming families are creating perfect venues for training people to be workers and then good leaders. 

Former club members still retain the values of the movement and have been clearly guided by its principles even in their chosen fields of endeavors, according to the energetic aggie head. 

Adopting “To make the best better” as motto and “Learning by doing as its slogan,” 4H Club members have shown that going back to farming has been milestones in their lives as leaders today, the assistant agriculturist who once sat as 4H official in his time shared. 

They went on to carve their own separate careers, followed their chosen field of endeavors and specializations but almost to everyman, never for a moment forgot a great debt of gratitude to the movement for their respective triumph and success. They were, and still are 4-H club members and officers even if not in actual practice, in their own hearts and minds. 

During the Farm Family Day Forum, contests in poster making, extemporaneous speech and minus one singing and quiz bee were the crowd drawers. 

On the other hand, in line with the skills demonstrations, home food preparation contests, 4h Project demonstrations on cassava-based snacks preparation, malunggay-based dessert, tilapia cooked in coconut milk and organic rice techno demo buzzed alongside the activities at the JJs Seafood grounds. 

Contest winners during the day include Angelique Lubiano (Pilar-Malunggay Fruit Shake), Jonna Mae Jose (Ubay-Minus One Singing Contest) and Nepthan Atup (Trinidad-Poster Making) 

Winners will represent Bohol in the Regional 4H Club competitions, Pamugas said. (30)

Seaman killed in hi-jack portrays 
need for local job opportunities 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, April 12, 2012 (PIA) – Opening up more work opportunities here presents urgently as worker dreaming of opening up a box of fortunes abroad, comes home in a box. 

Not heading to the known risks of working in an international shipping company plying dangerous international shipping lanes, Boholano Stephen M. Barbarona took the dare, for a vision of a bright future for his wife and family. 

Newly married at 33, Barbarona’s dream of a good life dimmed to a nightmare when pirates who boarded their ship, Mv Eglantine March 26, while cruising southern coasts of India. 

Antequera Mayor Mario Pahang told media that Barbarona hails from barangay Poblacion, and comes from a prominent family in town. His father is a barangay councilor while the victim’s wife is a daughter of a former town mayor. 

Like most Boholanos who ventured into the life as a shipping crew, Barbarona finished at the local Philippine Maritime Institute in Tagbilaran. 

After graduation, an unnamed manning agency accepted him for Tehran based KISH shipping which owns MV Eglantine, a bulk carrier, according to reports. 

Considered lucky by many, considering that many PMI graduates could not find work yet, Barbarona’s luck changed March 26, when, while cruising along the southern coasts of India, pirates, later identified as Somalis boarded and hijacked the ship he was serving. 

Eglantine, according to reports is a Cypriot bulk carrier flying an Iranian flag and was manned by 23 officers and crew, including 10 Filipinos, Barbarona among them. 

Iranian Navy according attempted a rescue April 2, but as soon as the pirates learned of the move, survivors said the pirates tied their hostages hands on the back and used them as shields. 

Barbarona, during the scuffle, escaped to the ship’s engine room where he apparently hid during the rescue. 

As the rescuers subdued the 12 Somali pirates, one hostage, a Filipino form Mauban Quezon died of gunshot wound in the head, while Barbarona suffocated from heavy smoke in the engine room, according to reports. 

With the news, Bohol Overseas Workers Welfare Assistance Desk said they have coordinated with authorities to get Barbarona’s remains to Bohol and be united with the family for the last time. 

Even then, when installed, Governor Edgar Chatto said he envisions to make working abroad as an one of the options for Boholanos and not as a sole means to get better lives. (30)

Bohol bands jam in 2011 KBP 
popfest shortlist, need votes 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, April 12, 2012 (PIA) -- Two Bohol bands need Boholanos to download their entries to land them a spot in the 2011 Kapisanan ng Mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) Pop Music Festival’s upcoming album. 

Squeezing into the shortlist after besting more than 300 entries when the competition opened last year, Boholano rap/ rhythm and blues group Rhymatics (Tagbilaran) and rock group Cruisers Band (Loboc) hang on as carting their entries through internet downloads end on April 27. 

Rhymatics, a group of four friends from Tagbilaran City sings Bangon Pilipinas, a 3:24 rap composition of Jake Warren Hubac of Dampas while the Cruisers, a 6-member band composed of musicians playing regularly aboard the Loboc River cruises, sings 4:00 rock piece called Ang Kabataang Pinoy (AKAP). 

