Friday, January 14, 2011

First fish bagsakan
Center opens here

STEPS in pulling the manipulated fish price in Bohol takes pace as dialogs and consultations effect the setting up of the first bagsakan center for fish in Bohol.

Governor Edgar Chatto bared this during his weekly radio program Friday, stressing that the recommendation for a unified bagsakan center surfaced following a technical working group’s rigid meetings and discussions with stakeholders.

He said his recent visit to northern Bohol showed that not all parts of the island is affected by the distorted market prices of fish as experienced in Tagbilaran and nearby towns.

Chatto also defended fishermen whom several people accuse of having a hand in the determination of the market price.

“In fairness to the fishermen”, Chatto said, “at landing sites, prices are not as high, as high as when it reaches the market”.

Having told this, the governor hints that despite all production factors, a huge area to account is what happens between the landing traders and the market stall traders.

With the TWG on fish seeing this same gap too, a recommendation to put up “bagsakan centers” to easily monitor and track fish price movements and production supplies is also set up.

The Bagsakan centers were conceived to answer to the distortion of the normal fish supply and demand as supplies from Northern Bohol need not be sent to Cebu to get assured of a market, a TWG member said.

The first Bagsakan center opens wit Bohol Diocesan Multi-Purpose Cooperative Inc., operating it, Chatto revealed.

The bagsakan centers assure people of monitored prices and at the same time allow enough profits for traders but not after choking the Boholano consumers of their hard earned money, he said.

The first bagsakan uses supplies from northern Bohol, which did not feel the tightening prices of fish in their area, Chatto added.

Over all this, the TWG has started issuing fish prices daily from all over Bohol to discourage manipulation in price, according to the governor

He also dreamed about making a way where fisheries stakeholders can source out fuel which are lower than the pump price, one that he could actually bring out in a meeting with the fuel companies’ bigwigs in Bohol. (racPIABohol)

NGOS wish Bohol to be global
Markets’ agri-products supplier

BOHOL non government organizations (NGOs) want the administration to take a closer look at the onset of globalization as a convenient vehicle for Bohol’s communities to hitch ride on out of poverty.

At least this was one personal view of a veteran organizer involved in community development work here.

Admitting he is not as familiar with the new administration’s development directions compared to the Aumentado Administration, Engr. Vicente Loquellano said he wished communities could engage the government in regaining the bid for Bohol to supply the global market with its products.

As executive director for People’s Fair Trade and Assistance Center (PFTAC), Loquellano has his NGO assisting small banana planters and in exporting their produce to Japan, a marketing strategy that they still could not fully maximize due to limited production.

“There is a big market of local bananas for chips,” Loquellano reminds Boholanos during the recent Kapihan sa PIA, which was aired live over DyTR Thursday.

He said there is still an open market in Leslie Foods Corporation which demands around 15,000 kilograms of bananas every other day, “one that we have seen but could not really supply because of the few number of banana producers.”

Loquellano hints that a provincial government support in this area could formally boost production and spur more jobs in the sector.

Loquellano was with Emiia Roslinda and Maithe Palo of the network of organizations under the Bohol Alliance of Non-Government Organizations (BANGON) to discuss prospects of community development for Boholanos.

The Kapihan Forum was also the capping celebration of the Community Development Week, celebrated every first week of January all over the country.

BANGON has been coordinating community development and has adopted focused area approach system to maximize resources and create bigger project impacts on scale, Roslinda explained.

Now into playing with convergence to the hilt, Bangon and its member NGOS have partnered with Local Government Units in providing technical support and in complementation of resources as cash investments, manpower in developing sustainable solutions to community issues, he said. 

More than being a global agri products supplier, Bangon also hopes that the new ecotourism products of Bohol would find acceptance by foreign and local tourists who are truly into eco-adventure which are managed by communities, said Maithe Palo of BANGON. (racPIABohol)

Delusa defends Barot on
Police relief, camp arrest

PROSECUTOR Macario Delusa defends Camp Dagohoy head in the decision to relieve a cop and restrict him to barracks after being alleged with abuse of authority and police brutality.

Delusa believed the action of PSSUpt Constantino Barot in recalling to barracks PO2 Tomas Bullecer after complaints of police brutality was in order and was correct.

Reports said that Bullecer whipped a certain Severino Sanchez, 25 years old, who appeared at the Loay police station showing welts all over his body.

That same night, Bullecer also allegedly barged into another house and sought personalities he reportedly would like to slap.

The case was brought to a consultative assembly at the Bohol Tropics last week by Loay Mayor Rosemarie Imboy, apparently asking the Philippine National Police to impose sanctions.

Bullecer is the brother of a mayoralty candidate who run against Mayor Imboy.

Bringing the same case to the Provincial Peace and Order Council Meeting Thursday, council members fear speculations that the police organization is mum about the allegations because of politics.

