Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Three cop stations score
Prefect crime solutions

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, July 26 (PIA) –MABINI, Alburquerque and San Isidro Police stations put up impressive records in crime busting by posting perfect crime solution efficiencies in June, data from Camp Dagohoy reveals.

On the other hand, Anda and Maribojoc Police stations scored 0% crime solution efficiency (CSE) for the month as Anda tracked two crimes solving none and Maribojoc with a single case that remained open.

This too as police blotters all over the island listed 1,314 cases and only 620 of them considered solved, generating only 47% CSE.

At a presentation during the latest Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) meeting held in Balilihan, Bohol, Camp Dagohoy, through Police Provincial Director Constantino Barot publicly released data which showed Mabini police station tallying 12 crimes, all of the considered solved according to a police reckoning system.

Meanwhile, Alburquerque police recorded some seven crimes while San Isidro town had two. These two town police stations also reported that these crimes were all acted upon, investigated and either cases were filed or a filing recommendation was issued. 

Following them on the top ten list of best performing local police units based on crime solution efficiency (CSE) are Garcia Hernandez posting a 90% CSE (9 of 10 cases solved), Valencia at 89% (solving 24 0f 27 cases), Guindulman at 88% (solving 15 of 17 cases), Balilihan at 83 (15 0f 18 solved), Bilar at 82% (9 of 11 cases), Loboc at 81% (13 of 16 cases) and Bohol Tourist Police at 75% (3 0f 4 cases)
On the other hand, stations with low performance also include President Carlos P. Garcia at 8% (1 in 12 cases), San Miguel at 15% (5 of 23 cases), Jagna at 16% (4 of 25 cases), Corella 17% or (4 of 12 cases),  Baclayon 20% (2 of 10 cases) and Sevilla at 22% (2 of 9 cases).

Meanwhile, admitting that they are still stuggling to curb theft, which tops Bohol crimes at 43%, local police authorities urge the public to deny criminals any criminal opportunity.

PSSupt. Constantino Barot sounded the call for community vigilance against crimes and keeping away from opportunities when criminals can commit crimes.

Aside from theft, alarming crimes recorded on Bohol are robberies, physical injuries and carnapping.

Theft, Barot explained happens when owners fail to secure their properties while robbery is committed when the criminals exert force to get advantage of things.

Do not leave your things unguarded, Barot urged, as he admitted “your police could not attend to everybody.”

The grave lack of warm-bodies which is common in all police stations across the country has also dented on the crime busting efficiency of local police, Barot explained.

While the Philippine National Police envisions a police officer for every 500 residents in a community, Bohol police stations operate on a 1:1200. (Rey Anthony Chiu) 

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