Monday, March 14, 2011

No snake anti-venom
Stockpile in hospitals

TAGBILARAN CITY, March 11, 2011 (PIA)--- FOR snake bites, immediately wash the bite wound with soap and water and rush the victim to the nearest hospital for proper administration.

This sums up Dr, Reymoses Cabagnot’s advice to patients in snake bite cases after admitting that snake anti-venom are not included in the stocked drugs at government hospitals.

Venomous snake bites may be treated with an anti-venom, Dr. Cabagnot said.

Snake antivenins are a man-made biological product called anti-ophidic serum, which can be extracted by milking a snake to extract its venom.

Collected snake anti-venom is then administered into the test animals with natural immune response to allow them to develop antibodies. These are then harvested and stored for medicinal use.

But, the presence of different poisonous snakes in the country also requires different kinds of effective anti-venom, usually obtained from the same kind of snake that bit.

“This makes stockpiling anti-venom for all kinds of snake difficult,” added another medical professional who refuses to be identified.

“While there are polyvalent antivenom-antivenins that are effective on a broad range of poisonous snakes, it would be hard to stockpile them with cases of snake bites rarely occurring,” she said.

Dr. Cabagnot, provincial health officer also added that the government hospitals have no stocks of these antivenins.

The doctor was interviewed after radio reported of a 9-year-old girl who died without treatment.

The child from barangay Napo, Alicia town was believed to be a victim of poisonous snake bite.

Neighbors and relatives brought the nine-year old victim to an alternative healer but the patient was not ushered in as the alternative medicine man had a lot of patients.

Relatives then brought the victim to Dr. Bienvenido Molina, around 6:00 but, sources said the child was dead for 30 minutes before the doctor saw her.

But even if antivenins are effective on most snake bite victims, they may be only if administered within an extremely narrow window of opportunity, the medical practitioner said.

Antivenins are normally administered to the victim as soon as possible, that is 4-5 hours after a snake bite attack.

But, “doctors may also have some reservations in antivenins as these may have adverse reactions to some people, so these must be administered in extreme caution,” she warned. (rac)

Sikad for peace kicks off

POLICE authorities pick March 26, Saturday as a big day for Bohol peace advocates to make a big statement by coming out of their homes into the streets.

That day, police bikers and members of biking clubs take their bikes and join the Sikad alang sa Kalinaw ug Kalambo-an (Bike for Peace and Progress) off to Sikatuna through Corella and back.

On that day too, marathoners and joggers including a contingent from the Philippine Army in various camps set on the pace for the Run for Peace set to follow the biking contingent.

Sikad is the local version of the Padyak sa Kapayapaan popularized in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces, said Camp Dagohoy Operations Officer Arcadio Jamora Jr. recently.   

“We would like to gather as much bikers who are with us in our call for sustained peace in Bohol,” he urged.

For those who don’t have bikes, a Run for Peace is also organized while corollary activities that promote order move in for the day’s activities.

On that day, citizens who care can go to the coastal areas for the coastal clean-up while divers do reef clean-up dives.   
As to the Sikad, bikers who dream of continued peace in Bohol can register now at their local police stations, get on their bikes on the 26th and ride with us on a tour to promote peace, PSupt. Jamora said over at Kapihan sa PIA Thursday.

With the bike tour are medics and salvage trucks that would pick up and give rides to bikers who may have problems with their equipment. 

In a planner he held, Jamora showed other activities participated in by interest groups all set for the day. 

Other embraced activities include a tree planting activity by the bikers at the Sikatuna Tree park, a boodle-fight breakfast and a medical mission to be held in Canapnapan Corella which could serve patients in the Corella Sikatuna service areas

In Panglao island, separate activities include coastal clean-up and scubasurero-reef clean-up by divers from the police, army and private citizens with the equipment.

