Monday, September 13, 2010

"Satisfy the people"- Chatto

tells new police commander


SATISFY the people and not the governor.


This was the simple, but a tall order from Governor Edgar Chatto to PSSUpt Constantino Barot Jr., who is made to fill a huge shoe left by outgoing provincial police director PSSupt. Rodolfo Llorca.


Barot assumes as police' provincial commander in generally peaceful and insurgency free Bohol effective September 8.


For the governor, the task of bringing the police closer to the heart of the people has worked for well previous police commanders.


Endearing the police to the people strengthens the community vigilance against crimes and criminal elements that could cover up for the often under-manned police stations.


Barot also effectively takes on the task of maintaining the untarnished peace and order situation in Bohol, maximize police visibility and aggressively run against crimes for the province's development momentum to sustain.


However, with the national police demoralization scraping rock bottom due to the Quirino Grandstand rescue that went awry, Bohol police force morale is soaring sky-high.


Police operatives and the elite Special Weapons And Tactics team here managed to salvage very successful operations that boosted police morale and undeniably regained police confidence in this part of the country.


But PSSupt. Barot comes now without the usual intrigue.


With a wife hailing from Balilihan and with unconfirmed reports that he is a relative by affinity of the governor, Barot's assignment was floated as an accommodation.


Assuming the helm of power at Camp Dagohoy, seat of Bohol police force's command seat comes as a huge and seemingly insurmountable obstacle for Pssupt Barot, who has to devise a plan to maximize police visibility in a province where the police to population ratio is at 1:1195.


The ratio is way below the ideal national figure of 1:500.


But armed with a previous assignment here as the commander of the now defunct Regional Special Action Forces in late 80s, Barot believes he can do something substantial if the local governments help.


In his first meeting with the League of Municipalities of the Philippines and the Vice Mayor's League held at the People's Mansion Thursday, Barot in fact said he would attempt to decrease the crime response time to increase the chances of a rapid crime resolution. (rachiu/PIABohol)

Public-private partnership

Funds Panglao airport


FUNDING for the Panglao Airport would now come from both the public and private sector partnerships, Governor Edgar Chatto revealed to the mayors and vice mayors during a recent meeting at the People's Mansion Thursday September 9, 2010.


The airport project, which has been stalled un-necessarily has accumulated construction cost since the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) decided to bankroll its implementation a few years ago.


Earlier pegged at P4.7 billion since its project design inception in 2008, the delay in implementation has accumulated problems especially in the costs due to the constant rise in construction materials.


Now to be completed with P6 billion at least, realizing the project has pushed local officials and national leaders to discuss on the manner of finding more funding for the facility.


The final decision was for the public-private sector partnership, Chatto said.


Over the development, two more joint bodies pushed a resolution urging the Aquino Administration to make the Panglao Airport a priority.


Panglao Mayor Benedicto Alcala himself raised the motion for the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) and the Vice Mayors' League (VML) Bohol Chapters to urge the government to expedite the airport facility as soon.


The LMP and VML resolutions came after the Provincial Development Council and the Regional Development Council passed separate resolutions urging government leaders to make the Panglao airport a priority infrastructure development in the region.


Governor Edgar Chatto earlier said that the present national leadership believes without arguing that Bohol needs an airport and it is clear that it is now a part of the Aquino Administration's priority.


The airport which is designed for international standards and accommodates bigger airplanes is set to be built at a government procured lot about five minutes away from the sandy beaches of Panglao.


Earlier set for implementation before the end of the Arroyo administration, the final civil works of the project was stalled for technical considerations.


While local officials including then Governor Erico Aumentado airing confidence that the airport project would be awarded to the winning bidder before the election ban rolls, a protest launched by a discontented bidder has ground the project to a halt.


With prices of construction materials on the constant rise, the Panglao airport project cost has nearly doubled, raising speculations that the project indeed has been overpriced.


As the funds promised by the Manila International Airport Authority seemingly insufficient now, local oppositors of the project has rejoiced over the potential project scrap.


