Friday, June 17, 2011

Suspected drug peddler
Denies implicating cops

ALLEGATIONS that the suspected drug personality nabbed in Mansasa recently squealed about a police officer supplying him drugs still needs to be ascribed to somebody.

This surfaced as subsequent police authorities investigating the truth behind allegations of Lennox Bas which accordingly implicated a police officer as supplier in his drug trade had been vehemently denied by Bas himself.

Police reports furnished to Camp Dagohoy from City Police Chief Arcadio Jamora said that Bas has denied implicating any Philippine National Police (PNP) member involved in the illegal activity.

Bas also went on to aver that he did not give any statement to the media and to the police authorities when he was interviewed.

A local media outlet aired the suspect’s divulged information, which had Camp Dagohoy leadership immediately concerned.

Bohol Police Provincial Director Constantino Barot immediately instructed police authorities to conduct separate investigations to ferret out the truth of the matter and possibly pinpoint the implicated police officer, if the allegations were true.

The succeeding truth seeking however revealed that police that had Bas in custody had not put the suspect under tactical interrogation, which could have juiced the alleged information.

PSupt. Arcadio Jamora told Director Barot in a memorandum sent to Camp Dagohoy dated June 14, that they never heard from suspect Lyn [Lennox] Bas during his arrest any such claims.

Jamora went on to say, that as far as the office is concern[ed], no police officer has released a statement to any media practioner regarding the alleged divulgement of suspect Lyn Bas considering that no statement of allegation has been obtained from the suspect.

It may also be recalled that radio reporter of a local radio station, Willie Maestrado interviewed City police Chief Jamora and asked him to comment on the alleged claim.

In succeeding police investigations, Maestrado could only say that he heard it from another radio reporter in an early morning broadcast on June 13.

The media reporter which Maestrado mentioned could not be available for comment to date.

Even then, in a radio interview, Jamora himself admitted that he heard of similar allegations in the early 1990s but also denied knowing any in his term.

A lady informant in the same radio interview revealed that once, she personally confronted a small time pusher who divulged that her source was a police from a different service.
To this, PSSupt Barot said he has instructed mandatory random drug tests for police officers, clearly considering the alleged reports could also be true.

The provincial director has assured that he would continue investigations in case a similar case in the early 1990s could have recurred. (Rey Anthony Chiu) 

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