Friday, August 12, 2011

TB Free Bohol needs all
Help from communities
Rey Anthony H. Chiu 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, Aug 12 (PIA) – Bohol tuberculosis (TB) council urges communities to join in seeking out and referring persons suspected of having tuberculosis can Bohol get to its vision of becoming TB free.

Coughing a battle cry called “TB Atong Masumpo kon Lihok Tanan” (TAMBLOT)  Bohol health authorities said barangay health workers, tanods, officials and purok leaders communities can actually help in referral of persons who may be having two-week old cough to test for the disease.

“This is the only way we can get through to our people and get those who may have caught the disease and are yet too traumatized to come out,” says Board Member Cesar Tomas Lopez, MD.

Speaking at the weekly Kapihan sa PIA commemorating August as Lung Month, Lopez assured that the disease is curable when properly managed.

Dr. Lopez who sits as Provincial Council Against Tuberculosis (PROCAT) Vice Chair also explained that tuberculosis can be transmitted by inhalation of tuberculosis bacteria from an infected person who coughs or sneezes.

“A bacteria does not survive in open areas especially when exposed to the sun. Sharing of eating utensils, unlike old myths is fairly safe therefore,” another medical practitioner Dr. Greg Sodusta adds.

It’s a fairly strong bacteria that about three kinds of medicines are used to continuously treat the patient for six months, he said.

TB affects mostly those people who have lowered resistance brought about by other diseases, fatigue and those who may not be able to get the right nutrition, explains Dr. Lopez at the forum aired live at DyTR AM.

Indications of the disease include coughing especially those that remain until about two weeks, chest pains, back pains, loss of appetite and until it complicates into other ailments, adds Emily Recentes, medical technologist.

While it can be treated, the disease still ranks sixth among the most deadly diseases in the country, assistant provincial health officer Dr. Sodusta also revealed. 

Asked why is that, he hinted that the information campaign still could not get through the old myths about TB, and it has stopped many from getting to the closest health facility for proper treatment.

People then used to treat TB patients with derision, ascribing a highly contagious character of the disease and so many would rather hide their patients than help them treat it.

We have over 90% TB cure rating, but we only have a little over 60% case finding percentage that we need to get to them so they can be cured, Lopez stressed. (30)


“Green tourism solutions” with
environment, profit as premium
BY: Rey Anthony H. Chiu

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, Aug 10 (PIA) – Low flow showerheads and faucets with aerators, new generation fluorescent lamps, maximized natural lighting and basic energy conservation measures to tourism stakeholders, all of these for a better eco-destination brand for Bohol.

This came up during a tourism stakeholders’ forum where experts in environment conservation and resort owners meet to exchange ideas on getting Bohol towards a greener tourism and gain better profits even more.

Here, tourism stakeholders, operators and small service providers gather here at the MetroCenter Hotel, August 10 to hear out cost efficiency measures in operations in an open option called “green technology.”

During the Stakeholders Workshop on Greening the Tourism Value Chain”, experts from the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) presented options to local hotel and resort operators which could redound to greater operational profits plus a truer brand for Bohol as eco destination.

The workshop, in support of the Department of Trade and Industry’s value chain for the tourism private sector promotion came as a follow through activity of the early value-chain workshops.

This is to engage local tourism stakeholders to adopt more environment friendly technologies and processes and see for themselves make the difference, explains Uwe Sturmann, GIZ Private Stakeholder Program component manager in his activity rationale.

This is all to make up for the people, planet and profits model, as hailed by entrepreneurs with corporate conscience, adds a DTI Bohol trade development specialist.

The end goal is to help them raise their profits, help reduce carbon footprint for the planet and help the people in the communities, she said.

For Sturmann, this becomes a better opportunity for Bohol to stake a claim for Bohol as eco-destination.

Sturmann also discussed open options for waste management, water and energy conservation efficiency, transport and supply chains that can be adopted to steamroll more eco-friendly operations.

Environmental impacts to tourism can be mitigated through the use of correct processes and technologies, stresses GIZ national consultant Manuel Gloria.

Gloria who presented hotel findings from as survey in Cebu and Bohol on solid waste and water usage practices said a simple replacement from conventional to a low flow shower head can already mean more savings in water and resource.

He also added dual flush water toilets and low flow faucets with aerators in resort operations can be thousand pesos in savings while slowing the depletion of ground water resource and keeping salt water intrusion into the water tables off.

This should also help us “conserve the environment as key tourism resource” and mitigate the effects of climate change.

The idea is to reduce the carbon footprint which is exuded by heavy reliance on fossil fuel, inefficient appliances and fixtures, improper waste disposal and inability to maximize on the natural energy available, he said.

It may not be big enough but we can take the lead and ask bigger countries to follow, Sturmann said.

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