Friday, December 31, 2010

Cops destroy illegally sold
firecrackers, pyrotechnics

EXPLOSIVES supposed to welcome the year with a bang got a hiss instead.

Last December 29, some P130T worth of confiscated assorted firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices never had their wicks ignited in two separate occasions.

A dousing hiss was what they got from a fire fighting team used by authorities to destroy these illegal merchandise that could otherwise be a lot of pains for police and civilian victims.

In the morning, City police authorities led by Psupt Julius Cesar Gornez doused another P50T worth of assorted firecrackers and pyrotechnics confiscated during a raid at Big Tops and Kayang Kaya Marketing.

The firecrackers were intended for sale to New year revelers.

In the afternoon of the same day, another P80T worth of similar firecrackers and pyrotechnics were doused in front of the Bohol Provincial Police Office at Camp Dagohoy in a simple ceremony attended by Chiefs of Police in nearby stations.

The afternoon firecrackers and pyrotechnics were from the same Kayang Kaya Marketing and confiscated after a search by police authorities at the store last December 23, 2010, according to an inventory report filed at the Bohol Police office.

The seizure was for absence of a retailer’s or detailer’s license, said PO2 Jess Martinez of the Firearms and Explosives, Security Agencies and Guards Supervision Section (FESAGSS) of the Philippine National police at Camp Dagohoy.

The dousing operations were to rid the city and Bohol residents of a chance to be victims of dangerous firecrackers especially those sold by unlicensed dealers, city police sources added.

The December 23 raid at Kayang Kaya produced 3 boxes of baby rocket, 6 large packs of baby rockets, 1 huge box of triangles, 5 boxes of pull strings, 12 packs of poppers, 3 huge boxes and 4 small packs of Judas’ belt, 45 packs of sky rocket sets, 12 big packs and 9 medium packs and 8 small packs of Picollo, 6 boxes of mini Picollo, 4 big packs of Superbang.

Also destroyed after confiscation were 3 packs of G6 rockets, 7 big packs, 9 medium packs and 13 small packs of judas belt firecrackers plus a carton of sparklers and a pack of Roman Candle.

Asked what the next steps would be for authorities who swooped down on the store and caught the store illegally operating, Martinez said investigations have to be done.

They could be charged in violation of Republic Act 7283 or illegally selling explosives and firecrackers, he explained.

When found guilty, store owner Ailyn Ang could be fined P30T, get imprisonment between 6 months to one year and possible revocation of permits.

A few weeks ago, Bohol PSSupt. Constantino Barot warned against these illegal dealers who would try to sneek their firecrackers and illegally sell them. (racPIABohol)

Achieving 3rd in a row feat…
Tubigon bags outstanding
2010 town nutri-program

FOR THE third time in a row, Tubigon leads the most outstanding town nutrition programs in Bohol.

The feat also clinched for them the honor of getting into the major league of the best national nutrition programs as they qualify for the national competitions, said Juliet Manliguez, Bohol Nutrition Coordinator Wednesday.

The feat also makes the town among the consistent winners in Bohol now including Calape, Talibon and Inabanga who each had wowed the National Nutrition Council evaluation teams for their best practices in nutrition programs implemented in the grassroots.

Reaping an average of 96.24%, Tubigon, creatively exacts funds for nutritional feeding and supplementation program from their Kwarta sa Basura.

In consonance with the municipal solid waste management council, Kwarta sa Basura has become a revenue generation program to prop up the town’s nutrition cookie jar, said Jonafe Boligao, town nutrition action officer.

Tubigon however is just less than a point ahead of second place holder: Sikatuna.

Sikatuna mayor Jose Ellorimo, during a press forum before the awarding ceremonies held at the Jjs Seafoods Village said that aside from promising to continue their ongoing nutri-programs, he would ensure that the regular weighing schedule to monitor malnutrition is closely observed.

Provincial Health Officer Reymoses Cabagnot has reiterated weighing as the easiest determining tool to track malnutrition.

Ellorimo also added that he has started a non-discriminatory feeding program, which he vows to sustain.  

Sikatuna capped a 95.95% rating while leading a point before Garcia Hernandez.

For his town, Garcia Hernandez Mayor Miguelito Galendez wants to go scientific in his programs as he said what has been practiced in the past would be continued and improved.

He cited crucial local government support in the monitoring and observation of regular feeding schedules, tracking the noted differences and keeping a statistics of malnourished children and their whereabouts.

To do just this, the newly elected mayor added he would like to get into the problem by immersing himself into the situation to know the real nutrition score in his town.

Also a point after Garcia Hernandez is Ubay, which rated a neat 93.95. The town has been known to conduct their year-round feeding program using the Top Quality Malnutrition Deletion Program (TGMD) using a local nutrimix processed exactly for their purpose, said Nutrition Action Officer Basiledes Pepino.

