Friday, October 1, 2010

Blue guards included

in election gun-ban


EVEN the blue guards who carry their fire-arms with them after duty could be accosted for violation of the gun-ban imposed to secure a peaceful elections, said Commission on Elections (COMELEC) provincial election supervisor Eliseo RZB Labaria.


The Comelec is the coordinating agency in the mounting of random checkpoints manned by the police and the members of the Philippine National Police in preparation for the synchronized barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections set October 25, 2010.


The entire country would then be electing all over the country's barangays a barangay chairman, seven councilors, a youth chairman and seven more youth councilors on that day.


The Comelec gun-ban started to take effect last week, Labaria said. 


Speaking at the weekly Kapihan sa PIA aired over DyTR Thursday, September 30, the provincial poll agency head said in the event that anybody not authorized to carry fire-arms is accosted at the joint checkpoints mounted by the Comelec, elements of the Philippine National Police and the Philippine Army, he could get one year to six years imprisonment in violation of the gun ban. 


"This is despite documents, which these blue guards may present", authorities pressed.


According to Atty. Labaria, the only persons authorized to carry fire-arms are members of the police and military who are on duty and these people should be identified with the proper uniform they are wearing.


The country's poll agency implements the joint security checkpoints noting that the resounding success of the previous national elections was largely due to the mounting of checkpoints, Comelec assessments bared.


 In Bohol, the checkpoints also effectively curbed criminalities despite the fact that election periods usually perk up petty crimes associated with the period.


Local police crime records however report lower than projected crimes during the poll season in May.


The joint checkpoints however, as the law requires, should be placed in a well-lit sections of highway, with men in uniform and nametags clearly identifying the checkpoint elements.


A notice announcing the check-point would also show the name of the highest ranking official of the local police as well as the election officer of the locality.  (racPIABohol)

Comelec starts accepting

Candidates for sync-polls


Since last Friday, October 1, until October 13, the Commission of Elections Offices all throughout the country shall be opened to accept certificates of candidacies from 8:00 to 5:00 including Saturdays and Sundays.


This as the Comelec has started receiving certificates of candidacies for barangay positions for the October 25 synchronized barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections (SK). 


In the next 13 days, some 17,744 persons would be preparing in flurry, activities leading to generating support through votes to launch them to the 1,109 barangay seats made available by law through the synchronized elections. 


All appointed or elected officials who decide to grab the chance to go down and get the vacant post are deemed resigned ipso-facto on the same day they file their candidacies.


And to make the job of the commission easier, the local Comelec can make outright denials of candidates if they could not prove their residence requirement or their being registered voters of the area they are interested in getting elected.


In fact, Bohol Election Supervisor, Atty. Eliseo Labaria said the resignation is effective 5:00 am of the same day they file their candidacies, over at Kapihan sa PIA September 30 and aired live over DyTR. 


By election day, October 25 after 3:00 pm, new barangay officials would have been proclaimed although the results need to be transmitted to the town halls where the municipal election offices are located.


Considering the distance and the transport of these election returns, Atty. Ricardo Villares, election officer of Bohol town with the most numerous barangays, the over-all results could be had after a day, or October 26.


Villares, who is Loon town's election officer shall be directly responsible for the election processes of 67 barangays whom, voters would all undergo the polls through the manual system.


Instead of an automatic machine to discard or accept legitimate votes, the manual system hands to the Board of Election Tellers (BET) the responsibility to appreciate the written votes.


The BET decides whether the ballot would be counted as valid, marked as a counter-sign to assure vote buyers that the vote was indeed delivered, Atty Labaria said.


Over the possible deluge of voters on the election day, Comelec has already adopted through a resolution the clustering of precincts of less than 500 voters who will have to make their votes from 8:00 to 3:00 on October 25, according to Labaria. (rac/PIABohol)

Taiwan mission invites DTI Bohol

To explore business opportunities


TAIWAN mission invites the local office of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to a one-on one trade meeting in Manila next week.


According to a communication furnished to this paper, Taiwan Mission brings in a bundle of more than twenty Taiwanese companies opens an opportunity to meet and explore business opportunities with local buyers, distributors and even trade experts.


These companies, who are at the forefronts of technological innovations in heavy industries would bring in products ranging from heavy equipment to machineries, hardware and tools, building and construction materials including steel, automobile parts, electric and networking products, medical equipment, health foods to teaching specimens, said DTI Bohol information Officer Lucille Autentico.


The meeting also affords the companies to demonstrate the broad range of their latest products for their future partners in the Philippine market, Autentico added.


Organized by the Taiwan external Trade Development, Taiwan Mission is aimed at exploring and developing future trade prospects in the country.


The event is also co-presented by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office and the Manila Economic and Cultural Office, she added.


Set in Makati on October 4, the mission allocates much time in buyer, distributor and company interaction with practical demonstrations of the capabilities of Taiwanese products.


Confirmed Taiwanese companies include a-Plus Integrated Circuits Inc., Color Value Tech. Inc., The Export-Import Bank of the Republic of China, Kunn Chuan Enterprise, Toplonk C and C Corporation, Tenshall Biotech Ltd., Hi-Heat Furnace Industrial co., Sheng Shu Metal Company.


Hou Chuia Biopharm Co. Ltd., Groovy Technology Corp., Chea Hwae Enterprise Corp. Ltd., Windfloweres Technology Co., Ginkgomed Company, Apex Precision Technology Corp, Jicond Foods Corp Ltd., Are Sheng Industry Corp. Ltd., Taiwan Am Corp., Ltd., and Conveyor Transmission System.


With Bohol still on the construction upswing, attendance to the mission would allow the local DTI to see the latest products and its capability for them to be guided in the regulatory and quality standards of the government on consumer products. (racPIABohol)  

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