Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dumingag brgy leaders
note Catigbian’s peace

FOR a town that had people arming themselves against rebels then, Catigbian now successfully bent their swords into plowshares.

This was what visiting officials from Dumingag, Zamboanga del Sur actually saw.

Probably used to seeing armed men from its nearby critical areas of southern Zamboanga towns, the 44 barangay officials belonging to the Association of Barangay Councils led by association president Nilo Ledesma, never missed to point difference.

Since the time immemorial, Catigbian town has been identified as a lair for insurgents, one that had communities barring their doors and shutting their windows to opt not to see armed men freely roaming around villages at nightfall.

The problem however is already a distant past as local officials of the town led by retired navy captain Roberto Salinas steered clear of the obstacles to chart a route to development and progress though peace.

These braving initiatives got came out as hot news items, largely devoured by similarly developing local governments units seeking development templates.

Dumingag officials agree that upon hearing the news about Catigbian in Bohol, almost similarly situated as their town in the northwestern edges of largely fertile Salug Valley, the decision was complete.

Apart from the fact that Catigbian has successfully shaken off the identity as a lair for rebels, Dumingag officials also note the absence of persons carrying arms and weapon as compared in their municipality, said Maria Nila Tapales, town Information officer.

Catigbian Vice Mayor Rey Lacea declared a session recess for the Sangguniang Bayan to meet the group in an idea exchanging forum facilitated by the Catigbian Performance Team.

Largely impressed by the public facilities inside the Municipal Hall, the visitors were not as prepared for the next sharing.

Mayor Salinas and the performance team leaked to them information and tips on management and operation of various programs and activities particularly on organic farming and revenue generation, ones that never failed to generate applause and admiration.

For the agricultural inputs that the educational trip group wanted to replicate, Catigbian officials escorted the group to the Catigbian Livestock Auction Center, Municipal Demonstration Farm and  Material Recovery Facility.

There, Municipal Agriculturist Mario Banga shared the concepts and operation of the facility and the farm for the group to pick ideas for replication.

The barangay captains were much elated and thankful to the inputs they have learned and experienced in their visit in Catigbian, Tapales excitedly said.

The Dumingag group is the second Mindanao group visiting Catigbian this year and the 81st local government and interest group which sought the Catigbain development templates and saw the programs and projects working.

ABC Dumingang, Zamboanga del Sur had their six days Lakbay Aral in Bohol and Catigbian was one of their educational tour venues. (racPIABOhol)

Barot orders mobile patrols
To stop violating motorists

WATCH out for that patrol car cruising around the streets.

If you are on an illegally traveling motor vehicle and was able to slip through a checkpoint set up in furtherance of the Police Integrated Patrol System (PIPS), rejoice not as yet.

Bohol top police official has said they would order mobile police patrols to immediately flag down anybody seen on board a clearly violating motor vehicle even without nearby checkpoints.

PSSupt. Constantino Barot, Camp Dagohoy top cop has relentlessly pushed for a no-plate no-travel policy in the light of reports that most crimes perpetrated by motorcycle riding criminal elements use motorcycles without plate numbers.  

Police intelligence reports also bare that most carnappers immediately detach vehicle plate numbers to possibly make it difficult for pursuing authorities to immediately identify the hot and stolen vehicle.

On the observation that there are still a lot of motor vehicles that do not display proper plate numbers traveling along main streets and back roads, Police Camp Dagohoy top cop said the PIPS would also go into fielding mobile patrols to fag down any violating motorists anytime they see them.

Observers have noted that every time a police station force puts up strategic roadblocks, not very far away are motorcycles and vehicles parked, obviously not wanting to proceed for fear of getting flagged down for apparent violations.

The situation has been so common that even these motorists do not care to disembark from their illegally traveling vehicles and wait it out until the checkpoints are dismounted.

Over this comical situation, observers have suggested that police also set up mobile lightning roadblocks immediately putting those violators in between two strategic checkpoints.

Media men have openly questioned capability of police officers and deputized traffic agents why there is still a noted proliferation of no-plate number motorcycles, oversized mufflers and drag racers along major thoroughfares and highways.

Considering the very limited personnel available at local stations, PD Barot however said that he would be asking police patrols to immediately flag down any vehicle with a blatant violation of the laws which these enforcers must enforce and implement.

When they are on their patrol routes, they would flag down any vehicle that they notice violating the laws, he said during the recent Talakayan sa Isyung Pulis (TSIP) in Dimiao town Wednesday. (racPIABohol)    

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