KBP 2011 Pop Music Festival accordingly came out as a project of an alliance of the Filipino Composers Development Cooperative (FILCOMDEC) and the (KBP) to promote the Philippine music industry, develop the culture and arts and discover new talents, establish, create, maintain and manage an internet protocol based web-site for music content so these artists can have a music store of sorts. 

In its website that was born to promote the sales of Filipino musical creations, Click Music Philippines Incorporated said its website: allows Filipino artists to distribute musical creations through downloading and other multi-media applications to improve or promote the economic well-being and/or interest of the stakeholders in the Philippine Music Industry. 

By this, CMPI works in close consultation with the different stakeholders in the Philippine Music Industry such as the composers, publishers, sound recording rights owners, artists, performers, broadcast media and all other parties who might have a stake in the Philippine Music Industry. 

Their first major project: the 2010 KBP Pop Music Festival aims to generate new song content for the Click Music website while successfully achieving its goals. 

In 2011, the competition was again opened to all Filipino composers both amateur and professional, but this year, the contest organizers said it is unique from other songwriting contests because the competition will be done in the airwaves. 

This means that shortlisted artists need to garner as much song download sales from to be able to edge past other finalists. 

Tow download, just visit the website, look for Bangon Pilipinas and AKAP in the titles or Cruisers and Rhymatics in the artists and click on the download to carts. 

Each downloaded music costs P25.00, according to the website. (30)

Pilar couples, youth sign vow 
On responsible parenthood 
Rey Anthony H. Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, April 10, 2012 (PIA) – Realizing there is no other way but meeting the issue head on, municipal and provincial health offices here risked controversy when they successfully organized and conducted Family Health Day in Pilar town April 7. 

Pilar, a Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino program beneficiary, has identified high incidence of high risk pregnancies in their community family development sessions so that the decision to conduct the activity has been a pointed response. 

The day coincides with the Annual World Health Day, said Pilar Information Officer Gualberto Jaspe, who helped coordinate the activity with the Provincial Health Office. 

The activity aims to raise community awareness on the importance of health and healthy practices, especially in towns which have no formal health facilities, sources from the PHO explained. 

That day, more than 60 couples and 14 Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) leaders pledge to become responsible parents and youth leaders in the town. 

Adopting the theme, “Adolescent and Couple’s Health Enhancement Program,” the activity included lectures on the importance of family planning and safe motherhood, Human Immune-deficiency Virus- Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV-AIDS), adolescent reproductive health and the ill effects of smoking. 

Not really contented with the technical inputs, the activity also had successful family planning acceptors sharing their testimonies and the benefits they have earned from responsibly deciding for their families. 

Conducted by capable staff of the PHO and the Rural Health Unit of the town, the activity also featured interactive games using the lectures as its content. 

Pilar Mayor Wilson Pajo, in his message encouraged couples and SK members to practice and share what they learned from the activity. 

Himself an engineer, Pajo stressed that in the changes of technology and lifestyle, balanced health should be maintained, it should be a priority and should not be cast behind. 

It is safer if we are prepared, and that counts most especially when we have families to raise, he said. 

The activity also had a symbolic signing of commitments. 

A tarpaulin which had “I love my family and that is why, as parents and SK leaders, we plan to develop the family to secure our communities” soon had signatures of commitments from couples and town youth leaders. 

“Rhymatics” finds rap, 
medium for youth talk 
Rey Anthony Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, April 13, 2012 (PIA) – If you associate today’s hip-hop, rap and rhythm and blues (RnB) with the punks and social rejects, you are among the many so sold out to the idea that the music is nothing but scratch (pardon the pun) 

Rap, hiphop and RnB are often associated with ghetto blacks, punks, addicts, tattoos, silver jewelries and monotonous beat. 

But while some people abhor rap like they hate the plague, a young group here sees it as a perfect medium to talk to the young, lift from their experiences and restate universal messages that get to their core. 

According to Rhymatics, a group of young musicians who bonded themselves in September of 2008, rap inspires them to get their messages across to the youth, most avid music fans. 

Rhymatics comes from studying rhymes and making them the measure for creative expression, members tell. 

Composed mostly of vocal performers, Rhymatics recently sent an original rap composition to the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) Pop Music Festival, 2011-2012. 

The entry “Bangon Pilipinas” landed them a spot among the top 80 finalists in a contest that is carried in the country’s airlanes courtesy of the KBP member stations and Click Music Philippines Incorporated. 

