Friday, October 29, 2010

Comelec official volunteers

To be witness in poll probe

A ranking Commission on Elections (COMELEC) official has volunteered to be a witness, should the poll body call for an investigation on alleged sabotage to disrupt the elections, at least in Tagbilaran City.

City Comelec registrar, Atty Ariel Selma said he would be a willing witness if only to prove that he has nothing to do with the allegations that would implicate the long questioned capability of the poll body to conduct the polls five months holding after national elections.

Last Monday, as early as 6:00 AM, reports have reached radio stations about the unusually delayed delivery of the remaining election paraphernalia, which were made available only at about 4:00 AM on the day of the elections.

Poll authorities in the precincts also share the same observation: the delayed delivery caused late start of the poll opening, or until the materials were withdrawn from their respective city or municipal election offices.

In Jagna town, reports said that at least a precinct opened when most precincts opening at 7:00 would be closing.

In Tagbilaran City, while most precincts opened by around 9:00, at lunchtime, several polling places have reportedly run-out of ballots.

According to Provincial Comelec Supervisor Atty Eliseo Labaria, the city needs 47,858 ballots but only about 39,244 of these arrived [from Manila].

Of these, 33,900 were included in the delivery’s first batch, he added that the city accordingly awaits for the 7,800 remaining ballots on the second batch of deliveries, which was expected at around 11 AM.

Because of this, many supporters of candidates accused the City Hall of sabotaging the elections by withholding ballots, one which the city government has vehemently denied.

In early morning radio interview, Atty. Selma said the office of the City Treasurer through has appraised him that the office is awaiting for the 7,800 ballots to be delivered to city precincts.

It turned out however that the Provincial Comelec through Atty Eliseo Labaria has found out that ballots at the CTO were awaiting for delivery by lunchtime.

Atty Labaria immediately ordered the speedy delivery of the same while his team roved around the precincts around 3:00 to collect extra ballots to be used in other ballot starved precincts.

In the meantime, polling have to be temporarily suspended in precincts without ballots, while Board of Election Tellers (BET) of concerned precincts allegedly announced polls to continue as soon as the remaining ballots are delivered.

The delay has ignited chaos in several precincts as tempers rose and impatient voters who were made to wait, went home.

Over the controversy, voters who were not able to vote demanded from the Comelec a probe to determine culpability.

Atty Eliseo Labaria has also hinted that an investigation would be called to answer questions as to who would be held responsible. (racPIABohol)


“Dynamic Learning” up

For Bohol hi-schools

CLOSING in on the dream of making Bohol a center for educational excellence in the region, Governor Edgar Chatto said launching the Dynamic Learning Program (DLP) next year and engaging the country’s education secretary would be a big step.

At his weekly radio program aired live over local radio stations, Chatto revealed that no less than secretary and another top official of the Department of Education (DepEd) will be here within the week.

Despite a 93% literacy rating, local officials noted that landing better jobs for graduates is still an issue.

Amidst troubled educational system in the country, local officials have resolved to address at least the basic need of tooling of high school graduates to get them better chances of a job.

Earlier, Chatto cited a recent study that shows a high rate of high school students not making it to college.

Picking up education as an administration’s priority, Chatto drew a system where technical and vocational skills training in the high school would be put in, to assure young workers better chances of jobs.

Upon learning of the successful implementation of a (DLP) as pioneered by Jagna town couple Christopher and Ma. Victoria Bernido, he said such could be done in Bohol.

Themselves noted physicists and academicians, the Bernido couple developed an efficient learning and teaching method, one that Chatto hopes could be replicated in Bohol secondary schools.

The Bernidos, who administer Central Visayas Institute in Jagna has implemented a student centered learning system, where teaching focuses on student activity rather than on traditional classroom lectures.

A blog at says “the set-up is 70% student activity–30% lecture/discussion, and usually national experts do the majority of the lectures via video. The students learn independently, because each activity is provided with a clear, learning target.”

“The student will try to understand the lesson on their own by reading the concept notes and by doing the exercises before the lesson is discussed and explained,” the blog shared.

Some examples of student activities are solving exercises, answering guide questions and copying notes.

