Friday, February 4, 2011

Bohol opens up funding window 
funding culture, arts programs 

THE Provincial Government of Bohol opens up a fund window for assistance for culture and arts development for its towns, one that may go for the records as innovation in local funding prioritization programming. 

Bohol Arts and Cultural Heritage (BACH) Chairman and academician-historian Marianito Luspo revealed this during the opening of the arts month celebration, February 1, in Tubigon town, some 53 kilometers north of Tagbilaran, said town information officer Raymond Delgado. 

Bohol dreamed of becoming a strong eco-cultural tourism destination and has embarked on an arts and culture program making it as a tool for poverty alleviation, one that reaped for the province its cultural Galing Pook award. 

This has also pushed for the prioritization of appropriating funds for local arts and culture development programs, Bohol cultural consultant Lutgardo Labad said. 

To fan out the flames of enthusiasm sparked the interest in culture and arts, Bohol also hammered the innovation in cultural empowerment through the BACH, a consultative and advisory council, which maps out the province’s culture and arts development and policy directions through the years, arts and culture workers recall. 

The council has also recommended for the looking back and reaching deep into the local culture to provide the people the wells of their artistic creativity, one that would also put in a common source of national pride, they shared. 

The rationale is that people who own a common sense of pride would be more predisposed to creativity, one that would push them to work for their own empowerment. A whole lot of good things can happen with this, explains Labad. 

On this, local communities start to organize and streamline their arts, culture and heritage development, conservation and preservation programs funded by their town’s sources. The available local funds however prove to be too meager to start off the aimed cultural revolutions, culture workers shared. 

The opening up of the financial assistance window is a new development that puts up more hope to ease up the momentum for development, Labad added. 

During the opening of the celebration in Tubigon, Mayor William Jao reiterated his position on the critical role of arts and culture in development and nation building. 

He also hinted the town’s direction of continued efforts in preserving and promoting our unique culture and arts. 

Speaking to over five hundred pupils and students from the town’s different academic institutions who gathered for the first time to mark February as the Arts Month. 

Town tourism officer Dennis Balbero conceptualized this year’s activity while the local government funded the gathering through the Sangguniang Kabataan Federated President Carmel Claros, Delgado said in a press statement. 

The event formally kicked off with a grand parade around the town center in which 13 schools in the town marched with the drum and bugle corps accompanying the event, Delgado bared. (racPIABohol with Tubigon MPIO)

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