Monday, February 21, 2011

DA opens scholarships
to Bohol agri-students

THE Department of Agriculture (DA) has promised to infuse scholarship funds to fertilize student farmers’ dreams of cementing a stronger backbone for Bohol economic development.

Governor Edgar Chatto recently announced that Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala has acted positively on a hint from local authorities of a possible help in setting up of a scholarship program for Boholano students who would aspire to study agriculture related courses.

Alcala, who was saddened at the fact that young generations are shunning away from farm work immediately acted on the move to open up 20 scholarship slots for students who can enroll at the local state university in Bohol.

Chatto, who relayed the information from the DA said this would help Bohol nail a claim as a food basket in Central Visayas.

Speaking to media at his weekly Kita ug ang Gobernador, Chatto, who has been very insistent in putting up a vision for a strong agro economy for Bohol side by side with the miracle engine of eco cultural tourism openly admitted the province could not survive apart from agriculture.

“We also have to excel in agriculture as the backbone of our economy”, Chatto said.

Concerned over the dwindling number of people showing interest in agriculture, Chatto said the scholarship covers full amounts of tuition and matriculation fees, stipends, book allowances and other course fees.

“The scholarships is biased to agriculture courses, forestry, fisheries and other related courses,” the governor however announced over his radio interaction program aired all over Bohol.
Meanwhile, sources at the local agriculture office said “this should make students take a second look at the agriculture prospect for this primarily agricultural province.”

The catch however is that deadline for the submission of applications and requirements compliances is March 15, without postponement. 

Interested applicants, he said, must contact Capitol Education Consultant Dr. Cerina Bolos especially on the list of requirements so that students can beat the deadline.

Apart from the 20 slots, Bohol is also opening up another 150 scholarship slots for the highly competitive Carlos P. Garcia Scholarship program and the newly funded Bohol Educational Subsidy Program for poor and deserving students. (racPIABohol)

Voice of Araneta inspires AUDIO

The voice of the 7:00 AM news in Bohol and in person, broadcast institution Fred Araneta of DyRD inspired members of the Association of United Development Information Officers (AUDIO) who aspire to make broadcasting as another channel for disseminating government developmental information.

Himself a broadcaster since his early teens, Araneta, who has been bringing the voice of Bohol current events and government development initiatives was the guest speaker at the broadcasting training for AUDIO members February 10 at the Jjs Seafood Restaurant.

Araneta told government information officers that broadcasters own a greater responsibility of not just to inform and disseminate information but shape values and opinions as well.

He said information officer broadcasters should be at a higher bar over ordinary announcers in as much as information officers not just broadcast but commit to effect reforms in the society, especially in uplifting the quality of life for the benefit of the people.

“We are also rendering public service, if by broadcasting, you help identify people’s problems and let them find the solutions to it,” he said.

A broadcaster since 17 years old, Araneta has been with station DyRD since then and has earned an identity synonymous to the integrity of the Bohol Chronicle Radio Corporation.

Asked about ips on broadcasting, Araneta could only but reiterate “knowing about what you are about to say” as en esteemed commandment for broadcasters.

In his shared commandments of development communicators, he said one must know the subject matter with accuracy.

That way, reaching target audiences with integrated messages can come easy.

He also said as development communicators, government broadcasters must learn to evaluate communications as a two way tool to get messages across audiences.

Broadcasting tips is the latest in the series of programmed trainings for information officers now led by Capitol information officer Augustus Escobia, said consultants at the Philippine Information Agency.

Past trainings include Newswriting, Text News writing, Photojournalism for information officers and communication planning for the towns. (racpiaBohol)

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