Friday, February 18, 2011

Cops’ street presence
Pushed crimes down

CRIME fighting and deterrence has just become scientific in Bohol.

A police anti-crime program called the Police Integrated Patrol System (PIPS) intends to maximize the impacts of police pro-active presence despite their being thinly spread, briefly summarizes PSSupt Constantino Barot at the recent Kapihan sa PIA Thursday and aired live over DyTR.

Bohol police authorities under PSSUpt Barot are now coordinating efforts to spread an encompassing dragnet to get police officers on their toes against crimes and the opportunity to get one done.

Using a system of synchronized checkpoints importing analyzed data from crime statistics in Bohol the past, the PIPS checkpoints are set up in the very times of day when most crimes happen, in areas in Bohol where most crimes happen and on the days of the week or month earlier found to be when crimes usually occur, explains Barot earlier.

The setting up of mobile patrols and checkpoints are coordinated with adjoining towns to spread a fine-eyed net that keeps areas crime free or “lock down” areas so criminals can not get in or get out, police operations said.

This is not just to set up mandatory checkpoints, but also doubles our efforts to up foot patrols and increase police visibility as a crime deterrent.

According to the police provincial commander, the PIPS is intelligence driven activity where every officer manning his post at the checkpoint integrates data gathered from intelligence reports, criminal watchlists, broadcasts and other pro-active data from a wide net of intelligence assets including barangay based anti-crime teams.

The PIPS mobile checkpoints also puts forward the police’s Oplan Sita, anti drugs and illegal firearms, traffic laws enforcement and defensive driving, making it truly an integrated patrol system.

Camp Dagohoy based operations chief PSupt. Arcadio Jamora Jr. bared that the checkpoints have truly dented on the crime incidence in the past months.

Since November when PIPS was launched, police authorities have caused the impounding of about a thousand motorcycles traveling without plates, registrations, no-road worthy, another more than 500 four-wheeled vehicles with similar violations and erring drivers with expired or no licenses, Jamora read from his notes.

Police deputy for operations, PSinp. Ramoncillo Sawan, citing statistics from their weekly monitoring activities averred that indeed crimes went down.

Lowered crime incidence can also be credited to the simultaneously raids on safehouses, homes and known criminal dens, said Barot who starts to savor the successes of a good policing, (racPIABohol) 

Barot assures…
Cops not sleeping on
“shared information”

THANKFUL of the huge bulk of positive information from communities about criminals roaming the province, Bohol police chief PSSupt. Constantino Barot indulges people to be more patient as the police would surely act on them.

We are assuring the people that we are not sleeping on the information they provided, said Camp Dagohoy-based superintendent Barot, who hinted that the latest scores the law enforcement agents are getting came from community sources.

The past few weeks saw police officers conducting lightning raids resulting in almost daily turn-over of suspects, most of the engaged in alarming criminal activities.

Over and above these raids, police intensified its Police Integrated Patrol System which puts up mini-lockdowns all over Bohol roads at different times of day netting countess illegal vehicles and motorcycles, erring drivers and criminal personalities resulting in decrease of crime volumes.

At our weekly monitoring since the PIPS started, we have noted a huge decrease in criminalities, PSupt. Arcadio Jamora averred at the recent Kapihan sa PIA aired over DyTR.

Another officer, PSInsp. Ramoncillo Sawan said that the focus areas for monitoring of street crimes, crimes perpetrated by motorcycle riding criminals and fire-arms control show a down trend.

Over this, PSSupt. Barot urged the people to understand that it is their intention to hassle citizens but to assure their safety and allow an environment of peace and development here.

At checkpoints, our men manning their posts know what to do and in fact they have a hold of intelligence data which helps them keep watch for criminal elements roaming Bohol streets, Barot added.

These checkpoints intelligence data based and are sustained by the massive information shared by intelligence assets in the barangays.

Faced with a dire need for more police presence, Bohol has pushed for the Barangay Peace-keeping Action Teams (BPAT) which the cops established as force multipliers and has fed the enforcers’ massive intelligence data base.

These intelligence reports are being analyzed and these have sustained our operations, many of which proved positive, Barot admitted.

For criminals who simply evade the checkpoints, authorities have asked people to report them.

We can not be in all places at all times, and here we would like to ask people to keep the information coming, Barot said. (racPIABohol)

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