Also raking in the top ten nutrition programs are Corella (92.89), San Miguel (92.47) which uses a Walk for a Cause fund raiser to prop up its nutritional feeding program according to Dr. Delbert Jabone.

Also in the list are Jagna (91.09) which has an annual aid in nutritional feeding from Philos, Getafe (90.79), Balilihan (90.71) with its pioneering food always in the home and backyard gardening program says nutrition action Officer Charisma Tagsa.

Barging into the list of awardees this year is Carmen (90.87), who said through Dr. Josephine Jabonillo that they are aiming for no less than the top spot soon.

Awarded also are District winners in the outstanding barangay nutri-programs topbilled by Bilangbilangan Island of Tubigon (Bhol1), Villa Teresita Ubay (Bohol 2) and Datag Garcia Hernandez (Bohol 3). (racPIABohol)
Villa Teresita sees better
Nutrition showing in ‘11

BE it a maintenance of the nutrition honor they get this year or a higher rating than their obtained 89.4%, Barangay Villa Teresita health workers believe it should be another good year for their nutrition program in 2011.

Barangay Villa Teresita is one of the barangay winners as of the coveted outstanding barangay nutrition council for Bohol, an honor it shares with Bilangbilangan Island in Tubigon and Datag in Garcia Hernandez town.

According to Marilou Macasampong, Villa Teresita Barangay Nutrition Scholar, she feels it would be better days ahead for the barangay with newly elected chairman George Villadores whom she ascribes good leadership skills.

For Villadores, it would be working on the traditional practices and programs in nutrition implemented in my barangay and then working to enrich them further.

Now into engaging households in the purok levels to come up with vegetable and food support resource, the program has breached the schools that Villa Teresita has consistently won for three consecutive years the Ampalaya Gardening Award for Ubay town, said Villadores.

The newly elected barangay chairman said he has confidence that the barangay nutrition council would still support their goal to decrease malnutrition among their kids.

But much of the hardwork really comes from the Barangay Nutrition Scholar, he pointed out as he diffuses the credit to Macasampong.

Its still education campaign on nutrition, proper breastfeeding techniques, maternal care, post natal, neo-natal care, gardening, food production, supplementation, and empowering our people, Macasampong shared.
Macasampong said being a barangay nutrition scholar is not a paying job but the motivation of seeing children in your barangay grow healthy and productive is a pay-off no money could buy.

Now, as winners, their barangay earns cash award and plaque from the Provincial Nutrition Council and the Provincial Government of Bohol.

Of course, we have to be very thankful to former barangay chairman Carlito Timbalaco, who started a very laudable program for nutrition that we adopted, Villadores said.

As to the award, he said “It would be a good starting fund again to get our programs going for the coming year”. (racPIABohol)
“We will soon get there,” says
Carmen to top nutri-awardees

Watch out, someday we will get there.

The playful warning came from Dr. Josephine Jabonillo, Carmen Municipal Nutrition Action Officer during the annual Provincial Nutrition Awarding Ceremony at the Jjs Seafoods Village December 29.

Speaking in response to Carmen’s successful showing of finally shoving the town among the province’s top towns with outstanding nutrition programs, Dr. Jabonillo said she would be using an inspiration given by the governor to peg a mark for the town to surpass.

Then listed as the least of Bohol towns in nutrition, Carmen town has slowly worked its way to number 29, then number 18.

A few years later, we were number 14, and a year ago we were number 11. Now we have made it to number 10.

The challenge however might not anymore apply to Tubigon town, which has snagged their third consecutive honor awards in nutrition making them eligible to the national competitions, said Froilan Cosgafa, executive assistant to Tubigon Mayor William Jao.

Also off the list of potential contenders to the top spot now aimed by Carmen are the towns of programs of the towns of Calape, Inabanga and Talibon which have been automatically disqualified in the provincial competitions, them being national record holders in nutrition, Juliet Manliguez said.

Manliguez, the Provincial Nutrition Coordinator explained that the towns were rated according to a measuring and evaluation tool produced by the National Nutrition Council.

Assuring they would not rest on their earned recognition as among Bohol’s towns with the best nutrition programs, Jabonillo said they would not be comparing with other towns but surpass their past record instead.

In a message to the awardees, Governor Edgar Chatto, who challenged all towns to deliver good nutrition marks said he would also like the towns to be comparing with their own past performance as the best way to improve on their rnarkings and excel.

“When you want to excel, you must try to compare with your performance, Chatto urged as he elucidates the winning formula to nutrition.

