Monday, September 27, 2010

Urban areas: new battle

ground in insurgency war


EFFORTS to regain its lost mass support drives communists terrorists to another battlefield- the urban areas.


Over this, the army special forces calls for communities to be vigilant against strangers out to organize sectoral groups in the guise of legal organizations.


These people may be rebels in disguise.



After being declared insurgent-free province in February 11, 2010 and its internal security operations now entrusted to the Provincial peace and Order Council, members are now into holding operations while stopping the re-entry of fleeing rebels.


But, hubled by the loss of grip, the rebels are now trying to regain its grab by opening up a new area of engagement.


Supporters of communist insurgents are pouring its resources in the organization of white area committees, which would graduate into destabilization leading to the disruption of the industrial peace in the place, the army said.


According to army intelligence sources, the move by communist insurgents to regain support they once enjoyed here has pushed them to abandon their arms.


Now wanting to regain the edge, fleeing rebels are re-surfacing and enter urban areas in the guise of sectoral organizers.


Lt. Col. Romeo Brawner, in a peace and order briefing at the Jjs Seafoods Restaurant said the communist movement is now focused on organizing students and industrial workers in a bid to generate funding and manpower support.


Regaining its composure after losing its grip in Bohol, the communist terrorists shifted to reorganizing and sowing dissent to lay the political bed for another incendiary situation.


They are back in new form, organizing and then instigating to stir the local situation into a brew of industrial restlessness and chaos, Brawner capped.


According to reports, organized district white area 1 includes Tagbilaran City, Tubigon, Loon, Alburquerque and Maribojoc.


District area 2 has Trinidad, Ubay, Clarin, Inabanga, Danao, Talibon and Bien Unido.


Diustric area 3 includes Mabini, Alicia, Candiajay, Anda, Dimiao, Valencia and Jagna.


Last September 8, militant groups who are allegedly allied with the communist insurgents mustered an estimated crowd of 300, staged a rally demanding action


Most of those present during the rally were from the identified white areas, military sources added. (racPIABohol)

PPOC declares all-our war against

drugs, swertres, all criminalities


The Provincial Peace and Order Council declared an all out war against drugs, illegal gambling and all forms of criminalities, during its recent meeting at the Jjs Seafoods Village September 21.


Prompted by League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) Chair and Loay Mayor Rosemarie Imboy, the council adopted en masse a move to engage the participation of all Boholanos in the fight against illegal drugs, illegal numbers game swertres and all types of criminalities that threaten the peace in Bohol.


PPOC Chairman and Governor Edgar Chatto reiterated that urgency of the action as he said that he is committed to stop any activity that will derail the development momentum of Bohol.


Feeling upbeat over reports that the police has launched a drive against swertres upon the assumption of a new provincial commander, the illegal numbers game betting has momentarily stopped in Bohol.


Provincial Prosecutor Macario Delusa however said he hopes the stopping was already for good.


The fiscal, who has been so used to hearing cases against illegal gambling found it usual for new officers to make their presence felt by criminal elements. He added that he hopes the ningas cogon mentality doesn't characterize the situation.


During the Kita ug ang Gobernador weekly program, Chatto again aired his concern over the alarming surge of a culture of gambling among children.


The governor listened as media revealed to him gambling using live spiders which has kept school kids busy.


Over this, Chatto said law enforcement could just be one of the factors affecting the complete stop pf gambling.


Relaying his personal stand, Chatto said he does not want gambling in any form added that the community can do a lot to help.


We need to appeal to the sentiments and the conscience of those who are engaged in the business of illegal drugs or gambling, Chatto said.


Law enforcement is just one of the aspects of the fight, Chatto added.


We need to get our acts together to arrest the deterioration which has seeped into the moral fiber of the Boholano, the governor said, alarmed over the surging norm for illegal gambling. (racPIABohol) 

Bohol HEAT caravan tows

NGOs, pvt sector services


BOHOL's innovative government service caravan gathers new allies as it winds all over Bohol, building the momentum for poverty alleviation.


Already scraping the surface of poverty, albeit too thinly yet, the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) concept now Capitol adopted Health, Education, Agriculture and Tourism (HEAT) Bohol Caravan tows in the participation of the private sector and non-government organizations.


According to Governor Edgar Chatto, the delivery of basic government services rolled in one piece called the PPOC Civic Action (CIVAC), a bundle of medical and dental missions, relief goods distribution and agri-livestock technological consultations would now include outreach programs by non-government organizations and services from the private sector.


Civac, then conceived to allocate a day of special service delivery to far-flung areas from the Capitol and the government offices, is now boosted with more vigor as Capitol take the organizing role of the activities.


Formed to bring the most needed anti-poverty government services closer to the people, the HEAT Caravan, on its second run would include services from non-government organizations and private sectors.