The activities are coordinated by the Bohol Tourism Office, Department of Education, Philippine National Police, Environment and Natural Resources, Health, Fire Protection and Red Cross and the Jaycees, Jamora said. (racPIABohol)

Bohol’s bid as new PBO hub
Depends upon local leaders

Tagbilaran City, March 11, 2011 (PIA)--- JUST how determined is Bohol to lasso itself into the miracle industry called business process outsourcing (BPO) to get as many workers into the 100 thousand new workers next year would depend on the determination of leaders here.

No less than Commission on Information, Communication and Technology Commissioner Ivan Uy said this during a two part Information Communication Technology (ICT) Summit brought aces in the country’s industry to assess Bohol’s readiness and promise in its bid to get into the next wave of places banking on information technology.

Commissioner Uy, who was keynote speaker proudly said the Bohol ICT Summit activity could bring about economic progress to Bohol as the latest development in BPO has proven for areas like Bohol.

“Economic development can not just be concentrated on the metro regions but it must be brought to the country sides so people can also feel the progress,” Uy said adding that his commission is mandated to do that.

Uy, who has been meeting with the Bohol ICT Council said he saw for himself the ecosystem [in Bohol], said he was “very encouraged because I saw the energy and the desire to bring about rapid economic development” here.

By ecosystem, Uy meant the digital infrastructure set here, the academic community and the relentless pursuit for the right tool for the ICT graduates and the supportive business community.

“Boholanos are very much equipped in the industry,” he said.

The commissioner who traces his roots in Mindanao also pointed out that out that Bohol is right when leaders sought other economic engines for development other than tourism.

“To rely on economic development purely on tourism, in terms of risk management is not very smart: if anything happens to that industry, the economy would be brought out with it,” he said reiterating an analogy for putting all eggs in a basket.

He explained that just as the country banks on the BPO as the second biggest thing next to Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWS) Bohol could actually hitch on the 20% annual growth rate cited off BPOs.

Governor Edgar Chatto, who was visibly ecstatic with the prospect of getting Bohol into the new wave cities marked by a strong ICT presence said the even the lowest entry worker for BPOs, call center agents earns an average of 53% above other entry positions in retail or other industries.

And BPO is not just about call center agents but also the highly professionalized medical transcriptionists, health care information managers, software developers, finance and accounting, engineering works and architectural design.

Commissioner Uy said by next year, the strong 500 thousand BPO workers this year would be added by another P100 thousand workers, and that is up to the local leaders to determine how many of the next 100,000 workers would be Boholanos.  (rac)

Low bandwidths no problem
For Bohol’s BPO hub dreams

TAGBILARAN CITY, March 10, 2011 (PIA) CONTRARY to what most people believe, low bandwidths characteristic of internet services here is not a problem with Bohol’s bid into new wave information communication technology (ICT) destination.

In computer networking terminology, a bandwidth is often used to mean data transfer rate or the amount of data that can be carried from one point to another in a given time period (usually a second), thus expressed in kilo bits (of data) per second (bps).

Commissioner Ivan John Uy shared that the present low bandwidths are easy, seemingly, Bohol’s talent and business environment and risk management (BERM) are still low.

Uy explained at the Governor’s Report that digital communications and telephone companies can easily invest in more bandwidths as long as they could see that there is a promise in their investments.

At the Bohol Information Communication Technology Summit March 10, 2011, also invited were telephone companies who have invested in laying out the foundations for a fiber optic cable connection all throughout Bohol. 

Uy, the keynote speaker during the ICT Summit revealed that industry-developed scorecards showed Bohol fell short on talent and business environment and risk management, which comprises about 50% of the scores.

He however noted that Bohol may have good prospects on the two factors saying that the academe is into the right training to equip workers of the industry demands.

In Bohol, aside from mainstream colleges and universities, other academic institutions are already offering business process outsourcing including call center agent training courses.

According to Uy, call center agents just happen to be 70% of the BPO workers but there is still a huge need for medical and legal transcription, health care information managers, software developers, finance and accounting service, engineering works and architectural design and graphics developers.

He also cited the Philippine edge in training globally competitive workers which the country needs to capitalize.

