Friday, August 19, 2011

Dengue cases decrease
But it’s no time to relax
By: Rey Anthony H. Chiu

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, Aug 19 (PIA) – Seeing a drastic decrease in dengue cases now, a key Bohol health official insists its no time to be complacent.

With two deaths caused by dengue this year, even with only 92 cases listed since January to August 13, Provincial Health Officer Reymoses Cabagnot reminds Boholanos that precautionary measures against the dreaded disease should not just be laid aside.

Speaking at the Kita ug ang Gobernador Friday, Dr. Cabagnot revealed the statistics which is comparatively low compared to 2010, where some 1,502 Boholanos were reportedly afflicted the disease.

According to Dr. Cabagnot, while we are lucky we have no concern on dengue like what happens in Luzon, he still reminds people to follow the simple steps to be risk free from dengue.

On the same radio program, Governor Edgar Chatto reminded Boholanos that an executive order has been issued for Boholanos to keep the habit of cleaning one’s premises to stop the proliferation of virus carrying mosquitoes.

Chatto stressed on massive public support, participation and cooperation against the total elimination of the threat.

To get off from possible dengue outbreaks, Dr Cabagnot shares the 4S as anti-dengue tips.

For most people, the firs S: Search and Destroy can be easily accomplished.

People in the community should go to potential sites where the dengue-carrying mosquitoes live: stagnant and clean water, collected pools on discarded containers and any vessel, which can hold water must be emptied.

He also said the second S: self protection still proves to be effective. He cited putting on mosquito nets or insect repellents can help keep people from the dreaded dengue-virus mosquitoes.

In cases where dengue has been suspected, the third S could help: seek an early consultation from medical professionals.

The doctor said that even if dengue has been normally associated with kids, adults are also as vulnerable. Here, he said an early proper detection can mean life and death of a patient.

Do not wait until the patient has bled, the doctor advised adding that four strains of dengue have been found in the country.

He stressed that even if dengue is primarily caused by virus carrying mosquitoes, people must refrain from indiscriminate fogging operations.

Indiscriminate fogging can only drive the mosquitoes momentarily away but is no assurance that they would be totally eliminated, admits one medical professional in a chance interview. (30)


Tagb City nutri practice
Among C-Visayas’ best
By: Rey Anthony H. Chiu

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, Aug 19 (PIA) – Unknown to many, among the nutrition best practices in Central Visayas is Tagbilaran City’s Micronutrient Supplementation in the Workplace.

During the 7th regional Nutrition Action officers’ Congress and 2011 Grand nutrition awards, Tagbilaran City picked the citation from the Regional Nutrition Council (RNC) for its project implemented at the Bohol Quality Corporation.

It’s basically aiming to contribute to the general health and nutritional well-being of women in reproductive ages and their children, sources at the RNC shared.

It is founded on the belief that an increased micro-nutrient supplementation would somehow contribute to the increased work efficiency and productivity of employees, a material also described the program.

The program put in initial doses of iron with folic acid supplements to BQ mothers as given by the City Health Office, Provincial Health Office and the Department of Health.

Iron is an essential nutrient in pregnant mothers or those within the reproductive age as this helps transport the red blood cells all over the body. During pregnancy, the body demands extra iron in as much as the red blood cells need to be carried to the mother’s body, the placenta and the developing baby, explain nutritionists.

During pregnancy, many women find themselves with depleted iron that a micronutrient supplementation can correct the imbalance, they add.

On the other hand, folic acid is essential in making sure the baby is not at risk with some spinal disorders that may afflict the baby when borne.

The effect for the micro-nutrient supplementation is that 85.7% of BQ women employees has improved hemoglobin status to normal levels, and just as posed, mall workers solved tardiness, absences and are fare more effective and productive in the workplace.

For the novel practice, the city earned for itself a citation and distinction as among the region’s five best nutrition practices.

Also winning best nutrition practices for 2010 are Bais City for its “Free Izonized Water for Indigent People”, Cebu City’s “Accelerated Social Amelioration Program (ASAP) for Nutrition”, Mandaue City’s “Nutrisyon, Sugilanon ug Segregasyon” and Cebu Province’s “Ensuring Capacity of Nutrition Workers thru Policy Issuance”.

Bais City has had its share of population woes which brought in diarrhea to its senior citizens and indigents. A P2 million Izonizer machine provides free distilled water to senior citizens and indigents, thus bringing down 265 diarhhea cases in 2009 to 160 in 2010, RNC said.

Meanwhile, Cebu City’s ASAP for Nutrition is a tax system that levies an add-on P10 to patrons of establishments that are often cited as causes of social evils. Money generated goes to fund supplemental feeding programs, half-way houses, gardening projects and medical missions.  

Mandaue City’s Nutrisyon, Sugilanon ug Segregasyon digs into the nutritional base of vegetable gardening to supplement family nutrition, organic farming and proper waste disposal which ahs empowered people there.

Finally, Cebu Provinces’ Ensuring Capacity of Nutrition workers through Policy Issuance deals on sustainability of the program by putting up policies that institutionalize a nutrition program. Results noted include an easing of the province’s malnutrition from 9.46 in 2009 to 8.79 in 2010. (30)

“Cory” show, no show
producer vows refund
By: Rey Anthony H. Chiu

Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Aug 19 (PIA) – Whether it was an honest mistake or an attempt to cash on the investment of student patrons, nobody can tell as yet.

But the “no-show” of the actors for the Bohol staging of a Manila based play was all it took to engage irate Boholanos who feel this has all the markings of a scam.

A staging of the play on the life of former President Corazon Aquino billed as Cory ng EDSA, was supposed to be an addition to the classroom inputs for students to allow them better appreciation of history.

It was set at the Bohol Wisdom School Gymnasium August 16, Tuesday, the play to be staged by cast and crew of “Stagers” a Manila based theater company, says Bohol Wisdom School High School Department principal Raul Deloso.

After pre-selling play tickets, patrons found out that on the day of the event, promotions and marketing coordinator and event producer Amilyn Manansala said the crew could only come until the airport.

Manasala, 48 years old, from Tacurong City in Sultan Kudarat, admitted her company later found out they could not fully provide for the plane tickets of the cast.

She however promised to refund the amount spent, even if she would have to sell some property in Mindanao.

According to the police blotter, complainant Elvira Timbal, who stood in behalf of Bohol Wisdom School (BWS) said Manansala sold tickets at P150.00 each to at least 379 Bohol students their school and from public and private schools in Bohol.

Ticket sales, according to the blotter was estimated at P56,850.00.

In a radio interview, BWH HS principal Deloso said the organizer wrote a promissory note pledging refunds for every ticket sold within two weeks.

In a separate interview, Manansala, who admitted it was her first venture into event organizing from a tour and travel business, said they accepted the Stagers offer and agreed to produce the Bohol show.

She accordingly used a small capital for printing event promotion materials and used up their capital which made them incapable of paying for the cast and crew’s plane tickets.

Manansala, who owns Lucky Charm Travel and Tour, explained over radio programs here that there would be refunds but not until September 1.

Manansala said Bohol Wisdom paid a total of P56,000 plus while Holy Name University paid 47,000.

The organizer also said she only received some P10,000 payments from the public schools, although some P38,000 was listed in the blotter.

She however assured that she will not leave Bohol and would ask help from her relatives in Mindanao to get her the cash for the refunds.

Meanwhile, BWS, which still keeps some P40,000 worth of Cory stage sets is consulting its Board of Trustees to ponder on any legal measure should Manansala fail in her promise to refund, Deloso said.  (30)

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