Now repackaged in the Heat caravan, the services include medical consultations, dental services, operation tuli, seeds distribution, farm services including a day's utilization of tractors, livestock dispersals, info-services, agri-technology sessions and consultations, libre-tupi and relief distribution.


The caravan also includes a PPOC meeting to allow the local leaders to air their peace and order concerns to the provincial council, where an immediate action is also expected. 


Preparing to get to Pilar town by next month, the HEAT Caravan has also become a perfect mechanism for consultation as people and the government meet head-on in a location.


Even then, Gov. Chatto also instructed the Interior and Local Government to get towns going with their consultative Municipal Peace and Order Councils and for them to render regular reports on their activities to the PPOC.


Earlier, Chatto has been saying that place where crime thrives provides no conducive environment for business and progress.


Explaining that like the previous HEAT Caravan Venue, Pilar has been ranked as among Bohol towns needing services. (rac/PIABohol)

Ubay takes initial steps

To "science city-hood"


WANTING to take the steps and become the country's second science city, Ubay Bohol local officials along with the local interior and local government director crafted their Executive-Legislative Agenda where they think they could get the most inspiration.


Department heads and local officials led by Mayor Eutiquio Bernales and Vice Mayor Constantino Henson Reyes and DILG Provincial Director Rustica Mascarinas headed to Munoz City in Nueva Ecija for a detailed study of the science city's best practices that Ubay can emulate, reported Virginia Dupa, town information officer designate.


The establishment of the International rice Research Institute (IRRI) and the presence of other agencies that contribute to advancement of science and technology in research and its development has contributed to the distinction that Munoz city got.


Meanwhile, Ubay's vast rice fields, Ubay Stock Farm, Irrigation systems, Agricultural Experimental Station and the seaweeds farms could also propel the town's dream to earn the coveted spot.


Part of the plan other than to meet and interact with local officials in Munoz, Dupa also said the Ubay team would visit the Philippine Carabao Center, Living Fish Museum, Phil Rice and other research and science and technology support agency located at the Central Luzon State University.


The site visitation and the interaction would hopefully inspire Ubay officials to craft the town directions for the succeeding years, she said.


They would be looking at the strategies that the Central Luzon City did to attain the status and pore at the documentation used to gain the distinction, Dupa added.


The Ubay delegation had the express permission from the Regional Director of the Department of Interior and Local Government through Pedro Noval Jr.


The DILG team to facilitate the ELA workshop includes Mascariñas, Loon MLGOO Josie Montes and Ubay MLGOO Jocelyn Bandala. (racPIABohol)

Catigbian opens some

P3 M facilities at 4 n 1


WORLD-CLASS public restroom complete with access ramps and railings for the physically handicapped and other renovation projects amounting to nearly P3M marks Catigbian's newest highlight for public service under a forward-looking leader and Mayor Roberto Salinas.


Saying that the public restroom was the town's overdue gift for the elderly in the town, Salinas also said the project painted in its characteristic shades of green attempts to prove that the stereotype that government projects are substandard and haphazard does not happen in Catigbian.


Everytime people hear about government projects, they imagine a project that takes a lifetime to implement, uses subpar materials and usually needs repair before it can be turned over.


Now, I feel vindicated because people can see that a government project is done right, he said pointing to the new restroom.


If people start praising the government projects,  we will have lesser problems, Salinas, who used to get his hands untangling the issue of insurgency hounding his town said.  


Risking dis-allowance by the auditors, Salinas dared the contractors to upgrade the rest-room design so it could match with the municipal building. He also admitted he could even spare funds from the local coffers if the project funds could not suffice.


The people deserve to get the kind of service they desperately need, Salinas pointed out.


During a program billed as four in one activity held at the Municipal Hall grounds September 22 to celebrate the turn-over of newly competed facilities, Family Week Celebration, Elderly Filipino Week and Civil Service Month Celebration (4 in 1 day), Salinas said that the new public restroom situated beside the newly renovated municipal hall is also a showcase of the transformed image of the town.


According to Salinas, the new public comfort room was part of the P873 M Catigbian-Tubigon road construction package and was set for Candumayao or in Tubigon.


Salinas however convinced the engineers to place the facility in a strategic site near the town hall to assure the people of the right service and the proper maintenance.


The facility which complies with the accessibility law also comes with a common lavatory and separate cubicles for male and female.


In an interview, the mayor who is into his last term said aside from the public toilet, other facilities blessed were the municipal flagpole, renovated municipal courtroom out of the abandoned rural health center, guest rooms, waterworks management office, airconditioned municipal function room and the new Sangguninag Bayan session hall.


Aside from the the P800 national government fund and the P1.5 million renovation project of the SB Hall, Catigbian dipped almost a million from its development funds to finance other development infrastructure revealed municipal Engr. Russel Lungay. (racPIABohol)

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