It would be decided by the original Pilipino music with the most downloads, by April 27. 

Bangon Pilipinas, a song that aims to awaken the youthful idealism is the group’s words to society so dipped in apathy, members said. 

Wala na bang pag-asa, na ang bayan natiy umunlad / Kasakiman ang dahilan kaya tayoy di umuusad / Dagdag na trabaho ang sigaw ng mamamamayan / Mabuting edukasyon ang hiling ng kabataan. 

Kabataan ang sinasabing pag-asa ng bayan / Kaya’t dapat sila’y pahalagahan. Mga istambay, tigilan ang paglalasing, Baka di magtagal, sa alak mapraning /Kayoy kumayod at magtrabaho / Hwag kayong magpakalunod sa bisyo. 

Akoy nananawagan, pakinggan ang aking payo / Ito ang panahon para tayo ay magbago / Ito ang taon paunlarin ang republika Ang masasabi ko, Pinoy bumangon ka! 

Bangong Pilipinas, Tayoy magkaisa / At ang bandilay itaas / Dapat magtulungan, para makaahon sa kahirapan / Problemay malulutas kung tayo ay magsusumikap / Kilos mga kapatid, Kayud mga Pinoy Bangon Pilipinas. 

“The song’s message is good, reality speaks, and we can not just let the government work, we have to do our share,” Braylle Emmanuel Ungab, who is also known in the city’s rap circle as Bee-emzee, stresses. 

“It is our first song with a message to the society and is composed for us by a Boholano composer, Jake Warren L. Hubac of Dampas District,” Lloyd Anthony Pis-an, also called “Stielo” volunteers the information. 

“Around 75% of our music today is either hip-hop or rap, and being a sure hit among teens, finding rap is an open dancefloor for expression of emotions,” Beemzee said. 

“Once you are a rapper, people see you as attention seeker, but rap expresses emotions, feelings and if you understand the culture, its not showy when you express your feelings,” adds Frenches Phoebe Ungab, the only female in the group of four. 

“Its something like this, I love to look at people who dress well and can sing, and the tendency is we would like to emulate them, so comes the option to get our experience across through the surefire formula kids listen to,” “Madd Nille” Nille John Cutor explains while unconsciously gyrating on an invisible beat. 

Rap is at this time the easiest way to express our own experiences, thoughts and feelings, also called Stielo intoned. 

“I sing more of love songs, but most of the artists in Bohol are into rock and reggae,” interjects Cheska. 

“When I was introduced to rap, a started to look into the lyrics and took it from there,” she said, convinced. 

Where musical groups bond themselves with musical instruments, Rhymatics thread themselves with the beat. 

Be-emzee shared that the group is more on vocals and in the absence of instrumentalists, he admits using rejected canned instrumental mixes from the internet, interesting beats from music circles abroad coming out distinct in their music. 

So the next time you hear rap music, move through the bombastic bass and get to the lyrics. Chances are, the message is just there, hidden in the clutter of monotonous beat and, well scratch. (30)

Advocate bats for women’s economic independenceadvancing women's rights
By Rey Anthony H. Chiu

CORTES, Bohol, April 14 (PIA) -- Tagbilaran City councilor Mariquit Oppus is pushing for economic independence for women to enable them to chart their own future. 

Oppus, a staunch women's rights advocate was guest At the Kapihan sa PIA recently. She said many women remain passive victims of abuse because they could not practically survive apart from the financial security provided by their “aggressors.” 

She said that most women have fully devoted their lives at home, seldom have the opportunities for self-development and do not have the proper skills to earn a gainful living apart from home. 

The lady councilor said she knew some women who were miserable and have grown to stay at homes and cannot imagine themselves without their families and away from their homes. 

"It is an economic independence issue. If there are better options for these women, I can imagine them more empowered to take bolder decisions to leave and find what's best for them," Oppus added. 

Oppus hailed non-government organizations that opens various trainings to equip women with more skills to survive. 

She said, the general idea is to equip more women to willfully decide what's best for them what makes them happy. 

A decade into legislation and a full time mother, Oppus admitted that her group noted a rising trend in reported abuses to women, but saw this as a positive response to an earlier advocacy for women victims to come out. 

“Women empowerment has many dimensions, and letting a woman do away with her insecurities is a beginning. Provide wider opportunities for women and then let then choose,” she urged. 

Oppus agreed though that she has seen very promising signs that women are getting involved, but there is still much that needs to be done, she concluded. (mbcn/rahc/PIA-Bohol)

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