Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bohol bags nutrition’s
green banner for ‘10

The Regional Nutrition Council (RNC) awards to Bohol its seventh Green Banner for Nutrition as outstanding province in the region in its nutrition program implementation in 2010.

Also winning the green banner for its nutrition program implementation for local government units are Toledo City for outstanding city in the region while Jagna, Bohol earned the 2010 outstanding municipality in Central Visayas.

The green banner, according to the RNC is in recognition of outstanding performance achieved by local government units in its quest for nutrition improvement an implementation of the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition.

Bohol also received the same distinctive green banner in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

It was Negros Oriental who took home the green banner in 2002, 2003 and 2004, according to the RNC.

At the 2011 Grand Nutrition Awards August 5 at the Cebu Parklane International Hotel, Governor Edgar Chatto said he felt so proud with Bohol’s showing raking most big awards in the regional nutria competitions.

Similarly taking the limelight during the day are Bohol towns winning big by maintaining their distinctions.

Calape, Talibon and Inabanga town nutrition programs earned their 2010 Maintenance Awards as Mayor Dr. Sulpicio Yu, Jr., Dr. Francisco Ngoboc  and Dr. Madonna Andaya picked the awards for their respective towns.

Having won the Consistent Regional Outstanding Winner in Nutrition (CROWN) Maintenance Award last year, Tubigon, Bohol was cited for its first year CROWN maintenance award along with Lapu-lapu City which aso ahd its 2nd year CROWN maintenance

For barangay nutrition scholars, a Boholano from Celing, Antequera Bohol capped this year’s regional outstanding barangay nutrition scholar award.

Boholanos have been winning regional distinction award for barangay nutrition scholars since 2000, except in 2002 when a barangay resident scholar in Danao City won the award.

Lidia Gabaisen has joined the Boholanos dominating the regional list including Carmen’s Rebecca Infiesto (2009), Inabanga’s Virgincita Anud (2008), Tubigon’s Diosdada Abarquez (2007), Ubay’s Carmelita Reyes (2006), Inabanga’s Florencia Anuta (2005), Inabanga’s Julieta Estoce (2004), Inabanga’s Teresita Remulta (2003), Antequera’s Irenea Ordinario (2001) and Calape’s Maria Fe Magdoza.

Meanwhile, Valencia town in Bohol also won the most promising municipality in Bohol during the regional search. (30)

Amarela: from yellow to “green”

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, Aug 19 (PIA) -- Believe it or not, this yellow resort is going green.

Amidst the growing trends in tourism and greening consciousness, Amarela (which means yellow in Portuguese) is making a bold step towards reducing its carbon emissions by going green.

Amarela, a resort which has silently earned its distinction as a homey Boholano resort in Panglao and catering to the upper middle class has been into using the indigenous baskets and crafts of Bohol as its interior design motifs. 

Amarela Resort owner, and true bloodied Antequeranhon, Atty. Lucas Nunag, who heads the Provincial Tourism Council could be properly leading the way to spreading a more realistic green brand for Bohol while claiming as an ecotourism destination.

During the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and GIZ workshop called Greening the Tourism Value Chain held at the Metrocenter Hotel as week, ZCR through resource person Engr. Eric Raymundo, they aim to adapt technology to human needs and environmental boundaries instead of adapting society and nature to technical standards.

Translated to the tourism industry, they aim at making the industry energy efficient in a sustainable and competitive through progressive approaches.

ZCR adopts the 3 Rs: reduce, replace and redesign.

ZCR’s 3R solutions include saving energy through low or no cost measures peak load management for its power consumption, good housekeeping practices, technical adaptations and guest involvement in its energy conservation program.

Citing a guest satisfaction survey they commissioned, ZCR’s Engr. Raymundo claimed that most guests preferred comfortable temperature is at about 20 degrees.

“You do not need to cool down public areas down to 17 degrees,” citing a common resort housekeeping staff of turning the air-conditioners to 17 degrees an hour before the guest checks in.
As to the case of Amarela, its buildings are designed to maximize the use of the sun as natural light and to use the ocean breeze instead as efficient air-conditioning in its restaurant.

Amarelas option to go green would also allow it to replace its fixtures with new, more efficient ones.

Incandescent bulbs would be replaced by compact fluorescent lamps or the even more efficient light emitting diode (LED), and imagine how much would then go to the resort’s savings?, he asked.

In fact, with its ZCR adoption, Amarela gets technical assistance and trouble shooting access from the group in its cooling, cooking, refrigeration, hot water, light, communications and electricity consumption redesign jobs for the resort to exude the least carbon emission, all for going green. (30)

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