Lately however, Gov. Chatto revealed that the airport project would also be using funds from both the public and the private sectors partnerships to assure the realization of the air facility. (racPIABohol)

Simultaneous anti-dengue

Clean-up drive set Friday


IN a bid to get communities working against a common enemy, Bohol leaders map out a plan that would keep dengue at bay.


During the joint League of Municipalities of the Philippines of the Philippines (LMP) and the Vice Mayors League of the Philippines Bohol Chapters meeting, local officials led by Governor Edgar M. Chatto put up a simultaneous clean up drive that would deny mosquitoes their breeding places in communities all over the province.


Under the supervision of the mayors, communities in the towns and city all over Bohol go out of their workplaces Friday afternoon of September 17 for a single aim, spill every water-filled container that could host a breeding place for aedes egypti.


Health authorities all over Central Visayas who noted an increase of 1229 cases of dengue as monitored since January to September this year, have raised the alarm fearing an eventual outbreak, should measures to stop the disease remain unimplemented.


With the disease already claiming 8 deaths and countless other patients suspected or confirmed with dengue in hospitals from January to August, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Reymoses Cabagnot said neglecting the threat of the disease can be disastrous.


Bohol dengue cases, most of them in Tagbilaran City has pushed the province to be the region's second highest in monitored cases, reports from a national daily bared.


Health authorities all over Bohol have long been urging people to be wary but the hospital admissions still keep on coming.


Taking over the situation, Governor Chatto emphasized that cleaning up surroundings and destroying mosquito-breeding grounds like receptacles that collect water is still the most effective way communities can help in the campaign.


Coordinating now for the simultaneous clean-up drive that would engage the help of every able-bodied citizens, Chatto stressed that the operative words for the clean-up day is "keep dry".


It would be a half day event that we hope could bring on the awareness and the importance of a sustained effort of cleaning up that will make us effectively contribute in the fight against dengue, Chatto said. (rachiu/PIABohol) 

GEF biodiversity foto

contest up for all


GLOBAL Environment Facility, the largest funder for projects to improve the global environment dares everyone with an eye for the nice pictures or video to join a photo-competition to celebrate 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity.


The pictures of video shall help GEF in educating the global general public on the value and importance of biodiversity.


Winning web videos or photographs about biodiversity will be featured on the GEF Website and possibly elsewhere as organizers access 182 partner governments, international institutions, nongovernmental organizations, and private sector it unites to address global environmental issues.


GEF provides grants to developing countries and those with economies in transition for projects related to biodiversity, climate change, international waters, land degradation, the ozone layer, and persistent organic pollutants.


These projects benefit the global environment, linking local, national, and global environmental challenges and promoting sustainable livelihoods, said its website.


With this advocacy, GEF seeks creative photos and videos that engages and educates the general public about biodiversity.


The pictures however need to be appropriate for television or print mediums, but other than that what you put in your photos and videos is up to you, states the GEF website.


Entries must not contain material that is indecent, obscene, hateful, torturous, defamatory, slanderous, libelous, or materials that promotes bigotry, racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual or discriminates or unlawful.


All entries should not contain material that violates or infringes another's rights, including privacy, publicity or intellectual property rights, or that constitutes copyright infringement and the entries may not contain brand names or trademarks.


The print and video entries will be judged and voted on separately by the judging panel based on: Overall Impact (educational, informational, persuasive), Originality (concepts, ideas, format); Memorable Content and Delivery and Visual Impact.


For the moving film, the material should be formatted for the internet and runs not more than 30 seconds. Videos will be uploaded to the GEF YouTube channel.


For photos, entries must be in 5x7 inches in digital format at 300 dpi or 1500-2100 pixels and saved in jpeg format, can be scans of negatives and transparencies or photographic prints, which in its entirety, is a single work of original material taken by the contestant.


Prizes for winners are First Prize, $500; Second $300 and Third $200.


Deadline for submission of entries is September 24.


For more details, email (racPIABOhol)

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