On the matter, PSsupt Barot said he has ordered the relief and barracks restriction to Bullecer to keep him from possibly influencing the investigations.

To show he has been impartial to the victim, Barot said he offered a police escort to keep the victim safe while he was filing his complaint at the Internal Affairs Service of the Philippine National Police.

Citing his adherence to due process, Barot said he can only do as much as he wants the accused police officer to be given due process by allowing investigative bodies to probe on the allegations.   

On this, Delusa also added that an administrative case can be filed by the police to the Ombudsman against the accused while the victims could also go and file separate complaints to the People’s Law Enforcement Board (PLEB) to hasten the investigations.

“In this incident, its better that the police director initiates a case before the office of the ombudsman aside from the IAS and the PLEB”, he said.

By this, the chairman of the town PLEB committee can initiate an investigation as an aid in the gathering evidence against the accused, Delusa stressed. (racPIABohol)

“No letting guards down”

“THE deadline has passed but we are not letting our guards down,” Col. Romeo Brawner told the Provincial Peace and Order Council during a meeting at the Bohol Tropics Thursday January 13.  

“We are fortunate that we have surpassed the deadline set by Abu to kidnap foreign foreigners,” Brawner said during the recent assessment of the peace and security situation in Bohol. 

“We will not let our guards down, we will maintain security not only in Panglao but the whole of Bohol as well, our boats will remain in the area and our focus will remain in place,” he added.

Governor Edgar Chatto also echoed Brawner pronouncements saying “The most critical moments are when we believe the danger has passed.”

Brawner, who leads the army Special Forces Battalion cited the intelligence report that said a band of Abu Sayaff bandits were heading to Bohol on a double-engine speedboat Monday January 10 to kidnap two foreign tourists.

Brawner also confirmed that the same intelligence report which said that the deadline for the operation was within January 10-11.

“Bohol was indeed a target for kidnapping by Abusayyaf, our Manila intelligence has confirmed,” Brawner shared.

Immediately after receiving the intelligence report, which was validated and was said to have come from a reliable agent in Zamboanga, police and military authorities in Bohol rolled into motion security operations and crisis management planning to get the most immediate deterrent assets in the general area where the hit was supposed to happen.

PSSupt Constantino Barot also immediately placed Bohol under a heightened security alert even as he directed the deployment of additional police troops, augmented police stations located within Panglao island and neighboring tourist islands of Balicasag and Pamilacan.

The Philippine Navy also sent a patrol boat while the Army Special Forces also deployed their sea asset to beef up security operations in the seas.

Barot also bared that the Philippine Air Force has committed an attack and a utility chopper for the operations of the area south of Bohol. 

On this, Governor Edgar Chatto stressed that “Our preparedness would never be substituted by anything else.”

We should always have the capability to respond not only to the present, but future dangers and threats, Chatto told PPOC members. (racPIABohol) 

BJMP team nabs
Fugitive in Ilo-ilo

THE LONG arms of the law caught up with a Bohol fugitive in Ilo-ilo City some eighteen days after he wittingly slipped through 24 guards and 8 security cameras of the jail facility last December 26.

The fugitive, whom jail warden Reynan Torreon identified as Gary Gavino Curay alias Michael Gutierrez Curay was recovered at around 8:00 am, January 13 by a team composed by the Bohol Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) to pursue a lead that the escapee has escaped to Negros.

Governor Edgar Chatto immediately congratulated the BJMP for the recovery of Curay, who was serving time for theft and was facing rape charges in Bohol courts.

The Bohol team, composed of SJO3 Medard Bompat, Jo1 Julius Lacea ug Jo1 Fidelberto Sanoy had to cross to Negros together with an informant to recapture Curay, Torreon said during a radio interview Thursday.

“An informant told us about it and we immediately crafted a team and sent them to Ilo-ilo,” Torreon said.

After his escape, a bounty of P50,000 was offered to whoever could give information leading to Curay’s re-arrest.  

It may be recalled that Curay bolted the BJMP facility in Cabawan district of this city by outmaneuvering 24 guards on duty and 8 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

In an aired telephone interview, JSupt Torreon said Curay was able to slip through the CCTV cameras “as most were not focused on the paths which Curay used to escape.”

Torreon, who learned of the recapture by text message from his men in Ilo-ilo said the recovered criminal and escorts would board an Ilo-ilo boat bound for Cebu before getting a ride to Bohol.  

Chatto on the other hand called the successful operations a triumph in dynamic exchange of information and good intelligence networking.

Gov. Chatto told the Provincial Peace and Order Council that he has instructed the Provincial General Services Office and the Provincial Engineer to strengthen any weak links in the jail security perimeter to discourage any future attempts by prisoners. (racPIABohol)  

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