We have an affinity to the western culture and a highly customer oriented service training, he aired.
As to the business environment and risk management, he said he has seen the government’s efforts and the private sector participation as crucial in developing a strong environment.

Uy cited the strong presence of the Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the summit as an indication that the development of the business climate can be expected. 

Earlier, the Bohol ICT council revealed that to date, Bohol is ready to open its doors to business process outsourcing with around 10,500 workers. (rac)

Trinidad increases revenues by
automating gov’t transactions

AUTOMATION resulted in increased revenues for this town and local government units have eyed replicating the technology for their struggling economies.

At least six automated systems have been installed at its major government offices including its Human Resource management Office, the accounting office, Budget, Local Civil Registrar, Assessor’s Office and the Business Permits and Licensing division, a report from Andrei Garcia said.

Trinidad mayor and former 2nd District Congressman Roberto C. Cajes’ innovation has placed his town among the local government pioneers in the Human Resource’s Government Human Resources Services for efficient and superior human resource performance.

In the Accounting Office, Trinidad town installed the Electronic New Government Accounting System which modernizes financial transactions.

At the Budget Office, Cajes nodded to the installation of the Innovative business-to-business enterprise with resource management solutions.

At the Local Civil Registrar’s Office, the town’s new Batch Request Enquiry Query Systems used automation to authorize the town partner to receive requests for NSO-Civil Registry Documents from the public and issue documents to the clientele.

A Real Property Tax Information System is also in place at the Assessor’s Office to facilitate easy assessment and appraisal of real property as well as improve tax enforcement capabilities for the town.

As to the Office of the Treasurer on the Business Permits and Licensing Division, the town also put up the Geographic Information System which integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, equipment to manage, analyze, and displaying geographically referenced information.

To bolster its data imaging capacity, Trinidad Public Market has recently been equipped with Closed-Circuit Television cameras, he said.

The development also attracted local government leaders from Tampakan, South Cotabato who saw Trinidad by their,, and learned about the consistent high revenue collection of the Public Market.

“They were superbly impressed upon learning about the installed CCTVs in our Public Market and realizing that through GIS, which was originally used in CLUPs, it could also be used in the efficient management and operation of the Trinidad Public Market.

Theology University confers
Salinas a “doctorate degree”

THEOLOGY University recently confers Catigbian Mayor Roberto Salinas a doctoral degree as Doctor of Humanities for his efforts in making things better for his people and the human race. 

During an investiture ceremony at the EcoTech in Lahug last March 9, the education ministry of theology university professors and seminary class organizations hands Salinas the Honoris Causa for his leadership and management qualities that made miracles for an obscure town in Bohol.

Theology University has been helping leaders acquire a title and degree in academics in a non-conventional system to encourage them to acquire higher degree in academics without prejudice to their family or jobs.

The granting institution also wants to emphasize the importance of education in the work of God and enable the leaders to see the need and relevance of education in society.

This should also empower qualified leaders through conferment of an honorary degree, sources said.
Historically, the distinctive honoris causa award was initially intended to reward academic merit: discoveries, important teaching work and the foundation of a new discipline.
Later, it was conferred for major victories but its aim is still to link the university with men and women, from every continent who are striving, through science, culture, commitment, to make things better for the human race.  
For his degree, Salinas was cited for his management and leadership styles which redounded to the general welfare of Catigbianons and the greater interest of the town.

Over the development, Vice Mayor Rey Lacea and the town council, including the department heads which they call as the Performance Team beams with pride and has warmly congratulated the mayor, said Maria Nila Tapales, information Officer designate.

Then a known town lair for the rebels, Catigbian, under Salinas’ helm is getting synonymous with innovative governance and is now fast becoming a mecca for local government units wanting to replicate programs.

A few months back, the town received the distinctive Seal of Good Governance, which the government awards to best performing local units according to a set of scorecards. 

Present as guest and keynote during the investiture was Deputy Ombudsman for the Visayas Pelagio Apostol. (racPIABohol) 


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