Monday, May 9, 2011

Valves to safe, abundant 
Water access opens here 

Tagbilaran City, May 6 (PIA)---HOPE drips for Bohol towns still faced with problems of accessing abundant potable water. 

This as the government pilots in Bohol a project that promises to put up abundant and safe water for all though the Sagana at Ligtas na Tubig para sa Lahat project. 

For this, a team for the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Department of Health (DOH) conducted a project briefing Friday at the Bohol Tropics. 

According to DILG Bohol head Ma. Louella Lucino, towns which have about 50% of its residents with water access can avail of the project. 

In these towns, it can almost always be a certainty that it also rates low in the poverty threshold and may have been saddled with problems of waterborne diseases. 

These two also add up to the requirements for towns to avail of the project, says Lucino during a courtesy visit to the governor at his weekly radio program at the People’s Mansion. 

For the briefing which happened after the visit, Lucino said her office has invited town mayors, planning officers and health officers to get acquainted with the project details. 

Across the globe, 2.6 billion human beings -- over 40 percent of the planet's inhabitants – still lack basic sanitation, and more than one billion people still drink unsafe water, two UN organizations said. 

Here, “efforts to dramatically improve sanitation conditions and access to clean drinking water throughout the world has been given focus and the country does just that, a government source said. 

"Water and sanitation are among the most important determinants of public health," he noted. 

"Wherever people achieve reliable access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation they have won a major battle against a wide range of diseases, he said. 

However, impoverished towns who could not put safe water in its priorities should be aided to attain a certain level of safe and abundant water security, according to him. 

On the entry of the project, he admitted his elation saying that the government is right on track. (Rey Anthony Chiu)

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