Monday, February 14, 2011

Feature Story:

“Amigo” brings migrating
sanos memories of home

BOHOLANOS in the United States and Canada who have longed for home may one day next year see familiar scenes of home, all of it with a premium.

At the upcoming gathering of the Confederation of Boholanos in the USA and Canada (CONBUSAC), participant’s memories would surely be stirred to wakefulness by visions of home, that time through an American independent film.

And instead of a slideshow, the CONBUSAC gathering would be feted with full length film shot entirely in Bohol.

Governor Edgar Chatto revealed Friday that he would ask the film producer to allow for a special screening of “Amigo” a historic depiction of the Philippine-American War in the 1940’s, all shot entirely in Bohol.

For starters, Boholanos from Maribojoc, Loay, Corella, Loon, Antequera and Panglao towns would surely see visons of home as a film “Amigo” greets them during the convention.

Snippets of home could be seen in the film’s sets, locations shoots and perhaps the familiar face of a neighbor who may well be used to enliven the set or stand in for a major actor. 

The main set is shot in Toril, Maribojoc, where an old Spanish era stone church forms a stunning backdrop of most of the movie’s scenes.

An oxcart dragging a man follows a trail in the same Maribojoc barangay where an ambush by Katipuneros, also happen in rice ricefields nearby.

Clarin Ancestral Home in Loay transforms itself as the office of an American colonel commanding a band of troops invading the rural village.   

American soldiers marched in formation at a scenic filed of Canangcaan, Corella, writes Procopio Bersabal in his film review. 

Katipuneros discuss their war tactics in a cave, complete with bats and simulated rain in Basdacu, Loon.

The sacristy of the san Agustin Church in Panglao transforms into the interior of a Spanish era church.

Boholanos there may also find other familiar places in the film: a jungle camp in Boho-boho in Sto Rosario Antequera, a ricefield or one’s abandoned nipa kamalig.

That is if plans push through. (racPIABohol)

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