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Kabalikat Award: pat on shoulder
As Bohol supports TESDA trngs
By: Rey Anthony Chiu

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol Aug 28 (PIA) – Bohol recently received a pat on the shoulder when it won the national Kabalikat Award for Local Government Units in recognition to its support for the country’s manpower development.

The award was for Bohol being an outstanding partner of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in manpower development as proven by the support in TESDA skills trainings, abilities, attitudes and values of trained blue collar workers in Bohol.

Governor Edgar Chatto broke the news Friday at the Kita ug ang Gobernador Friday adding that Bohol has been persistent with its support for the technical and vocational training.

He said the province knows that there is a great percentage of Boholanos students who could not finish high school, or who do not have the capacity to get to college, here the training equips them with work skills.

Speaking before the media and all Boholanos who were tuned in to their radios and internet facilities for the weekly program, Chatto said there is even a growing statistic of college students taking TESDA trainings because they could not land jobs.

Because of this, Bohol partnered with TESDA in funding training programs and more appropriate skills to match the workers with the job opportunities.

According to Dr. Francisca Opog, the Kabalikat Award is the highest that TESDA gives for best practices in partnership with TESDA. 

Dr. Francisca Opog, Bohol TESDA chief said they didn’t expect the award, that the regional award which Bohol earlier capped was good enough.

Bohol earlier won the regional award as TESDA celebrated in August the Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) Month.

Chatto aso clarified that the Provincial Government of Bohol partnership with TESDA goes a long way and even beyond his administration.

One big TESDA job skills training which Bohol initiated was the Skills Training Advocating Reliance and Self-employment (STARS).

It offers free skills training for jobs that that will ultimately provide self-employment opportunities to capable and qualified individuals who are currently unemployed.

Project STARS specifically targets Boholanos in rural areas affected by insurgency.

Though the province has five provincial training centers, these are not enough to serve the skills training requirements and provide livelihood opportunities to 1.3 million Boholanos, thus STARS has to be cascaded to rural communities.

The end goal is to provide livelihood training and alleviate poverty by giving the people skills, TESDA sources said. (30)


Panglao banners infra
Waterworks for 2011 

PANGLAO, Bohol Aug 28 (PIA) – If today, water has continued to run from your taps, you have your local government of Panglao to thank for.

Imagine a fiesta fare minus the water which every household would need, it would definitely be a sad mood for the town had not the local government looked up to its mandate of a public utility provision.

Benefiting the town government’s move to better its water services are San Isidro Tangnan residents, the households of Cascajo-Looc Highway, Upper Lomboy in Liba-ong and Cascajo-Danao.

In fact, to make the service even more desirable, the town under Mayor Benedicto Alcala and Vice mayor Evangeline Bon has prioritized the installation of a water line at the Panglao Public Market which now connects supply to the fish and meat section of the market.

Panglao also spent for the replacement of the 2 horsepower submersible motor two-phase water pump at Canhilbas in Lourdes, another 3 horsepower submersible motor three-phase water pump also at Canhilbas while a rewinding job for the busted 5 horsepower centrifugal three phase booster pump in Lourdes has to be put in as priority for water to continue flowing to every home’s taps today, MPDC Jovencia Asilo said.

This calendar year, Panglao also completed considerable infrastructure development bannered by revamps in its waterworks system and concreting of some 764 linear meters of standard barangay roads, all considered priority projects of the town leadership.

In a report furnished by the Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, Panglao’s slant towards children and education pops up as the local government completed the extension of the Birthing Center in Barangay Lourdes and completed the Day Care Center in Barangay Danao.

For government and community use, the town has also completed the Multi-purpose Building inclusive of the bleacher, the basketball court and the stage, funded the fabrication of a moveable stage and collapsible tent, built the municipal motor pool at Barangay Lourdes, completed the extension of the barangay hall in Liba-ong and completed the municipal vice mayor’s office.

Moreover, the fiesta highlight would be the newly installed street lights in the town.

In its barangay road concreting projects, Panglao executed the 113 meters of standard 5 meter and .15 meter thick concrete pavement on the Danao-Daurong road, sand spared an equal 88 meters of municipal government funded 88 meters of barangay roads for Das-ag Balik-balik, Lourdes-Liba-ong, Libaong proper, ooc, Tangnan, San Vicente, Desamparados-Bil-isan, Poblacion (T Cloma) Municipal Road and another one also in Poblacion.


Bishop Medroso leads priests
At Panglao pontifical mass

Bishop Leonardo Medroso leads Panglao parishioners and distant devotees in celebration of thanks giving for a glorious year of blessings from the town patron, Saint Augustine.

The soft-spoken bishop of the Diocese of Tagbilaran, who has been instrumental in initiating pastoral year for the Diocese, would be joined by town parish priest Rev. Fr. Vivencio Husain Jr.

Visiting priests from nearby parishes would also be expected to join the pontiff in the mass at 10:00 AM today.

The pontifical mass would be the fourth mass celebrated in the St. Augustine church for the 
day which is commonly celebrated as the patron saint’s feast-day.

For parishioners whose means of thanks giving would also mean laying our a banquet for visiting devotees celebrating the day with the bishop, parish priest Rev. Fr. Vivencio Husain Jr. said the first mass for the day is at early dawn 4:30.

This should give those who would be preparing for the feast enough time to thank God and the patron saint.

Church bells would again be rang at 6:30 AM for the second mass to be officiated by Panglaonon priest Rev. Fr. Felix Hora.

Rev. Fr. Ruel Pangan officiates the celebration of the mass; the third mass of the day at 8:30 inside the Saint Augustine Church.

Saint Augustine, who has been considered by many scholars as the most prominent church figure in the ancient western Church, was not one without misgivings.

Born in North Africa during the period of early Christian persecution, Augustine was nurtured in faith by his mother which his father remained a pagan until the late years of his life.

Augustine grew to be one who was hungry of knowledge which led him to sally to different philosophical systems before finally converting to Christianity, but not after engaging public debates and exposing his sceptical positions based on his learnings.

His studies as a rhetoric in Carthage put his characteristic deep thinker and wide reader to the fore, making him an excellent teacher which, further exposed him to the leading thinkers of his time.

Being a philosopher priest and an excellent teacher was a foundation too string to crumble for the man who was soon enthroned as one of the fathers of the early church.

His works include some of the sources of the Church’s catechetical teachings. (30)

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