“Each student keeps a portfolio of his work as a representative documentation of his schoolwork. This would later on serve as his reviewer and proof also of his performance in school.”

The program includes a portfolio of learning activities to be individually accomplished by the students, and closely-associated weekly video-based lectures featuring National Expert Teachers.

Real-time teacher-expert and student-expert interaction happens through text-messaging and electronic mail, the blog stated. (racPIABohol)


Two holidays up this week

TWO holidays await Boholanos this week as All Saints’ Day and Carlos P. Garcia Day share the same the first work-week of the month of November this year.

By law, November 1, which falls on Monday has been declared special non working day.

The day is traditionally celebrated in the Christian world as All Saints' Day.

November 2 or the All Souls' Day, unlike last year however, is a regular working day.

Meanwhile, by virtue of Republic Act 7448, November 4, Thursday is a special non-working holiday in Bohol.

Such is to commemorate the 114th birth anniversary of the late Boholano President Carlos P. Garcia.

By special non-working holiday, according to memorandum circular issued by the Department of Labor and Employment, workers get no pay, unless there is a favorable company policy, practice or collective bargaining agreement (CBA) granting payment of wages on special days.

If workers are forced to work on the day, they get 30% more of their 100% daily rate in the first 8 hours of work.

When working in excess of 8 hours, workers get an additional 30% of hourly rate on said day.

On the day, if it is the employee’s rest day and if worked, his first 8 hours gets an additional 50% of his daily rate. If he works over 8 hours, he gets 30% of his hourly rate on said day.

For the 114th CPG Day, Capitol has lined up activities to remember the most illustrious Boholano who is represented as a star in the Bohol flag.

On the other hand, according to Bohol Governor Edgar Chatto, the day’s commemoration activities include the visit of Department of Education Secretary Amin Luistro.

In his weekly program, Chatto said that the secretary’s visit would be an opportunity to bring Bohol closer to its dream of making the province a center of educational excellence in the region. (racPIABohol)


Owners pay P1,000 for

keeping “bulls” in Loon

A barangay in Loon’s dog population control is as easy as keeping the males off the streets.

In barangay Cogon Norte, a home-owner who insists on keeping an un-sterilized male (bull) dog pays P1,000 annually, and that excludes immunization and registration fees, officials said, citing a provincial ordinance.

In a barangay of 371 households, its 121 dogs in 2007 has only gone up to 123 dogs in August 2010 survey.

Citing a municipal ordinance aiming to leash an wayward dog population, Cogon Norte, which hosts the town hall and is in proximity with the public market decided that leashing their dog population helps in the drive against the spread of rabies.

The decision to look into a controlled dog population has awarded the local government unit a citation and cash for “The Governor’s Award for Best Bantay Rabies sa Barangay (BRB), one of the three barangays awarded this year, according to Dr. Stella Marie Lapiz, executive officer of the provincial anti-rabies council.

Using a local municipal ordinance no 7-006, series of 2007, the barangay has toed on the rule of keeping castrated male dogs at the owner’s expense.

For reproduction purposes, an uncastrated male dog is retained, but the local anti-rabies task force shall supervise and regulate its reproductive functions, said the ordinance.

Here too, mating of the uncastrated male dog can be done, but only once in every two years.

In fact, the local ordinance says owners of females who want their dogs impregnated will have to pay P200 or P300, either to the barangay which owns the uncastrated male or to a private bull owner who has paid P1,000 for his dog’s annual dues.

The barangay also practices leashing of their registered dogs, in tune with the provincial ordinance.

According to the cited ordinance, an unleashed dog seen in a public place is already treated as stray, and owners would be fined P500 every time their dogs escape to public areas.

Solving the problem of stray dogs impregnating their females, barangay captain Alexander Luzon has appointed four tanods as dogcatchers who will be roving around the barangay’s seven puroks.

It is in the early part of 2010 that the barangay started dog catching, using pre-exposed, trained and competent personnel led by the Barangay Livestock Aide, Cogon Norte documents show.

Stray dogs are impounded, and at the absence of claimants three days later, these impounded canines would be eliminated and then buried in a designated barangay burial sites, the program documents showed.

For all of these, the barangay is one of Bohol’s entries into the search for best performing provinces against rabies in the country. (racPIABOhol)

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