This way, standards must be kept high always, he reiterated, citing the fear that towns may rest on their nutrition laurels and slide back. (racPIABohol)
Catigbian hands cash awards
For 2010 performing athletes

CATIGBIAN Bohol. SPORTS and youth development has gone professional in this town, which has earlier vowed a no-nonsense program after a humiliating sports performance few years back.

How can we produce the best athletes if we only give them a week of rigid athletic training, Mayor Robertio Salinas blurted out upon seeing the futility of a haphazard training regimen for their athletes competing in sports competitions.

On this, the retired navy captain mayor egged his council to back up a sports training program that would generate the best athletes who shall bring the town’s name in sports competitions.

Recently, aside from bringing home the bacon in sports competitions they participated in, local athletes also received cash incentives from the local government 

Winning athletes who represented the town in this year’s different levels of sports competitions earned cash awards during the monthly convocation held December 20.

According to Maria Nila Tapales, town information officer, the awarding came after Mayor Roberto Salinas convinced the local legislators to put up a sports incentive fund through an ordinance.

After that, Catigbian put up an annual P40,000 cash incentive fund for athletes, one that we have to prop up with another supplemental ordinance of P14,000 to account for the better medal harvest for the year, Tapales continued.

The P54,00 appropriations this year is different from the appropriations as honoraria for coaches, trainors and training instructors, appropriation for sports equipment acquisition and financial support to the competing delegation, she added.

Athletes who competed and reaped awards during the Congressional meet for public schools, BACS meet for catholic secondary schools, the provincial meet and the Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association (CVRAA in Dumaguete) each received at least a hundred to a thousand pesos.
After the incentive program was institutionalized, we noticed a flurry of excitement among local athletes who appear to be more determined to bring out their best and excel in their fields.

Tapales cited that the sports training regimen has also made it possible for Catigbian to send about 21 athletes to the regional athletic competition.

While the delegation could probably be the biggest among towns here, Catigbian officials were sure that the harvest of about 7 medals could eloquently tell the success stories.

Catigbianons came home bringing various medals in arnis, sepak takraw, badminton doubles, single lawn tennis for high schools, javelin throw and swimming. (racPIABohol)
CPG residents claim
“4Ps” cash grants

MORE than a thousand indigent beneficiaries of the government’s conditional cash transfer from Carlos P. Garcia town convoyed to Talibon Cultural Center to receive their four-quarter worth of cash grants during a ceremonial pay-out Wednesday, December 29, 2010.

The cash grants, to some families the mighty difference between mendicancy and living honorably amounted to at least P6,000 to P16,800, said Department of Social welfare and Development Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) information officer Aileen Lariba in a press statement. 

The direct cash grant handed over to beneficiary families of CPG town form part of the P9.8 M government conditional cash transfer allocation for the island town, she explained.

The amount also forms part of the more than P85.4M which Bohol in its totality could get for the 13 town beneficiaries namely Alicia, Buen Unido, Buenavista, Carmen, Dagohoy, Danao, Inabanga, Getafe, Mabini, Pilar CPG, Trinidad and Ubay.

For families from economically hard-up CPG town still reeling from the effects of a drought that has affected most of the island agriculture, the cash assistance could be the stimulus pack that could make them coast to a fateful new year.

It is therefore no surprise that beneficiaries from island huddled at Union Port as early as 5:00 am waiting to be ferried to mainland where they get the cash grant from a nearby Land Bank branch in Talibon.

Concerned about the horrible task of accommodating the huge crowd which include school and preschool kids in tow, Mayor Tesalonica Boyboy has to creatively match her sales skills to the resources she must find to get food and transport support to her people.

Both Governor Edgar Chatto and Congressman Erico Aumentado pitched in to provide the needed logistics to get the people from Tapal Wharf to the ceremonial payout in Talibon, more than 20 kilometers away.

Chatto, taking up the theme of the event told Boholanos that the efforts of the national government matches with the local agenda where Health and Education top.

As to the matter of a conditional cash transfer, Chatto explained that the urgency to put education as a measure to reduce poverty has never been so strongly advocated in the 4Ps.

DSWD’s 4Ps is a poverty reduction strategy of the national government that provides cash grants to extremely poor households to allow them meet certain human development goals in exchange to conformity to the program's conditions for compliance by the beneficiaries.

The conditions are as follows: (1) pregnant women must get pre- and post-natal care; attended by skilled health professional during childbirth (2) parents or guardians must attend responsible parenthood sessions, mother’s classes and parent effectiveness seminars (3) children 0-5 Years of age should get regular preventive health check-ups and vaccines (4) children 3-5 years must attend day care/pre-school classes at least 85% of the time  (5) children 6-14 years must attend elementary or high school at least 85% of the time and should  receive de-worming pills twice a year, according to Lariba. (racPIABohol) 

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